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The real story of Per Yngve Ohlin Part 1
This comes from the swedish book "Blod Eld Död" written by Ika Johannesson and Jon Jefferson Klingberg. Forgive the syntax error but i've translated with google.
This is part 1
It's Monday, 8 April 1991. The clouds are heavy over Kråkstad, the village is over 2 miles outside Oslo
where the Norwegian black metal band Mayhem have their headquarters. The large red wooden house is located right in the woods and opens onto the vast field. The view is magnificent, even on a cloudy and cold April day like this.
  22-year-old singer Pelle Ohlin, better known by his nickname "Dead", spent the weekend alone in the house. The other band members are at home with their families. It was long since they rehearsed together. The guitarist Øystein "Euronymous" Aarseth devotes most of his time to the band's newly established record label DeathLike Silence Productions, whose headquarters situated in one of bedrooms at second floor. He forges big plans for mayhem and talks all the
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Swedish Elkhound-Lit
She tugged on my fur like I was a teddy bear,
Her tiny fingers curled in my thick gray mane.
My fluffy tail is her blanket of warmth.
She laughs and giggles at everything I do.
And I laugh at the joy she so easily receives.
As she rests on her mother's lap to sleep-
My master and I slip from the cabins nest.
Evening approaches as dusk settles in the air.
My ears pricked for the slightest of sounds,
I keep my nose pointed down- for the scent of elk.
It fills my nostrils as if they stood before me.
A bark emanates from deep within me,
Then I dash across the snow-covered terra.
My master followed at a distance, trusting my senses.
My prey cannot hide its tracks along the forest floor.
And before they know it I am upon them.
The bull turns to face me to protect his does.
He will not fear me nor do I fear him as he charges.
I dodge his antlers with the swiftness of a ghost,
I sink my teeth into his hind leg then release quickly.
He calls out in pain as he rings his head around.
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