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Artwork of 2015! :icongodofdarness18:GodofDarness18 790 2,535
Jealousy - Dean x Reader
‘What was that again Dean?’ you asked, smiling.
‘I need your help (y/n). Please,’ Dean sighed over the phone.
‘I’m sorry, it’s just not often that Dean Winchester asks for help, of course I’ll help, so what’s up?’ you asked him.
‘Sammy’s not well and I need some back up,’ Dean said, sounding worried.
‘I’ll be there in a few hours, don’t worry just look after Sam,’ you told him, your smile gone now.
‘Thanks (y/n); it’ll be nice to see you again.’
You and Dean were going to meet in the bar near to his motel. You got in your car and thought about your relationship with Dean. You had met when you were both naïve and young, it made you laugh to think of how arrogant and cocky you had both been about hunting.
You’d been hunting the same thing and bumped into each other, and neither of you wanted to assist the other; but when things got bad and lives were at stake
:iconmissdarlingdead:missdarlingdead 594 42
Worried - Lucifer x Reader
Lucifer pressed the back of his hand to your forehead.
‘You’re heating up,’ he said with a frown. He pulled you too him, trying to cool your body with his own. You were lying on the bed, the place you had been all day. You felt horrible.
‘Lucifer, I’m fine, I promise,’ you said unconvincingly.
‘You should take a bath, it’ll help,’ he said.
You tried to stand, but when you stood you started to sway and almost threw up all over the place. Lucifer jumped up and held you before you fell over.
‘I don’t think I can manage taking a bath,’ you say with a laugh, trying to remove the worry from Lucifer’s face. He picked up bridal style.
‘What are you doing?’ you asked confused.
He walked towards the bathroom and sat you on the edge of the bath. ‘I’m going to help you take a bath.’ He said simply.
Your eyebrows shot up in shock. He must really be worried about you, you thought. He was never
:iconmissdarlingdead:missdarlingdead 482 49
I'll Carry You (Castiel X Reader)
The thump of your school bag being dropped on the ground only made your faint headache grow. You couldn't figure out why Sam liked coming to school so much. The constant bullying and pressure of teachers was hard on you. Not to mention hunting every other day. Your teachers questioned if you were abused at home. Maybe emotionally, but nothing you couldn’t handle.
You knew your father favored Sam and Dean over you. Maybe it was because you were a girl, or because most demons came to you, attracted by your looks. You fought just as well as them all. You’d taken down your fair share of creatures, but it wasn’t enough. Sam and Dean tried to make you feel special, and you appreciated it. But you knew you would never measure up to them in your father’s eyes.
“Hey loser.”
You ignored Amy Perkins and pulled out your notebook Dean had stolen from the gas station a month ago. You had already filled it up with poems and pictures, most of them relating to your l
:iconeternal-violet-void:Eternal-Violet-Void 941 186
She's My Soulmate (Deanxreader)
You were sitting around a random motel, waiting for Sam to come back with Dean. Dean had left a few hours ago looking frustrated saying he needed to be alone with his thoughts. Sam had gotten worried and left to find him and you stayed behind in case he came back.
About two hours after Sam left, there was a knock at the door. You opened the door to find a very drunk Dean leaning against the door frame.
"Oh good I found the right one," he said walking in, "you ever notice how all these doors look the same?"
You got out your phone to call Sam, letting him know his brother had made it back. After ending the call with you looked at Dean sitting on the bed. He was looking down at his jacket, confused as to why it wouldn't come off. You laughed as you realized it was because it was zipped up.
"Uhhh hey Jo? Can you help me get this thing off?" Jo? He thought you were Jo? He must have been even more drunk than you thought.
"Yeah, sure Dean," you said walking over. You unzip
:iconcallmewinchester:callmewinchester 710 69
Rib Fractures (Team Free WillxReader)
Summary: The reader is injured from a previous hunt and the medicine Sam gives you makes you a little loopy.
The motel bed you were laying on was lumpy and uncomfortable, but you barely noticed because of the pain you were in. You were still pretty banged up from the last hunt and your arms and ribs were covered in aching bruises. Anytime you moved shooting pain could be felt running up your back and sides, which was why you were laying facedown, trying your best not to move an inch.
