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Not Shy Anymore: Tadashi Hamada x Reader
Not Shy Anymore
Warning: Contains some mild fluff

You glare up at the bag of coffee beans sitting innocently on the top shelf.  Hiro, the little rascal, had hidden the step ladder that morning and then ran off, doing who knows what.  The café was running low on coffee and Aunt Cass asked you to ground a new batch of beans.  The only thing standing in your way is the fact of your vertically challenged nature.
Placing a hand on the shelf at eye level with you, you use it to try to balance yourself as you lift onto your tip toes.  You reach your other hand out, stretching it as far as it will go.  Your fingers barely even brush against the bottom side of the shelf you need to reach.  Still no farther than any of the other ten times you’ve tried.  Your grip on the lower shelf increases as if you could just push off of it to grow a few more inches.  You lift one foot up off the floor, balancing on the other and it almost seems to hel
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Late Night Studies: Tadashi Hamada x Reader
Late Night Studies:
Contains light spoilers from Big Hero 6

You groan in frustration when you realize that, once again, you have read an entire page in your text book without processing any of the information.  You rub your tired eyes as they strain from having to focus on so many tiny words.  You look up at the clock in your bedroom; it tells you it’s just a little passed 9:00 in the evening.
You look back down at the papers scattered around your desk, and just want to bang your head on the table.  There is no way you are going to be able to figure out how this computer chip works without a little help.  You grab your phone from off to the side of your desk and hesitate a moment.  You decide to send a text out first, before you call.
Are you still awake?
It doesn’t take long for you to get a response.
Yeah, what’s up?
You let out a small breath of relief and dial his number.  It rings once, before he answers.
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(Tadashi X Reader) To Punish

Spoilers for Big Hero 6! Some suggestive content at the end. Just a small implication. 

(A/N: Takes place @ the beginning of the movie)
You watched as Hiro stepped into the ring.
“I have a robot, I built it myself,” he said innocently.
You tuned out as you looked at Hiro’s robot, realizing his plan. If only Tadashi knew what he was up to, which he obviously didn’t. Then the crowd suddenly stepped back from Hiro and Yama as Yama marched towards Hiro.
You missed the fight. Damn. 
Hiro looked up in fear, as he placed the last roll of money in his pocked before Yama picked him up and threw him against a wall. Three of his goons made their way towards Hiro to beat him up, and Hiro looked like he was gonna piss his pants. No joke.
Sighing, you left the arena and quietly crouched behind the three unsuspecting goons and lashed out. You smashed two of their heads together, instantly knocking them out an
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Boxers: Tadashi Hamada x Reader
“Tadashi! Are you almost ready?!  We’re going to be late, if you don’t hurry up!” you call out as you hurry up the stairs to his room.
“(Name)?!” he calls back.  “Wait!  Don’t come up here!”
But it’s too late.  You’ve already bounded passed Hiro’s side of the room and over to Tadashi’s side.  You stop and take him in.  He’s only wearing a t-shirt and a pair of boxers.  You can’t help but grin in amusement.  Crossing your arms, you lean against the corner of the wall, “Pokémon boxers, huh?” The blue fabric was decorated with Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander.
He cheeks flush as he scrambles to grab his pants and put them on.  “Don’t laugh,” he says in a stern tone.
“Too late,” you respond, already starting to giggle.  “Oh my gosh, you’re the biggest nerd that I know!” your g
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Tadashi is Here: Tadashi Hamada x Reader
Tadashi is Here:
Contains spoilers from Big Hero 6.
Takes place after the events of the movie.

