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SYMBIOSIS 2.0 by chesterocampo SYMBIOSIS 2.0 :iconchesterocampo:chesterocampo 3,854 168
Symbiote of the Dark Ch.3-4
Here it is, Chapters 3 and 4 of the Symbiote of the Dark series. Enjoy ^^.
Chapter 3
I couldn’t believe I made that deal, was it a good idea? Should have I just let him die? No… I would kill myself for that if I knew he was dead. I loved him so much and never gotten the courage to tell him that I love him. Now I may never be able to tell him because I made a deal with the symbiote. But…at least he won’t be dead, and that’s what will help my guilty conscience. But I don’t feel guilty, I feel like I enjoyed it… No! I won’t let the symbiote mess around with my emotions! But how can that be? It’s not even bonded with me?
I paced myself in the white confinement room; I wondered why I was here and what type of place is this. I was wearing some white clothing that looked like some patient’s hospital clothing. I kept pacing around the room thinking and just waiting for something to happen, and then I
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Symbiosis by W-E-Z Symbiosis :iconw-e-z:W-E-Z 499 12 Symbiosis by XRlS Symbiosis :iconxrls:XRlS 2,599 713 Symbiosis | Desktopography 2016 by elreviae Symbiosis | Desktopography 2016 :iconelreviae:elreviae 306 20 Vegan Soul Train Truck - Side by W-E-Z Vegan Soul Train Truck - Side :iconw-e-z:W-E-Z 287 6 Symbiosis by ashiong Symbiosis :iconashiong:ashiong 1,382 63
Symbiote of the Dark 1-2
Sorry guys for not posting any stories or art lately. I was pretty busy with a lot of school projects that I was working on. But now, I’m free, so I’ll finally start a story ^^.
Happy Thanksgiving (Kind of late)
Chapter 1
It was Midnight near the streaming quiet ocean of the beach. Only a few people walked along the sandy beach, but most of them left for home or was eating out for dinner. The moon just shined over the ocean giving off its own reflection. All the rest that just walked over the sandy beach at night left, it was only me left. I just loved feeling the breeze of the Ocean as it cools off the land at night. This was my favorite time at the beach and I loved to watch the ocean and hearing the high waves coming through.
“Karen! Come on! Let’s go! We need to leave before the ocean rises any higher,” my friend, James called out.
“I’m coming, just a moment!” I called back in response. I just n
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GORLO water bug by Onikaizer GORLO water bug :icononikaizer:Onikaizer 492 39 Symbiosis, Sickness... by Neumorin Symbiosis, Sickness... :iconneumorin:Neumorin 2,199 178 World Turtle by Asanbonsam World Turtle :iconasanbonsam:Asanbonsam 123 45 Hybrid Tiger - Symbiosis by rwolf Hybrid Tiger - Symbiosis :iconrwolf:rwolf 341 41 Ophidian Sloth by Rodrigo-Vega Ophidian Sloth :iconrodrigo-vega:Rodrigo-Vega 416 20 SYMBIOSIS by artsoldier77 SYMBIOSIS :iconartsoldier77:artsoldier77 533 97 Symbiosis by EstherPuche-Art Symbiosis :iconestherpuche-art:EstherPuche-Art 130 100
Imperfections Collide
death is a mineral burr
a sleeping imperfection, trapped
between the reflective electro-deposited shine
and the dull base-material
of a scraping spoon
it's a lingering thought
unreleased, until it rakes the chip
at the bottom of the bowl, with just
the unavoidably impossible combination
of perfect angle and force
at just the right slip and space-time cough,
imperfections collide
through plating and glaze
through bowl and table, tile and topsoil
where spark abandons tissue
and once through this barrier,
an inverted horizon
whispers a tongueless vibration
smolders in the controlled burn
releasing dream from identity
i once told a friend on their way here
that i would hold its upside from down
until its sun could find his face,
i'd hold his place in space
from my safety above, but couldn't
just as he couldn't cool the choke
and tingling burr
of expired breath trapped too long
of desperate bones dug through fingertips
