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Hetalia x Abused!Child!Reader: Sweden
Warning: I tried using/writing out Sweden’s accent. So just imagine his accent, because I didn’t write it to be so strong that you can’t read it. Which I think is actually a good thing, because you can't read what he's saying half the time in fanfics. :P
“Go ahead und choose, (Y/n).”
Your little hand dove down into the bag, and pulled out a black case with a little rectangular symbol on it—you didn’t know the Swedish flag, but that was what was on top of Sweden’s glasses case.
The tall country stood as several people leaned back into their seats, uncomfortable. He was blonde, and just a few seats away from you. Everybody was silent as the laconic man walked up to you, taking the case and opening it to put the glasses back on his face. Now you could see his blue eyes more clearly, up close.
You were scared by this man.
“H’llo. I am Berwald Oxenstierna. You c’n also call me Sweden.”
You nodded slowly at
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Sweden x Depressed! Chubby! Reader
Sweden x Depressed! Chubby! Reader
It was over..
All over.
You stood there on the roof top of the school (h/c) blowing around gently in the breeze, (e/c) dimmed and dark as tears formed on the sides of your eyes.
You looked at the sky only a few deformed clouds up there then you looked down at the ground.
Yes from here it will surely end you.
End all this.
It was just getting to bitter for you to taste. To sour.
All you wanted to do was live a happy normal good going life but NO! God forbid you! No instead you got shitty parent's who fought all the time and took it out on you when they had the chance but couldn't cause one had to be gone if both of them they said nothing to you.
The girl's mocked you treated you like shit in the dirt! The boy's gave you ugly look's. All for what?
Just cause you were bigger?! At first it was fine, little insults here and there that you could shrug and tell them off with.
Then it got worse
and worse
and worse!
As the years went on and on! Now it was your
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