“Hey, Aunt Cass!” You greet, upon entering the Lucky Cat Café.
“(Name)!  It’s good to see you!” she comes over and pulls you into a hug.  “What can I help you with?”
“Well, I have a big research paper I’ve kind of been procrastinating on and the internet here is faster than at my apartment.  Hiro said I could use his computer.”
“Alright, go on up!” she smiles encouragingly at you and waves you toward the back.
“Thanks!” you respond before going up the stairs and to Hiro’s room.
You go to swing your backpack off your shoulders to toss it on the ground not knowing a strand of hair was caught on the zipper.  The hair gets ripped out, causing a sharp burst of pain.  “Ouch!” you rub the spot to try to ease some of the pain.
A soft beeping fills the room follow
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Little Kitten: Tadashi Hamada x Reader
“Can I ask you a favor?” Tadashi asks hesitantly over the phone.
Uh oh.  You hate it when he asks for favors, because you can never resist him.  You let out a low sigh, shifting you cell phone from one ear to the other, “What is it?”
He’s quiet for a moment, “Can I come over?”
You roll your eyes, “Is that the favor?  Because that isn’t really a big deal.  You know you can come over whenever you want to.”
Tadashi exhales in a short laugh, “No, that’s not the favor, but I think I can convince you better in person.”
“Oh gosh, are you planning on coming here to seduce me or something?”
This time he laughs outright, “No, at least that’s not my first intention.  However, desperate times may call for desperate measure, so I won’t guarantee that I won’t be seducing you tonight, either.”
You laugh and shake your head at him, “Just get your butt o
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Animation: Tadashi x Reader
You watch the recorded video on your cell phone for the hundredth time, for some reason hoping for a better outcome.  However, just like before, the jerk that had been standing in front of you at the time that you filmed this, steps in front of your camera, and completely blocks off what you had been filming.  With an irritated huff, you press the button to turn off the screen of your phone and toss it onto the table.  You pull out your ear buds as well; the soft buzzing that fills the café now entering your ears.  You sigh tiredly and rub your forehead.
You pick up your drawing notebook and flip through the first several pages.  Going through it fast enough, you can see the animation piece come to life.  However, it doesn’t last very long, before the pages become blank.  You only have about a quarter of the notebook filled and you only have two more weeks to fill the rest of it.  Unfortunately for you, the only reference you have for
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Wedding Bells: Tadashi Hamada x Reader
Wedding Bells
You pace the floor of the small room, the only sound being the clicks of your heels on the hardwood floor and the soft swooshing of the fabric of your white dress.  You step in front of the mirror once again to check your appearance.  Just like the other 63 times you’ve checked in the past hour, you look absolutely perfect.  Your makeup and hair have been artistically done to enhance your already natural beauty.  The beautiful wedding dress hugs to your curves in ways that you know will drive your soon to be husband absolutely insane, while still maintaining the elegance of a beautiful bride.
The white diamond sparkles brightly on your finger, but is otherwise the only piece of jewelry you have opted to wear.  You couldn’t wait to be able to add the second ring that was meant to mold perfectly next to the one you already wore.
You look up, startled when you hear the door burst open before it slams shut.  “Hiro?”
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Storms: Tadashi Hamada x Reader
It was kind of raining on and off here, so I got the idea for this. Enjoy!

You once again let out an involuntary yelp as another loud clap of thunder shakes your window after the flash of light appears.
“Are you sure, you’re okay?” you hear Tadashi’s voice coming from your cell phone, which is pressed tightly to your ear.
Letting out a shaky breath, you have to take a moment to calm yourself down before you can respond.  “Yeah… I’m fine.”
You can practically see him frown.  “No, you’re not,” he responds, detecting the hitch in your voice that gives away how scared you really are.
You can hear how worried he is about you by the tone of his voice.  It creates a pang in your chest to know that you’re causing him trouble.  “Don’t worry so much, Tadashi.  I’m okay, honestly,” you tell him, your voice a little stronger this time.  You’re currently
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Tadashi hamada WIP by Brilcrist Tadashi hamada WIP :iconbrilcrist:Brilcrist 3,638 530
Animation 2: Tadashi x Reader
Part one:
Tadashi slams the book that he had been reading closed and tosses it onto the bed beside him. With a sigh, he sits up straighter and turns to place his feet on the floor.  He lets out a sigh and runs a hand through his hair.  Sitting on the edge of his bed, he stares blankly at the wall, lost in thought.  Unknowingly, his leg begins to bounce up and down.
"You're doing it again," Hiro states in an annoyed tone from across the room.
Tadashi turns his head to focus on his little brother, "Doing what?"
Tadashi frowns. "I'm not sulking."
Hiro doesn't even bother to look up from his computer.  "You totally are."
Tadashi scoffs, "I am not.  I don't even have a reason to be sulking."
"Yeah, you do. You're depressed that (Name) hasn't been in the café since last week."
This time Tadashi rolls his eyes, "I'm not depressed," he replies.
Hiro finally looks over his shoulder
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Disney University - Hiro and Tadashi by Hyung86 Disney University - Hiro and Tadashi :iconhyung86:Hyung86 3,984 205
(Hurt!Reader X Tadashi) Then show me what love is