when down and upside converged
death is a breakdown of the plane
that pr
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Mr Meeble Tour Poster Artworks by freakyframes Mr Meeble Tour Poster Artworks :iconfreakyframes:freakyframes 364 30 Symbiosis by aqueous-transmission Symbiosis :iconaqueous-transmission:aqueous-transmission 400 13 Symbiotes 01 by Onikaizer Symbiotes 01 :icononikaizer:Onikaizer 185 21 Symbiosis by Amok-Studio Symbiosis :iconamok-studio:Amok-Studio 128 10 Symbiosis by vmoldavsky Symbiosis :iconvmoldavsky:vmoldavsky 208 57 Symbiosis 2 - Collaboration by MarkusVogt Symbiosis 2 - Collaboration :iconmarkusvogt:MarkusVogt 235 34
2B lead 
Dangling from the artist's mouth 
As she works diligently into the dark onyx night 
Ray-Ban, Genuine Since 1937 
Sits atop the writer's nose 
As he works diligently into the glowing rays of the rising sun 
Worn but loved 
Shoved into the artist's messenger bag 
As she heads out the door to her favorite coffee shop 
New and loved dearly 
Delicately placed into the writer's backpack 
As he heads out the door to a coffee shop he just heard about 
She craves it 
Wrapping a cozy plaid scarf around her head 
As she steps inside her home away from home 
He craves it 
Brushing a strand of jet black hair out of his face 
As he steps inside the coffee shop 
Standing in line 
The artist glances with a sense of appreciation 
The color schemes of the shop 
While the writer notices the bustling c
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Sexual symbiosis by MickMcDee Sexual symbiosis :iconmickmcdee:MickMcDee 74 24 Symbiotes 02 by Onikaizer Symbiotes 02 :icononikaizer:Onikaizer 241 14
I Surrender - Kou's Story
I Surrender - Kou's Story
“I… I still don’t know what happened to me, but if you’d listen to my story… maybe you can help me?”
This morning was one of those normal boring mornings.  Nothing too important to note about it; I woke up and immediately slipped a pair of cargo shorts over my bodysuit, stepped into a pair of black combat boots, and grabbed a jacket before heading out the door.  I’m told I have a strange style of clothing, but I just wear what I’m comfortable in.
Later that afternoon, after much lazing about, I found I had nothing better to do so I was pretty much screwing around an abandoned part of town.  You know, the warehouse district right off of Lyons Road?  Yeah that’s the area, so I was just hanging out there.  When I was a little kid I used to come out here with my friends, and we’d just get lost in the maze of empty buildings. &
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Diogeceratops by thomastapir Diogeceratops :iconthomastapir:thomastapir 89 36 Symbiosis by anatheme Symbiosis :iconanatheme:anatheme 695 120 Together by XRlS Together :iconxrls:XRlS 251 109 Second Request by general-sci Second Request :icongeneral-sci:general-sci 133 20 Assimilation - color by 09tuf Assimilation - color :icon09tuf:09tuf 243 40
We Love the Night
Follow me,
In my hesitation
And biding
It seems that she,
Is always fighting me
Follow me,
In this delusion
And biding
It seems that he is,
Always beside me
Two of a kind!
But not the same mind!
Whatever we are,
We have to hide!
We're two of a kind!
And it's a fine line!
That divides us both,
But we love the night!
She sends my mistress,
Into fits, raging
I want her,
And need her
But I am afraid,
Of what I'll do to her
He's chasing,
Me again
No matter how far,
I know he'll win
I must stop myself,
From reacting
Two of a kind!
But not the same mind!
Whatever we are,
We have to hide!
We're two of a kind!
And it's a fine line!
That divides us both,
But we love the night!
That I can't mention
If I am to sway her,
To my intentions
In closer
But if I give in,
Then it's over
Are we two of a kind,
Just not the same mind?
Whatever we are,
We have to hide!
Two of a kind!
And it'
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TBS Bone Ticks by zypherax TBS Bone Ticks :iconzypherax:zypherax 96 2