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GOTG: My Girl - Rocket x Reader
It had been about a month since Ronan's defeat and so far everythings been going smoothly.  You've been with the Guardians since you all decided to team up and bust out of the Kyln prison.  Groot was almost back to his normal size but he still had some growing to do.  As for Rocket you've pretty much had a crush on him since day one.  One in a while you two would hit one of the local bars for a drink and sometimes one or both of you would come back drunk.  You wished Groot would come along but Rocket said that he promised Groot once he's fully grown he'll bring him with us.    
At this time, you and the Guardians were making a little pitstop while the Milano was getting a little maintenance work done.  It was just the typical check the engine, check the oil, and refuel.  Since it was going to take a couple of hours, you and the Guardians decided to go restock on some supplies such as food, ammo, medicine, etc.  You picked up a book or t
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Magic of the North sketch 2 by humon Magic of the North sketch 2 :iconhumon:humon 1,100 91 alone at the prom night by RonjaNova alone at the prom night :iconronjanova:RonjaNova 404 133 PewDiePie Pony by Black-Rose-Emy PewDiePie Pony :iconblack-rose-emy:Black-Rose-Emy 401 144 Betrayer Of The Martyrs by xXxSp4rtyxXx Betrayer Of The Martyrs :iconxxxsp4rtyxxx:xXxSp4rtyxXx 216 182 ZomBiE DeATHCoRe by xXxSp4rtyxXx ZomBiE DeATHCoRe :iconxxxsp4rtyxxx:xXxSp4rtyxXx 165 256 Scandinavian Baddies by humon Scandinavian Baddies :iconhumon:humon 932 196 The Dark Planet by DreamerWhit The Dark Planet :icondreamerwhit:DreamerWhit 758 78 Velvet by enjoithis Velvet :iconenjoithis:enjoithis 111 50 Pardon Me! Where Do I Find 4giveness? by xXxSp4rtyxXx Pardon Me! Where Do I Find 4giveness? :iconxxxsp4rtyxxx:xXxSp4rtyxXx 143 161 Discrete Eye Torture by xXxSp4rtyxXx Discrete Eye Torture :iconxxxsp4rtyxxx:xXxSp4rtyxXx 207 301 DROP DEAD AND FUCK SHIT UP by xXxSp4rtyxXx DROP DEAD AND FUCK SHIT UP :iconxxxsp4rtyxxx:xXxSp4rtyxXx 174 192 In A Photograph. by buryxmexinxblack In A Photograph. :iconburyxmexinxblack:buryxmexinxblack 172 50 Wind Waker Sweden by MizutheMage Wind Waker Sweden :iconmizuthemage:MizutheMage 285 80 Flowers On A Dead Man's Chest by xXxSp4rtyxXx Flowers On A Dead Man's Chest :iconxxxsp4rtyxxx:xXxSp4rtyxXx 61 41 The Faggot and the Not-So-Faggot by xXxSp4rtyxXx The Faggot and the Not-So-Faggot :iconxxxsp4rtyxxx:xXxSp4rtyxXx 120 217
Always With You
"Will you please come?" your friend Elizaveta begged.
"No," you stated as you returned to the book you were reading.
"Please ____, I promise you'll love them!" Eliza gleamed happily waving the tickets in front of your nose.
"What's their name again?" you ask the Hungarian as you lowered your book.
"Nordic 5!" she squealed.
"What are they each from one of the Nordic countries?" you laughed as you tried to read again.
"How'd you know, but yes they are. Although they weren't born there, their parents are. They met in Canada," she smiled. "_____, please come! I even have backstage passes!"
"What time?" you sighed giving up.
"The concert starts at six sharp," she smiled.
You glanced up at the grandfather clock directly across from you. five o'clock it read in roman numerals. Sighing you tossed your book onto the cushion beside you. Walking over to Elizaveta you gingerly plucked one of the tickets from her hand, causing a large smile to form on her face.
"This will be so much fun!" she shout
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Summer Flowers by LightArtGuy Summer Flowers :iconlightartguy:LightArtGuy 103 28 Sweden flag grunge wallpaper by The-proffesional Sweden flag grunge wallpaper :iconthe-proffesional:The-proffesional 53 33 SLAUGHTER THE SICK by xXxSp4rtyxXx SLAUGHTER THE SICK :iconxxxsp4rtyxxx:xXxSp4rtyxXx 127 141 Swedish MLP Meet 2008 by AnnieMsson Swedish MLP Meet 2008 :iconanniemsson:AnnieMsson 105 56 _Tove II. by josefinejonssonphoto _Tove II. :iconjosefinejonssonphoto:josefinejonssonphoto 4,056 191 _Tove. by josefinejonssonphoto _Tove. :iconjosefinejonssonphoto:josefinejonssonphoto 2,208 157 _Tove IV. by josefinejonssonphoto _Tove IV. :iconjosefinejonssonphoto:josefinejonssonphoto 1,597 46 _Sarah. by josefinejonssonphoto _Sarah. :iconjosefinejonssonphoto:josefinejonssonphoto 502 37 _Tove III. by josefinejonssonphoto _Tove III. :iconjosefinejonssonphoto:josefinejonssonphoto 451 23 _Sarah III. by josefinejonssonphoto _Sarah III. :iconjosefinejonssonphoto:josefinejonssonphoto 392 14 Angel Face by Stridsberg Angel Face :iconstridsberg:Stridsberg 305 21 _Sarah II. by josefinejonssonphoto _Sarah II. :iconjosefinejonssonphoto:josefinejonssonphoto 271 28 Ms Melene by Stridsberg Ms Melene :iconstridsberg:Stridsberg 226 13 Melene IV by Stridsberg Melene IV :iconstridsberg:Stridsberg 319 22 Sanna II by Stridsberg Sanna II :iconstridsberg:Stridsberg 213 18 Sanna by Stridsberg Sanna :iconstridsberg:Stridsberg 191 11 Beduin-Mari by Stridsberg Beduin-Mari :iconstridsberg:Stridsberg 233 26 Another one.... by Stridsberg Another one.... :iconstridsberg:Stridsberg 134 9 VTrading II by Stridsberg VTrading II :iconstridsberg:Stridsberg 120 3 DEFEND DEATHMETAL by xXxSp4rtyxXx DEFEND DEATHMETAL :iconxxxsp4rtyxxx:xXxSp4rtyxXx 127 117 Colors by xXxSp4rtyxXx Colors :iconxxxsp4rtyxxx:xXxSp4rtyxXx 80 176 Hetalia Valentines 2011 by Kelissa Hetalia Valentines 2011 :iconkelissa:Kelissa 706 198 Mother Sweden by ChapmanBaritone Mother Sweden :iconchapmanbaritone:ChapmanBaritone 65 28 Carolean by SilvesterVitale Carolean :iconsilvestervitale:SilvesterVitale 102 38 Alexander Skarsgard - sculpture 2 by Lenka-Slukova Alexander Skarsgard - sculpture 2 :iconlenka-slukova:Lenka-Slukova 54 40 Scandinavian family by PropagandaStamps Scandinavian family :iconpropagandastamps:PropagandaStamps 39 18 Urban Portrait IV by lMaDamnl Urban Portrait IV :iconlmadamnl:lMaDamnl 116 15 Hamm's,  the beer refreshing by Grace-Dupre Hamm's, the beer refreshing :icongrace-dupre:Grace-Dupre 49 43