Warning: There is mention of self harm and a suicide attempt. Please proceed with caution. 
“(y/n)! (y/n)! (y/n)!”
You heard a faint voice, but it was just so hard to focus. To stay awake.
“No, no, no, no, no, no! Stay with me (y/n). Just try and focus on me.”
“Ta- Tadashi?” you whimpered.
“(y/n), come on. Stay awake, stay with me,” he said desperately.
“I’m so tired Tadashi. And it hurts, it hurts so much,” you said quietly as tears started to pour from your eyes.
“No,no. (y/n), it’s okay. I’m here.” He said, cupping your face, wiping your tears.
“It’s so hard. I want to let go, Tadashi,” you say as more tears spill out of your eyes.
“No, no, hold on. We called an ambulance, just wait a little longer,” he said as tears started to pour out of his eyes.
Flashback brought to you by Baymax.  
You sat at your la
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Tadashi is Here [2 of 2]: Tadashi Hamada x Reader
Tadashi is here [Part 2]: Coming Home
Part 1:
Contains spoilers from the film

“Alright, we’re almost there,” you tell Tadashi as Baymax begins his decent.
Baymax lands at the back of the house in front of the garage.  Tadashi helps you lift the door, and once all of you are inside, he closes it back up.
“Okay, Big Guy, let’s get you out of your armor,” you say to Baymax before helping him out.
Once Baymax is done, you begin to work on taking off your own gear.  You start with the helmet, and then pull off your top, revealing your sports bra.  You hear Tadashi clear his throat and it makes you pause.  Looking over your shoulder at him, you find that his cheeks are tinted and he’s looking everywhere but at you.  You can’t help but laugh at him, “Oh come on, Tadashi.  It’s not like you’ve never seen thi
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First time? Older!Hiro x Reader
 So this was just a little story I wrote to get my inspiration going again. It's been awhile since I've been on deviantart so I don't want to disappoint. 
YES TADASHI IS ALIVE IN THIS. I realise he is deceased in the movie (don't remind me or I'll cry) but not in this :-))) it's my fic so I'll make it whatever I want too. 

Hiro & reader are both 17 in this fic. 

   "Hiro, can we pleaaaaaaaase go in here?" You pouted your lips, knowing how weak it made Hiro. You glanced back into the pet store to your left, whimpering at the sight of all the adorable puppies yapping to get your attention.
   "(Y/n) - I know you already. If we go in you're gonna fall in love and -" Hiro pulled at your wrists, begging you to step away from the pet store but you interrupted him. 
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Tadashi Hamada x Blind!Reader: Light in the Dark
Pitch black. That was what the world was like to you. Everyone would say what a beautiful day it is and that they love the way the flowers would look in spring and the trees during fall, but that didn’t mean anything to you. Since you were a toddler, you lost had lost your vision slowly thanks to a condition called glaucoma, which is a disease that creates a high pressure in your eyes, damaging your optic nerves slowly until you can’t see anymore. Your parents didn’t realize about the disease that was taking your vision slowly until it was too late. They hated that they didn’t realize sooner or had the money to give you surgery to grant you just a bit of eyesight but you assure them every day that it wasn’t their fault in any way, shape, or form. You’ve lived in the world of a dark void for so long that you couldn’t remember what the world used to be to your eyes.
Until you met him.
His name was Tadashi. Tadashi Hamada. You met when you and him
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Tadashi is here by enmoire Tadashi is here :iconenmoire:enmoire 1,549 141 Big Hero 6 AU comic part 1 by Brilcrist Big Hero 6 AU comic part 1 :iconbrilcrist:Brilcrist 1,456 128 Big Hero 6: Heading Home by behindinfinity Big Hero 6: Heading Home :iconbehindinfinity:behindinfinity 1,164 41
(Tadashi X Reader) Attention

Like my ‘To Punish” fic, there is a slight mature implication. But not a full out, WHAM mature scene. You were warned.

