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Hades' Star - Supernova by Gabriel-BS Hades' Star - Supernova :icongabriel-bs:Gabriel-BS 297 8 Get well soon by Fatima-AlKuwari Get well soon :iconfatima-alkuwari:Fatima-AlKuwari 1,558 183 The Adventures of Business Cat - Medication by tomfonder The Adventures of Business Cat - Medication :icontomfonder:tomfonder 344 32 Bible Super Heroes: Moses 2 by eikonik Bible Super Heroes: Moses 2 :iconeikonik:eikonik 118 25
On Second Commandment, Jews, and Abstract Art.
There will not be much discussion of abstract art in this volume, although some modern art will be considered.  But as abstract art is very much part of our lives, and certainly a very large part of our museums, I've decided to get it done and over with by beginning this volume with this piece, which considers possible origins of conceptual art.  There have been multiple studies on the subject of course, and perhaps the thesis I am about to propose has been advanced before.  I hear that everything has been advanced before.  But as I am unaware of it, I make bold to introduce it here with appropriate apologies to my possible precursor.  I have no doubt that many a connoisseur will find this thesis objectionable, in which case I should warmly welcome a debate, for although I am far less hopeful than Socrates was of truth prevailing through polemic, I also humbly submit to his far greater and far more ancient wisdom.
Before the likes of Helen Frankenthaller and Yv
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Love is a drug by pqphotography Love is a drug :iconpqphotography:pqphotography 362 65 Dipping into Digital by liiga Dipping into Digital :iconliiga:liiga 402 53 Addictive Communication by UEY-S Addictive Communication :iconuey-s:UEY-S 118 95 AvatarWars:The Tablets of Fate by Johndowson AvatarWars:The Tablets of Fate :iconjohndowson:Johndowson 177 27 Unturned to MMD [Medical Supplies] + DL READY!! by soloya Unturned to MMD [Medical Supplies] + DL READY!! :iconsoloya:soloya 173 29 Poster: Mental Illness by neurotripsy Poster: Mental Illness :iconneurotripsy:neurotripsy 76 32 .wake up. by Countess-Grotesque .wake up. :iconcountess-grotesque:Countess-Grotesque 401 49 MANA.icons by tsynali MANA.icons :icontsynali:tsynali 75 4 VK: Ecstasy by SkywingKnights VK: Ecstasy :iconskywingknights:SkywingKnights 107 17 replacement theory. by Blissleep replacement theory. :iconblissleep:Blissleep 180 25 Pursuit by Damalia Pursuit :icondamalia:Damalia 83 15 Cartel Salon Manga XVI by hart-coco Cartel Salon Manga XVI :iconhart-coco:hart-coco 319 107 VK: State of Being by SkywingKnights VK: State of Being :iconskywingknights:SkywingKnights 91 10 good bye Ake my dear by nataszek good bye Ake my dear :iconnataszek:nataszek 176 7 VK: The Beast In Human Form by SkywingKnights VK: The Beast In Human Form :iconskywingknights:SkywingKnights 104 15 Basic Digital Drawing Tutorial by jennymstead Basic Digital Drawing Tutorial :iconjennymstead:jennymstead 187 34 Delicately Bound by TanyaSimoneSimpson Delicately Bound :icontanyasimonesimpson:TanyaSimoneSimpson 100 113 VK: Night Watch by SkywingKnights VK: Night Watch :iconskywingknights:SkywingKnights 132 16 VK: Zero Kiryu by SkywingKnights VK: Zero Kiryu :iconskywingknights:SkywingKnights 82 12 Tablet VS Tablet by HGNDS Tablet VS Tablet :iconhgnds:HGNDS 85 188 Tablet Exchange by Chocoreaper Tablet Exchange :iconchocoreaper:Chocoreaper 160 117 Ubuntu Phone Explained by DigitallyDestined Ubuntu Phone Explained :icondigitallydestined:DigitallyDestined 30 20 Silk UI Splash Screen Concept by link6155 Silk UI Splash Screen Concept :iconlink6155:link6155 22 0 My Ubuntu Phone by DigitallyDestined My Ubuntu Phone :icondigitallydestined:DigitallyDestined 45 31 Vampire The Masquerade LARP Props: Tablets by Magpieb0nes Vampire The Masquerade LARP Props: Tablets :iconmagpieb0nes:Magpieb0nes 48 5 When I talk about TABLETS I talk about these by Afterlaughs When I talk about TABLETS I talk about these :iconafterlaughs:Afterlaughs 83 21 VK: Too Selfless For Her Own Good by SkywingKnights VK: Too Selfless For Her Own Good :iconskywingknights:SkywingKnights 63 4 Mental Selvportrait by XkY Mental Selvportrait :iconxky:XkY 111 0 SFM Art: Moses and The Tablets by RobTheAwsm SFM Art: Moses and The Tablets :iconrobtheawsm:RobTheAwsm 53 11
Theme Prompt - Pain 2
Sam woke up again, eyes fuzzy as he stared at the clock on his nightstand. The neon green numbers told him it was the early hours of the morning, a time when most sane people were still sound asleep. Yet, with all the sleep he’d been getting lately, Sam felt wide awake. The lightheaded feeling from earlier was mostly gone and there was really no point lying awake here in bed. That would only give Sam time to think and that was the last thing he wanted. Maybe someone else would be up. Dean might be, he usually only slept for four hours a night. Especially since he got back from Purgatory. Sighing, Sam stood up and decided to change as his clothes were a bit bloodstained and rather dirty. He changed quickly, running his fingers through his hair once he was done.