“Everything hurts and I think I’m dying,” you said, the pillow muffling your words.
“Well that’s what happens when a witch throws you into a wall and down concrete stairs,” Dean said from across the room. “I’d bet good money that you have about three fractured ribs.”
You groaned into the bed, knowing Dean was probably right judging by the pain that was present in your sides. You heard Sam get up and, judging by all the noise, he beg
:iconcallmewinchester:callmewinchester 505 83
Calm down Simba (SamxReader)
“(y/n)!” Sam called from the doorway of the bunker library.
“Hmm,” you said not looking up from file you had in your lap.
“With what?” you said still looking at the file.
“With this,” you finally looked up to see Sam pointing at his hair. It was a mess, completly tangled and knotted. Half of it was waved and other half stuck out in gravity defying angles. You couldn’t help but laugh at how a pouf of hair could make someone as big as Sam look the complete opposite of intimidating.
“Don’t laugh this isn’t funny!” he said. “If I don’t fix this before Dean wakes up I’ll never hear the end of it.” He then walked over and knelt in front of you, faceplanting in your lap.
“Well maybe next time you’ll listen to me and wait for your hair to dry before you go to sleep,” you said running your hand through his matted hair.
“Help me I don’t know what
:iconcallmewinchester:callmewinchester 934 147
Castiel :iconamandatolleson:AmandaTolleson 5,227 435 Supernatural :iconfelina-cat:Felina-Cat 1,114 236
My Little Bitch-chan (Laito Sakamaki x Reader)
You were a sacrificial bride for the Sakamaki brothers. You could never keep track how many times and how many bites were on your body. None of the brothers ever messed with you except Laito Sakamaki. He would seem to follow you around and call you 'Bitch-Chan'. It would always bother you but you could never bring yourself to fight against him, you knew if you talked back to any of these vampires they would snap you like a twig.
It was night and you all just got back from school. You were in your bedroom, slowly taking off your uniform. While getting the clothing off, you had a feeling...someone was watching you. You tried not to let it bother you as you felt the jacket fall down you arms and onto the bed. You began taking off the bow on your shirt when the feeling you had before was stronger. You took a deep breath, trying to calm yourself down. You took off your bow and it just kept getting stronger. You knew this wasn't just a feeling. "I know you're there! Come out!" You yelled, tu
:icontracey32713:tracey32713 478 90
Just Cry (Dean x Reader)
    You sit on the bed of the Motel, waiting for them to come home.
    You’ve been friends with the Winchesters for just over a year, where they saved your ass from a Vampire. Already being a part of the hunting world, you requested they bring you with them- which they refused. So you followed them. Eventually they accepted you and allowed you to join them on their adventures. Unfortunately, they refused to let you come on the “super dangerous” hunts in fear that you would be unable to take care of yourself. Quite honestly- it pissed you off to no end.
    But you still waited. These boys were almost like family by now. You’ve been with them on their ups and downs. You’ve practically been to hell and back with them, no giving up now. 
    You groan into the pillow that covers your face. They’re late. GOD that’s annoying. 
    Suddenly the door bursts open.
    You jump up, p
:iconsolariroh:SolarIroh 620 51
She's beautiful (Castiel x Winchester!Reader)
She's beautiful ( Castiel x Winchester!Reader + Brother!Dean&Sam)
(y/n) = your name (example: Ellie)
(e/c) = your eye color/colour (example: green)
(h/c) = your hair color/colour (example: black)

Castiel was confused. The reaction of his vessel when he saw you – the fast beating of his heart – his thoughts – He shouldn't have those filthy thoughts – thinking about you that way – it was wrong. He was an angel – it was so very wrong and at the same time it felt so right – so utterly right. It had all just started when he first saw you, when your brother had introduced you to him.
”(y/n) this is Castiel – he got me out of hell” Dean's voice made you turn your head in his direction. You smiled at the man.