“Lunch is on meee! Everyone upstairs!” Aunt Cass said from the garage doorway.
“Yes!! Free food!” said Fred as he fist pumped the air.
Everyone, especially Hiro who was tired from working all morning, followed Aunt Cass into the kitchen upstairs.
“Aunt Cass, (y/n) and I are gonna clean up a little bit. We’ll catch up,” Tadashi called after his Aunt.
His eyes searched the room until they landed on you. You were so engrossed in a robotics book he gave to you as a birthday present. And in return, he got no good morning kiss or hug. You just walked right past him with your face in the book.
“(y/n). (y/n)? Sweetie? COME ON!”
“What! Oh My God! Tadashi, I’m so sorry. What?” you dropped your book, startled by your boyfriend’s sudden outburst.
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Big Hero 6: Overprotective Older Brother by behindinfinity Big Hero 6: Overprotective Older Brother :iconbehindinfinity:behindinfinity 1,414 108
The Ballerina: Tadashi x Reader
Tadashi glances over at the clock on his desk.  9:55 AM.  He pushes his chair back and stretches his arms out.  He’s been working on his robotics code for almost a full three hours straight.  It was about time he gave his eyes a break from looking at the computer screen.  He stands up and walks over to his large circular window in his lab room.
He leans against the frame and looks out across campus.  Like clockwork, as soon as 10:00 hits, he notices a girl making her way onto the grass directly beneath his field of vision.  She has headphones around her ears and has a slight skip in her step as she listens to her music.
She sets her gym bag down on the grass before she sits down and begins her stretching routine.  Everyone in the robotics lab had given her the nickname of the Ballerina, because every morning, exactly at 10, she would show up on the grass and run through a multitude of dance routines.  She would dance for a solid hour a
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Christmas Eve: Tadashi Hamada x Reader
Christmas Eve
Warning: There's a bit more fluff in this than usual, but nothing too graphic.
Contains light spoilers from Big Hero 6

You step up to the front door of the Hamada residence and knock.  Not much later, the door opens to reveal the youngest boy in the house.
“Morning, Hiro!” you greet with a smile.
“(Name)!  Aunt Cass didn’t tell me you were coming, today!”  He smiles back in shock and opens the door a little wider.
You step through with a laugh.  “Well, it was supposed to be a surprise for your brother, and we didn’t want you blabbing off to him.”
“Hey, I don’t blab!” he protests.
“Yes you do!  You suck at keeping secrets,” you say, taking off your coat and your shoes.
“I’m great at keeping secrets!  I didn’t tell you about how Tadashi’s planning on asking you to go on a trip with him for New Year’s Eve!”
You raise an eye br
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(Tadashi X Reader) You lied

Warning: Character death, and some fluff

(A/N: spoilers for Big Hero 6… but if you seriously haven’t watched that movie, go watch it now. I don’t own BH6… and for those of you who love my Tadashi fics, THANKS! <3 And I know I haven't updated in a while, so feedback on the ending would help a lot please!)
“I’m so tired of being here, suppressed by all my childish fears. If you-”
Your singing was stopped by a knock on the door.
“(y/n), you have a visitor,” said your nurse.
“Let him in please,” you said, trying to sit up.
The door opened and Hiro walked in with Baymax. In Baymax’s hands, was a small TV, while Hiro was holding a video tape; which was something that was very hard to come by these days.
“Hi Hiro, hey Baymax.”
“Hello. How are you feeling (y/n)?”
“I’m feeling better, I guess. I don’t feel like killing myself ri
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Disney Classics 54 Big Hero 6 by Hyung86 Disney Classics 54 Big Hero 6 :iconhyung86:Hyung86 681 13
(Tadashi X Reader) Pubescent Mood Swings

