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Taipei Ruins by JonasDeRo Taipei Ruins :iconjonasdero:JonasDeRo 2,411 116
The World's Major Cities... Destroyed

What would the world's cities look like after the apocalypse? Belgian digital artist Jonas De Ro paints his vision of the end of the world.

Tokyo, Japan


Toronto, Canada

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

New York City, New York, United States

Hong Kong, China

Shanghai, China

Moscow, Russia

Taipei Ruins by JonasDeRo

Taipei, Taiwan

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7 Minutes in heaven~Austria
"Aight guys!" America stepped into the room. "it's time for a new 7 minutes in heaven! Everyone ready? This is gonna be awesome yo! Rock out guys!" America shook his head and body furiously with excitement.
"May we please begin? This is already a waste of time..." Austria spoke out, rubbing his eyebrows impatiently.
"Course dude! Let's get this show on the road. Go ahead, ___. You're the girl, and I know you want 'somma  of this, so you better get my item sexy!"
You were irritated by his comment and determined not to get his item. You felt a smooth, soft
and rectangular item, and picked it up. It was a piece of ivory.
"Why...that's my item..." Austria ceased rubbing his eyebrows and walked towards you. "I do hope you understand there will be no sexual play in the closet, understood? It isn't civilized, a-and I'd much rather keep it that way." You nodded and walked into the closet.
"So, what exactly is this all about? I don't really...want to b-be into this...It's a bit iffy if you ask
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BritainXreader 7 minutes
It was that time again. The 7 minutes in heaven party. America loved the chance to stick people with others they didn't even know. Surprisingly, you were very excited and ready for anything, or so you thought. When you walked into the crowded room, your confidence went down the drain. All the faces and conversation floating about deflated and belief in yourself you had initially.
"Hey! If it isn't "___"! It's great to see you again!" America stepped up and hugged you.
"Ready to get this party started?" America saluted you and walked away.  "Okay guys! It's party time! You ready mother f-"
"That's quite enough, you wanker. Let us begin." Britain placed his hand over america's mouth. "Shall we?" He smiled and placed the names in the hat on the table. All the people gathered around. "You go first, "___"" Britain smiled at you.
You reached in the hat. you pulled out Britain's name and immediately your eyes widened. Britain was your one and only crush. You loved everything about him. F
:iconretartedfangirl22:Retartedfangirl22 265 110
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