“Nice to meet you Cas – Like my brother said I'm (y/n)!” you said cheerful. Castiel's heart started to beat in an unhealthy rhythm.  His cheeks turned red and he gulped. In that moment you seemed
:iconthunderofshadow:ThunderofShadow 808 98
Supernatural x Reader - Demon Baby
WARNING: Some swearing. And 'breast' is said a lot, which honestly felt really awkward to type.
“Wrong spell, Dean!”
“You think I can’t see that?”
Sam coughed, waving his hand in front of his face in a pointless effort to clear the smoke. He and Dean had been trying to perform a truth spell on Crowley…
Both boys froze at the sound of chains falling to the floor.
“Um, Crowley?” Dean called hesitantly, trying to see through the smoke-filled room.
His shout was met with a wail in response.
Sam and Dean shared a look. Moving through the smoke, Sam found his way to Crowley’s chair.
“How did the spell work?” You asked as you heard Sam and Dean enter the room. You were reading a book and didn’t turn around, that is, until you didn’t hear a response.
“Guys?” Spinning, you looked over your shoulder, and your jaw dropped.
Sam was standing there awkwardly, holding a baby in a puddle of f
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Ballad for destiel :icontsuki-nekota:Tsuki-Nekota 1,478 159 Superwholockingers - at the movies :iconstar-jem:Star-Jem 1,540 419 Archangel Gabriel :iconlife-writer:Life-Writer 3,250 106
Gabriel's wings
"Come now Gabriel don't be such a baby" Michael told Gabriel in a harsh tone
"MICHAEL!" Lucifer shouted at his elder brother angrily
"What? He has to man up a little if he ever intends to become a true archangel" Michael scoffed of course referring to himself again.
"Michael he's getting his wings, it's not exactly the most pleasant thing in heaven plus he's only 5 years old!" Lucifer pointed out as he scowled at Michael then his scowl turned into a wicked grin.
"What now?" Michael asked a bit afraid of the look on Lucifer's face
"Did you not get your wings till you were 10? Bit of a late bloomer weren't you?" Lucifer taunted as his own wings arched behind him the beautiful reds and golden feathers shimmering as he arched them.
"I…I just…argh!" Michael pouted as he swiftly flew off leaving Lucifer with Gabriel
Lucifer laughed deep in his chest, loving the feeling he got every time he was able to out wit his elder brother. Lucifer turned back to Gabriel who was sitting o
:icondrade666:drade666 267 43
Not Like Other Girls - Dean x Reader
You were in the bathroom, getting ready for bed when Sam and Dean came into the motel room. Their voices were louder than usual, so you stopped what you were doing to listen to them.
‘Dean, why don’t you just tell her?’ Sam asks.
‘Because I don’t want to be disappointed, you know what, maybe I should’ve just kept my mouth shut to you,’ Dean mumbled, clearly not happy. You frowned, you didn’t like it when Dean was unhappy.
‘Why won’t you tell her Dean?’ Sam asked, obviously confused. Something churned in your stomach, Dean was on about some girl, some girl that would never be you and that hurt.
‘What am I supposed to say Sammy? Oh hey, I love you, want to go out for dinner?’ Dean asked.
‘Well, yeah,’ Sam said.
‘She’d just say no, Sam. She thinks I’m some kind of womanizer,’ Dean said sadly.
You smiled fondly, it always made you laugh to watch Dean flirt, but it hurt when it
:iconmissdarlingdead:missdarlingdead 561 49
Sammy is confused :icontsuki-nekota:Tsuki-Nekota 1,476 112
Give the Moose a Muffin: Sam x Reader (oneshot)
The air was thick and sweet and smelled like a bakery. You were leaning against the kitchen counter in the bunker, reading a book in one hand and nursing a mug of tea in the other. Things had been so hectic lately with the search for Abaddon not going so well. Sam and Dean had been hunched over in the main hall doing research all week and coming up dry. As if a Knight of Hell running around wasn’t stressful enough, the King of Hell was currently locked up in the basement. There was too much pressure on all of you to perform and the bunker’s atmosphere was saturated with tension. But today, you decided, was going to be a chance to unwind a little. You couldn’t carry on with the weight of the world on your shoulders. You were all human; you could only take on so much responsibility before collapsing under the strain.