(A/n: sequel to my to this fanfic: (Tadashi X Reader) To Punish )
Small teeny tiny spoiler from Big Hero 6. Really small. Slight AU-ish
“Shhhh! He’s coming this way!”
“Ow! (y/n)! Tha-”
Hiro looked around the lab, trying to find the source of the muffled whispering. Shrugging to himself, he just continued walking towards the elevator. Once you two heard the doors close, you emerged from behind a desk.
“He’s gone. Finally,” you let out.
“That was my foot!” yelled Tadashi.
“I’m sorry! You were talking too loudly, and he was coming this way,” you said.
“I get that but- oh come on!” he said looking at your face.
You were trying to give him your best puppy eyes, and it looks like it worked. Because you had Tadashi wrapped around your finger, so to speak.
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Deprived.[Tadashi Hamada.]
You watched him work, his eyes drooping and sliding shut every once and while as he kicked into the extra energy he had stored, which in itself, wasn’t a whole lot. He’d been doing this to himself for a couple of weeks now, and you decided it was time for you to go spend time with him at his lab because he wasn’t making it home and it was getting you worried. He told you that he was sleeping in the lab, and you didn’t doubt that. You noticed when you first walked in, that there was indeed a mattress sitting snug in the corner, along with a couple of pillows and blankets. Despite the comfy looking conditions, he looked like a bus had ran over him a thousand times.  Sitting up in your chair, you grabbed your wallet and said to him gently, “I’m going to get a tea, want me to get you o—-”
“Can you get me a coffee?” He muttered, picking up a tiny screw before setting it down where it needed to go. Humming gently, you stood beh
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Sunfire Tadashi costume by Brilcrist Sunfire Tadashi costume :iconbrilcrist:Brilcrist 951 64 If you were here - Hiro and Tadashi by Laovaan If you were here - Hiro and Tadashi :iconlaovaan:Laovaan 3,093 136 hiccups the hot girl by she-sells-seagulls hiccups the hot girl :iconshe-sells-seagulls:she-sells-seagulls 458 52 Big Hero 6 Shawarma by DominicDrawsArt Big Hero 6 Shawarma :icondominicdrawsart:DominicDrawsArt 1,454 205
Burn Me. [Tadashi Hamada.]
So this story will include: Spoilers from the movie "Big Hero 6" Don't like, Don't READ. Thank youuuu.
“Tadashi!!!” Your voice seemed to echo through the long void of light in front of you, and your hands helplessly flailed in front of you, searching for that warm hand that you remember so well, yet, now as you thought about it, your mind drew a blank. Your eyes were shut now, the tingly feeling of tears streaking across your face was the only thing you wanted to feel. Your knee was bleeding, as a result of falling to the ground in a hopeless attempt to stop him before he treasured ahead like a true hero. ‘Please don’t leave me…’ You wanted to say before he couldn't hear you, but alas, your voice gave out before anything could become a coherent sentence.
The inevitable always happens, you used to say, there was a fixed point for everything in the universe. You just wished, as your eyes poured more and more tears and as your fingers clut
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Haikyuu!! Karasuno's Children by Suncelia Haikyuu!! Karasuno's Children :iconsuncelia:Suncelia 375 72
Valentine's Day: Tadashi Hamada x Reader
You wake up in the morning to the feeling of a feather light touch running down your arm.  It tickles slightly and causes you to shiver.  With a light groan, you burry your face further into your pillow.  You then hear a deep chuckle coming from behind you.  Your eyes flutter open and you turn your head to look over your shoulder.
“Good morning, beautiful,” the familiar face of your boyfriend smiles down at you.
“Tadashi?  What are you doing here?” you mumble, before letting out a yawn.
“I thought I would bring you breakfast.”
Rubbing your tired eyes, you sit up and face him.  “Why?” you ask, still half asleep.
With a smile, Tadashi pulls out something he had been holding behind his back, a single red rose.  “Happy Valentine’s Day,” he tells you.
You suddenly feel a lot more awake as you take the rose from him.  “Tadashi, it’s beautiful,” you lift the soft petals
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I Will Always Be With You Tadashi Hamada x Reader
I will always be with you [Part 1 of 2]:
Contains spoilers from Big Hero 6
It is suggested but not mandatory to read my other short first:

