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Sweater Weather~ Aomine Daiki x Reader
Cold wind blew, the air sting the skin of the young girl walking home. Early this morning is was sunny and calm, but then the temperature suddenly dropped and it was ice cold out.
She let out a shaky breathe, hugging her arms close to herself. She heard a quiet laugh from beside her. She turned and gave an irritated glare to the man beside her. Aomine Daiki. "S-Shut it Daiki!" She shouted, pouting up at him. He just snickered in reply, giving her a smirk, "Well maybe if you actually bundled up this morning you wouldn't be freezing your ass off."
"W-Well how was I suppose to know it was gonna drop 30 degree's?!" she cried, tightening her arms around herself even more. "Ever watch the weather report?" She shot him another glare, to which he just laughed once more.
It was quiet as they walked. He peaked over at the {Hair Color} headed girl. Her face was flushed, and she was shivering. All she had on was the thin sweater the school provided her for her uniform, the short skirt that comes w
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