Sam let himself out of his room quietly, knowing that Kevin was probably still asleep. The prophet was the only one who had kept to regular hours, most of the time. Dean, and to a lesser extent Sam himself, had lived too lo
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The Mutants,  Did for HUION. by Daviddleonluis The Mutants, Did for HUION. :icondaviddleonluis:Daviddleonluis 33 12 The Law Breaking by DouglasRamsey The Law Breaking :icondouglasramsey:DouglasRamsey 98 41 Suppression by SkywingKnights Suppression :iconskywingknights:SkywingKnights 53 35 +I Support Naming Stuff+ by nayruasukei +I Support Naming Stuff+ :iconnayruasukei:nayruasukei 1,979 344 Downward Spiral by TanyaSimoneSimpson Downward Spiral :icontanyasimonesimpson:TanyaSimoneSimpson 102 167 VK: Prolonged Suffering by SkywingKnights VK: Prolonged Suffering :iconskywingknights:SkywingKnights 46 15 The Legend of Zelda: Ancient Stone Tablets by BLUEamnesiac The Legend of Zelda: Ancient Stone Tablets :iconblueamnesiac:BLUEamnesiac 37 8 Engineer by TakeNoShit Engineer :icontakenoshit:TakeNoShit 35 17
Beguiling the Black Throne
Girth Loinhammer was not a fan of this new-fangled internet thing. Everywhere he looked, people were gawping at tablets and squinting at phones. Very slyly, he leaned over to check what the barfly next to his left was looking at. “Super Cute Duckling Thinks Carrot is Best Friend,” read the massive headline on the tiny screen. Girth peered over the shoulder of the drunk to his right. It was a YouTube video about cats with boobs.
    Girth settled back into his seat at the bar, adjusting the spiked leather straps of his torturer’s uniform. He’d sure like to find out where the internet lived and give it a piece of his mind, whip, and poker. Then again, knowing the internet, it would probably enjoy it. Just like all the other perverts he’d encountered during his not particularly long or distinguished career. There was no place for non-kinky torturers anymore.
    He propped his elbows on the bar and lowered his head into
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no escape by BerryAntoinette no escape :iconberryantoinette:BerryAntoinette 65 29 Magic Dreams + Bathroom Tiles by HNAutumn Magic Dreams + Bathroom Tiles :iconhnautumn:HNAutumn 35 20 Gilgamesh and Enkidu by LunarHeart Gilgamesh and Enkidu :iconlunarheart:LunarHeart 24 3
ZeroxYuuki Fanfic part 2
Walking around the night class campus at night can get pretty boring and lonely I thought…"without Zero, its not the same; not as a protective vibe. I know he skips class and well, this but that's okay. I as a Guardian of this school, it is my honor to be to stand alone in the influence of…vampires….and uh….me having…b-b-blood." I gulped at the sound of my heart racing. I wish Kaname-Sama or Zero-Kun was here.
I am surprise none of the Day Class girls haven't snuck out to see Aidou or Kakashi. When I hear the bushes moving I hope its….
"Hi, Yuuki…"
"I thought you were skipping out tonight" I accused.
"Yeah, well I….um….well….You were going to be alone so..I…"
To shut him up I leaped into his arms and lay there into an eternal hug that seemed to make the night pass by. When I finally released him, there were no words to be spoken only thoughts could be shared. He seemed to know what I was thinking and he leaned in and kissed
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Android Wallpaper by gerhammer Android Wallpaper :icongerhammer:gerhammer 28 11