Your heartbeat thuds in your ears as you get closer and closer to the Lucky Cat Café.  You had hoped the short walk over from the apartment would give you time to settle your nerves, but they only got worse.  You step up to the door, but hesitate once your hand wraps around the handle.  With a deep breath, you turn the knob and push it open.  The bell above the door jingles, announcing your arrival.  There are a few people milling about the café, but it doesn’t seem to be too busy.  Aunt Cass looks up from scrubbing one of the tables.
“(Name)!  Long time no see!  How are you?” she asks with a big smile.  She walks right up to you and pulls you in for a hug.
You hug her back, “Um, I’m
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Tadashi Hamada by Brilcrist Tadashi Hamada :iconbrilcrist:Brilcrist 2,535 110 fem!Tadashi by juliajm15 fem!Tadashi :iconjuliajm15:juliajm15 2,735 177
Halloween: Hiro Hamada x Reader
This takes place about a few years before the event of the movie, Hiro is 10

“Alright, (Name).  This is the first year we’re not going trick-or-treating with you.  Make sure you stay with Hiro at all times.  Under no circumstances are the two of you allowed to separate, okay?”
You nod obediently at your mom through the rearview mirror.  “Okay, okay!  Can I go now?” your eight year old self bounces in excitement as you grip the handle to the car door.
Your mother smiles and nods, “Yes.  Be good.  Don’t stay out too late and say hello to Cass for me.”
“Okay.  Thanks for the ride.  Bye!” you tell her in a rush.  Grabbing your picnic basket that will be doubling as your candy bag, you push open the car door and jump out.  Your bright red cape flows in the late evening wind as you dash down the sidewalk toward the Lucky Cat Café.  The bell in the door
:iconkatgirl28:katgirl28 419 91
Study Break Tadashi Hamada x Reader
Study Break:
Contains light spoilers from Big Hero 6
Happy finals week, to those of you studying hard and hardly studying!

“Oh, I’ve got one!  Best laugh?”  Wasabi asks the group.  You all hum as you think about it.
“I think I’m going to have to go with Honey Lemon, on this one,” you state.
Your blonde friend widens her eyes, “Me?”
You laugh at her surprise, “Yeah!  You have a Tinkerbell laugh, it’s so cute!”
“I don’t know, (Name).  It’s pretty adorable when you snort while you laugh,” Tadashi says, sitting next to you on the couch, causing everyone else to burst into laughter.
You glare playfully at him and elbow him in the side.  “Hey, you promised to never bring that up again!”
He shrugs nonchalantly and leans forward to take his steaming mug off of the coffee table.  “I made no such promise,” he claims, hiding his smiling mouth
:iconkatgirl28:katgirl28 476 57
Tadashi Hamada x Reader: Tokyo Teddy Bear
Tadashi was looking high and low for (Name). She has been acting weird for a long time…when he tried to confront her about what was wrong, she would shut him down. Everyone at the lab has tried to talk to her…but none of them had any luck. She has been shaking, biting on the tip of her thumb, and fidgeting when she thinks no one was looking. She used to be so happy; her smile could lighten up the whole room. But the past year, that smile that Tadashi loved so much was gone with a blank face, sometimes a frown. She seemed to get skinner and under her eyes were black from the tired bags that have formed from unrestful sleep. The thing that scared him the most and made him panicked to find her, was the note he found on her desk. It talked being sorry to her parents and her siblings, for what she has done and for saying it’s the end. As he searched for more clues of where she could have went, he found notes on crumpled up pieces of paper, come of it looked older than the
:iconrobottoxic:RobotToxic 174 48
Rule 63! Big Hero 6 again by juliajm15 Rule 63! Big Hero 6 again :iconjuliajm15:juliajm15 2,861 170 Elsa and Tadashi by mizzizabellaSMS Elsa and Tadashi :iconmizzizabellasms:mizzizabellaSMS 837 88 Rule 63! Big Hero 6 by juliajm15 Rule 63! Big Hero 6 :iconjuliajm15:juliajm15 5,187 270