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Swimming Lessons--Pool Toy TF
Swimming Lessons—TF Story
“You want me to do, what?!” Monica shrieked.
“I already told you once, just get into the deeper half of the pool. You only have to go an inch, and we will gradually creep in that direction until you get used to the depth,” Tammy replied.
Monica gulped. She was completely afraid of the water, swimming and anything of the sort. She stared unwillingly into the bright blue color of the chlorinated pool, and grimaced at the bad memories it had brought back.
Monica stood at the top of the ladder of the water slide, shaking with fear and confidence. She knew that her parents were counting on her to conquer her fear of the seven-foot tall water slide and go down unharmed. She would make it down, and turn out to enjoy it after all. She imagined it, the splash of the pool against her near-naked body, the cool rush of the air that followed her in, and the bounce off the bottom to come back up to the surface with her mother and father both smiling
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death smells like fresh fruit.
I put on the shirt and it was far too big, I struggled to find my arms lost in swatches of fabric, thin and deceiving. My tiny arms so slack from the smallest intake of food, the sleeves drooping like old skin on small bodies that everyone refuses the option to quit. Eating has seemed so cannibalistic since you left, the simple act of forcing food down my throat only makes me more of myself and less of you, who will never eat again.
I stop in the hallway mirror, and look at my smudged eyes and lank hair. In the summer, on the swings, it hung around my face in loose waves. As all things seem to do, it grew as we grew apart in physical state, the hair mourning you like I do, the hair that caught your hands and fingers hangs unwashed and tangled. I smelled you near then, and I pushed out my limbs, and I ran to the glass door, pushing always the pane aside. My tiny hands and I have become more acquainted in the past days, as I hold my cigarettes, as I hold my face. The pool was covered in
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