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Special Assignment - Part Two
It had been raining heavily all evening, so I brought a black umbrella with me to the spot I said I'd meet Benji. I got one or two funny looks out on the street, but I didn't mind. Regulars to this part of town should be used to guys strutting around in spandex or leather anyway, I mean we do kind of have a fetish club here. I ducked down into the alley behind O'Brien's, and waited for him to show. Me and this alley had spent some good times together, usually via me being tossed out of this bar and onto its loving embrace. I must have been banned for life at least twice now, yeah. Good times.
Around five minutes past eleven, a light blue sedan pulled up near the alley. I could spot Benji peering out of the driver's side window, so I happily trotted up to the car. He rolled down a window, and I could see he was already in his costume as well. He did give me a confused look, though.
“Dude, an umbrella?”
“What's wrong with an umbrella? Gotta keep dry.”
I stepped ar
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Doctor Doom shall rule Death Battle
First Appearance: Fantastic Four #5 (1962)
Full Name: Victor von Doom
Height: 6'2" (6'7" w/ armor)
Weight: 225lbs (415lbs w/ armor)
Occupation: Dictator of Latveria
Ethnicity: Latverian
-Single-handedly brought down the universe's most powerful beings such as the Silver Surfer, Galactus, Thanos and The Beyonder
-Made Loki, the Norse god of Mischief, fear being overthrown by him
-Stole the cosmic powers of the Silver Surfer
-Reprogrammed Ultron to serve him during the Secret Wars
-Upon defeating The Beyonder during the Secret Wars, he temporarily became the Supreme Being of The Universe
-Matched against Doctor Strange, the Sorcerer Supreme, and not only defeated him for the title, but also banished his spirit from this plane of existence
-Overtook his home country of Latveria and declared himself it's king
-Created a time machine using only parts of his a
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