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Sketchy Cartography Brushes by StarRaven Sketchy Cartography Brushes :iconstarraven:StarRaven 8,505 700 Arcane Circles II Photoshop and GIMP Brushes by redheadstock Arcane Circles II Photoshop and GIMP Brushes :iconredheadstock:redheadstock 5,555 374 Arcane Circles-Symbols Photoshop and GIMP Brushes by redheadstock Arcane Circles-Symbols Photoshop and GIMP Brushes :iconredheadstock:redheadstock 15,904 3,490 Pokemon Type Symbols by ILKCMP Pokemon Type Symbols :iconilkcmp:ILKCMP 1,732 534 Arcane Runes Photoshop and GIMP Brushes by redheadstock Arcane Runes Photoshop and GIMP Brushes :iconredheadstock:redheadstock 5,272 608 The known creatures of Kingdom Hearts by Xelku9 The known creatures of Kingdom Hearts :iconxelku9:Xelku9 1,503 279 Digimon Frontier Symbols by L-mon Digimon Frontier Symbols :iconl-mon:L-mon 862 138 Elemental Symbols Redux by Pizaru-Chu Elemental Symbols Redux :iconpizaru-chu:Pizaru-Chu 936 236 Swirly Curls - Sick Brush Kit by namespace Swirly Curls - Sick Brush Kit :iconnamespace:namespace 1,315 211 RWBY: Emblems || Insignias by hjpenndragon RWBY: Emblems || Insignias :iconhjpenndragon:hjpenndragon 1,752 112 Ancient Symbols by monstee Ancient Symbols :iconmonstee:monstee 916 222 Talismans of the Knights Templar by dashinvaine Talismans of the Knights Templar :icondashinvaine:dashinvaine 195 21 x by DiegoVainilla x :icondiegovainilla:DiegoVainilla 759 21 Transformers: All Factions by Gauntlet101010 Transformers: All Factions :icongauntlet101010:Gauntlet101010 1,470 148 Faction Crests by GoldenDaniel Faction Crests :icongoldendaniel:GoldenDaniel 493 20 Zodiac Tribal Tattoos by sorah-suhng Zodiac Tribal Tattoos :iconsorah-suhng:sorah-suhng 1,307 169 Berserk by elreviae Berserk :iconelreviae:elreviae 813 105 HS Symbol Sheet by FryingPanIsMyWeapon HS Symbol Sheet :iconfryingpanismyweapon:FryingPanIsMyWeapon 532 52 deviantART Symbols Explained by mushir deviantART Symbols Explained :iconmushir:mushir 3,819 1,004 February by Helga-Helleborus February :iconhelga-helleborus:Helga-Helleborus 1,001 144 Water by Helga-Helleborus Water :iconhelga-helleborus:Helga-Helleborus 728 139
New Username Symbols: The Journey
A New Road to Travel

When I was first approached with the project to redesign and replace our user symbols I was naturally quite shocked. For those of us who've been part of deviantART for a long while, changing the username symbols seemed like changing the colour of the sky, or asking everyone to suddenly start walking backwards, right? It seemed like such a fundamental part of what deviantART is that it was hard to take on board. But then really, when you think about it, the old symbols were meaningless at face value. And that, my dear friends, is exactly why we set about looking at rethinking them.
Think about when you first found and joined deviantART. Did any of the symbols make sense? Did you stop and think "what is this ~ before my name and why is it there?" Maybe, but possibly you're probably like me and just kinda accepted it because that's the reality presented to you. After a while, though, you'd have seen the * and maybe even a ` or ^ an
:iconzilla774:zilla774 265 627
Phantasma: Secret Place by DjamilaKnopf Phantasma: Secret Place :icondjamilaknopf:DjamilaKnopf 1,319 36 Lost Knowledges by 3mmI Lost Knowledges :icon3mmi:3mmI 243 17 Awake In a Silver Land by parablev Awake In a Silver Land :iconparablev:parablev 554 45
Funny Sayings
very, Very, VERY FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!
