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Rape Poem
Right now someone's begging someone to stop.
Someone is crying in a dark bedroom covered in marks.
And someone is taking her seventh shower because she doesn't feel clean enough.
Don't tell me that she was asking for it.
Don't tell me that he was asking for it.
Don't tell me that I was asking for it.
We most definitely didn't.
On the street all I hear is you making my heart beat faster in fear
when you throw after me some shit like this:
''Damn. Look at that ass.''
''Just one kiss.''
''Fucking tease.''
''Lemme put it in.''
''Smile for me.''
''Who's your daddy?''
''You belong on your knees in front of me.''
No. I most definitely fucking don't.
And when I say ''NO'',
I'm a bitch, a cunt, a tease.
Well, I'd rather be a fucking bitch then let your hands or lips come near me.
I still remember the night when I thought that I was done.
I still remember his hands lifting me and pushing me against the wall.
I still remember his aggressive and hungry lips bruising mine and stealing
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Nudity and Sex: Deal with it
Here's a suggestion:
Stop treating sex and nudity as taboo or risqué and accept it as a normal and natural part of who we are as a species. Let's put away the old ideologies of shame and ignorance and progress ourselves by showing a level of maturity about these mundane and common facts. Society needs to stop acting like a adolescent (i.e. thinking with one's genitalia) regarding the subjects of nudity and sex. Clothes service a vital purpose in our lives -protection from the elements, our environment, breast shag, and the sight of obese and elderly body-types; economic growth and marketing; social statements; the discrete transport of weapons, explosives, and contraband; etc.- but the lack thereof should not be cause for alarm or disgust (in most cases). Maturity in dealing with these natural traits should be a hallmark of our sentient and cognitive existence. Reason drives us to advance beyond our current lackluster approach and reach a state where such trivial things no longer matte
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I step out of my shower, knowing I will never be able to wash  myself again.
As I pass the wall mirror in my bathroom, I take one  last look at the long
legged slender beauty before me. This is it,  I say to myself. The night I
have been planning in secret for so  long. Everything is finally in place. My
friends and family think I  am going on some two week photography  expedition
in the  Southwest.. But I know that my journey will be slightly different.  
Without hesitation, I swallow three yellow pills with a gulp of  water. And I
take out my favorite lipstick. A dark blood red, so  appropriate for the
occasion. I gaze down at my muscled healthy  right leg. Toned and sculpted
from years of discipline. And I know, that in a few hours, it will be
completely gone..
I remove the top off my lipstick. Slowly, with trembling fingers, I  start
making the cut lines. Thin red
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Black Magic Woman :iconrevolver0067:revolver0067 106 54 Casper 28 :iconxtaboo:xTaboo 192 62
her eyes
never land.
a scape claimed
no matter how sharp
her intake,
or the orbits
aligned by her will,
or the scope
of the aperture
lips fueled
and begging
to be ignited.
she can't fight it.
cracks in the visor
and pressure leaks.
a void
asking her hand
and her peace
as the tip
of her tongue
starts to freeze.
spidered sight
and face
like a shard
"if i have to be breathless,"
she finally states,
"i'd prefer it to be by the trident."
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My Beloved
When the sun
hits your eyes in that way
The deep chocolate shines
A brilliant gold
And when you smile
With all your heart
They squint into little half-moons
And sparkle like a fox
Your lips are delicate
so soft against mine
The only tie I have
to express all these unspoken things
They whisper "I love you"
But it is so much more
So many things I never said
Best not to say now
Thank you for those times
Where you were everything to me
My morning, my sunshine, my heart
The thing that made living worth it
And reminding me
How good love really feels
You were the only one
Who really made me feel whole
Why did it have to be this way?
And Fate play this wicked joke
If you or I were born a little different
Then we wouldn't have been so alone
Confused and scared
Why was it you were my perfect one
That love that I believed was but a dream
You were wonderful and frustrating
An open book of an enigma
Everything I said never existed
All that I refused to believe
But there you were, that perfect match
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Behind a Mask
The face of a wolf
The face of a dog
The face of a cat
Or that of a wild tiger
The mask does not cover the face alone
No, it extends to the shoulders
It covers the arms
Stretches down the legs
Enlarges the hands and feet
It reaches to the tip of a limp sweeping tail
The mask is a body that encloses the individual inside
Covers the human that supports and drives it
Though, while unseen
Eyes forget about the Man
They see the suit
They recoil in disgust.
What they see is not human
A taboo, an act so unnatural
That it earns their scorn
Their frowns
Their biting insults and condemning, beating ridicule
The person ceases to be a human
When they enter the suit
When they adopt a playful persona that had been hidden within them
A character of their making that is wrong because it is an animal
It is forbidden and strange
They become the furry
They become the freak
When all they are
From head to foot
Are people with different imaginations
Each, a perfectly unique human being.
Humans cannot wea
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Taboo: In Each Other's Arms
"You're too old", she said, crying.
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Taboo:Shahra and Farid
Shahra awoke slowly. Her head felt as if someone took a hammer and slugged her with it. She couldn’t remember…wait! The village! It was under attack! She and some of the warriors came to defend it…then…a blow to the head, then…nothing. Shahra couldn’t remember after that.
She slowly sat up, pain shot through her as she did. When Shahra got a good look at her surrounding, she wished she won’t have waked up. Shahra was surrounded by the giant coils of a giant naga male, the very same one who killed the naga female that attacked the village! Shahra had to get out before he woke up and ate her. She sprang to her feet and gently tip-toed to a coil. Shahra had to admit the tail of the naga was beautiful.
It was mainly golden-brown, with brown markings gliding across its back. She touched the warm tail, making sure the naga wouldn’t notice her. When he showed no sign, she proceeded to climb the coils. All the while, she gazed at the naga’s home. It
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The Great Taboo
Long ago, before any still alive today can remember, the world was divided into two great peoples. The Humans, a proud and curious race on a quest for knowledge and understanding, ruled the land. And the Dragons, a strong, lizard-like race who sought solitude amongst the clouds, flying from mountain top to mountain top upon scaled wings of a most wondrous size.
Together they lived in perfect harmony in the world the gods had created for them. The humans farmed the rich land and built great homes and monuments in their even greater cities. While the Dragons gathered together in their vast mountain roosts carved out of the rock itself by their fiery, molten breath and large clawed hands. The gods were pleased.
Eventually, however, there came a problem. It seemed the Humans were growing in numbers much faster than the Dragons and beginning to encroach upon their hunting grounds. So the proclaimed Human King and the King of the Dragons came together to decide what was to be done before it
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