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Let It Happen
Flow's an axiom,
plastered with,
Ritalin and bastard kids,
who stage rush reading time with fire arms and a grim-reaper's scythe,
Channeling their thoughts through the funnel of a demon's mind,
Cutting throats with truthful quotes,
this corruption will finally sleep in time.
I'm a hazardous,
who's waiting for the realms of crime,
to open up their closets with skeletons writing needless fines,
Dressing up in flags that resemble our own decent lives,
Cutting throats with useless quotes,
this corruption has us deaf and blind.
Intoxicate God with geriatrics and needles,
that feed him blood straight from the demons,
that puppet the people,
Let it happen.
Drown the fate with Xanax and lingering evil,
that drink wine from the stomach of demons,
that puppet us people,
Let it happen.
Flow's a sport of mind,
when bored of time,
just trying to find where answers rhyme,
reading Bibles so we may hopefully proceed and find,
crying as we kneel in prayer, I need an answer, why?
Cut our thr
:icondanielraythomason:DanielRayThomason 2 13
Kingdom Magi - Chapter 3
Chapter 3
The Quest
“So awesome! I didn’t know you practiced Sword fighting”
“I don’t”
“Where did all that come from then?”
Anni, Munir and Tuomas sat on the edge of the lake, munching down sandwiches before heading off to Mrs. Sullivan’s game “The Quest”. They had changed into dark clothes (Which according to Anni, would make things easier for them) and now sat anxiously awaiting the upcoming activity.
There had been only one topic all around camp that day, that the daydreamer had taken down K.S (Kevin’s nickname) with such ability, that now everyone treated Munir with some more respect, but also distantly. This didn’t help at all, for Munir now felt he was being isolated from everyone. Even the teachers seemed to be whispering behind his back. Munir sometimes wondered whether Mrs. Sullivan was going to punish him, but from what he heard, she only said “Finally Daydream is becoming a true man!”… This made
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Kingdom Magi Entire chapter 4
Chapter 4
The Kingdom Magi
All was dark, No feelings and no sensibility. Space twirled all around Munir as he lay there.  Or was he lying down? Consciousness began to reappear inside his head. Something strange had happened tonight… for it was night…all was still dark.
He had defiantly gone into the forest in search of a treasure along with Tuomas and Anni… where were they? He couldn’t see them. He’d call Asuka to look for them… Asuka… The eagle had made him touch the water in a fountain which had transported them to a clearing with 3 moons… And they had been attacked. That couldn’t be… he remembered a fight, A teenager on a white horse and a strange creature… a mans’ torso connected to a Lions body…like a lion-type centaur… it’s face was clearly in his head when he realized he had eyes, and began to open them, just to see a bright light and the lion man’s face staring down at him.
“Heero, Il
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