Here are some random sayings me & my friends thought of that we think is funny.
* I don’t suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it.
* This would be really funny if it wasn’t happening to me.
* Guns don’t kill people. . . but they make it real easy.
* Born free. . . taxed to death.
* "The more people I meet, the more I like myself better."
* A bartender is just like a pharmacist. . . but only with a limited inventory.
* "I used to have a handle on life, but it broke."
* "You’re just jealous because the voices only talk to me."
* So you’re a feminist. . . "Isn’t that cute, honey!"
* Anyone can give up smoking, but it takes a real man to face cancer.
* Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder.
* "To all you virgins, thanks for nothing."
* "I’m not a complete idiot, some parts are missing."
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Fallen Empire by Autlaw Fallen Empire :iconautlaw:Autlaw 709 73 Elemental Kanji by FluffyXai Elemental Kanji :iconfluffyxai:FluffyXai 277 115 Super Rainbow by Fuzon-S Super Rainbow :iconfuzon-s:Fuzon-S 856 61 Rayeir Reference Sheet by Skysealer Rayeir Reference Sheet :iconskysealer:Skysealer 2,745 207 Basic Alchemy Symbols by Notshurly Basic Alchemy Symbols :iconnotshurly:Notshurly 295 47 L'Explorateur by 3mmI L'Explorateur :icon3mmi:3mmI 278 24 Alice Madness Returns by chiickadee Alice Madness Returns :iconchiickadee:chiickadee 1,245 110 Swirly Curls 5 - Bad Hair Day by namespace Swirly Curls 5 - Bad Hair Day :iconnamespace:namespace 1,369 123 Astrology Sketches Photoshop and GIMP Brushes by redheadstock Astrology Sketches Photoshop and GIMP Brushes :iconredheadstock:redheadstock 1,017 37 Egyptian Hieroglyph Photoshop and GIMP Brushes by redheadstock Egyptian Hieroglyph Photoshop and GIMP Brushes :iconredheadstock:redheadstock 1,016 94 Necronomicon Brushes by DarkNova666 Necronomicon Brushes :icondarknova666:DarkNova666 1,612 493 Angelic Zibu Symbols by lmbrake Angelic Zibu Symbols :iconlmbrake:lmbrake 127 19 Hecate's Night by shadeley Hecate's Night :iconshadeley:shadeley 190 59 Amy Pie by Fuzon-S Amy Pie :iconfuzon-s:Fuzon-S 827 39 Monochrome Geometric Patterns by MartinIsaac Monochrome Geometric Patterns :iconmartinisaac:MartinIsaac 794 225
Themes+Symbols in Lion King
One of Disney’s masterwork films is The Lion King.  While some may dismiss it as nothing more than a children’s movie, they fail to see that like most fairy tales it contains much deeper themes.  It’s a classic bildüngsroman, or coming-of-age story, that describes how a son matures into his father, or how men mature and become more like God.
The first image in the movie is a rising sun.  This is consistent with the theme of “The Circle of Life.”  The sun represents a never-deviating pattern of death and rebirth through its daily rising and setting, an eternal constant that embodies the “Circle of Life.”  The movie primarily deals with the Scar’s attempt not only to disrupt the entire cycle in his seizure of power, but also the internal cycle of growth in Simba.  Only by reclaiming his lost Self can Simba restore balance to the Pride Lands and to himself.
Scar is quickly characterize
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Alchemical Instruction Symbols by Notshurly Alchemical Instruction Symbols :iconnotshurly:Notshurly 242 33 Twilight Blaze by Fuzon-S Twilight Blaze :iconfuzon-s:Fuzon-S 662 40 Cherry Avatar by Kezzi-Rose Cherry Avatar :iconkezzi-rose:Kezzi-Rose 2,123 363 Alchemy by Ennoea Alchemy :iconennoea:Ennoea 251 24 Deus Aquilonius by Autlaw Deus Aquilonius :iconautlaw:Autlaw 530 78