You’d convinced Dean to buy these boxes of muffin mix months ago and you decided now was the perfect time to use them. All you had done was add the e
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Out of the Cage :iconnasyu:NaSyu 3,672 414 Spn/Youtube :iconkonoira:Konoira 2,044 195
Surprise Adoption (Spn x Baby!Reader) 1
Warning(s): Death
Title: Surprise Adoption
Number in series: One
Pairing: Supernatural x Baby!Reader (Family)
Fandom: Supernatural
Word Count: 916
Another motel room. Another crappy bed. Another case in just another state in the United States. It was just a usual week for the Winchester brothers. That was until Cas decided to come a knocking on their door(metaphorically speaking since he never uses doors and just pops into the rooms).
The day started off like usual. The boys went and got some information on the case and then went out to get some burgers and what-not for dinner. After, they went back to their motel room to relax and research a bit more before they went to sleep.
“I'm pretty sure we are dealing with a demon. It sounds as if someone sold their soul around here.” Sam said, untying his boots.
“Great, that means that we will have to deal with hellhounds. I hate those damn demon dogs.” Dean said, flopping down on one of the two motel beds.
:iconentirelybonkers:EntirelyBonkers 431 52
Carry On My Wayward Son :iconalicexz:alicexz 9,391 312
Frozen Puns (SamxReaderxDean)
“(y/n) look it’s snowing,” Sam said as you and Dean climbed into the Impala. “Do you wanna build a snowman?” He asked smiling back at you.
“Does it have to be a snowman?” You replied as Dean sighed heavily.
“Will you two shut up about that movie about the ice? It’s all you two have been talking about for days,” he stated as he turned on the car and began heading for the cemetery.
“You’re right Dean,” you said from your spot in the backseat. “It’s almost like we can’t--”
“Don’t you dare,” Dean interrupted.
“Let it go,” Sam finished. You and Sam started laughing and Dean just death glared his brother.
“Can we please just focus on the task at hand? There’s a body that needs burning and that doesn’t require ice puns,” Dean grumbled.
“Dean, it’s just a movie. You need to chill out,” you said trying not to laugh.
:iconcallmewinchester:callmewinchester 828 195
Supernatural :iconclefchan:clefchan 4,173 358
Sebastian-x- ShyReader: Her Gentleman, Chess Piece
:bulletred: Sebastian-x- Shy Reader: Her Gentleman, Chess Piece :bulletred: 

Lady Camilla Beatrice Riverside was a woman of divine beauty and overflowing fortune. Throughout Europe she was revered for her name and personal gifts, and all of this praise and respect was uniquely and well-earned. Having been born to a British Aristocrat family and then marrying well when she was young, the woman had made quite the reputation for herself. She was cunning and had the delicate virtues that any true lady should have, as well as a flair for authority, so she had bypassed everyone’s expectations and gone exceedingly far in terms of her social climbing and wealth.  
Her husband, the right honorable Lord Mathew Riverside had died a handful of years past from tuberculosis and Lady Camilla had never remarried. She had respected her late spouse and hadn’t found the need to chain herself to another man when she was perfectly happy and freed as she was. (It was a fact tha
:icontarnisis:Tarnisis 647 164
Mine :iconnasyu:NaSyu 3,562 204 Lucifer Rising :iconmadtenka:madtenka 1,124 110 Supernatural collage 7 :icondeangrayson:DeanGrayson 2,745 266
Gabriel x Reader x Lucifer 'caramel'
'I'm going to die,' you mumbled to yourself and lazily looked around. You threw your legs up on the coffee table, and leaned back into the couch cushions. It was your day off, and you were sitting on the couch rotting.
Not literally though, you were just simply bored. 
Minutes rolled by, though, they felt like hours. You finally decided to get off your lazy bum, and do something with your life. 
"Gabe! I'm bored!" You called out as you appeared in Gabriel's kitchen. Sweets were piled up on the counters and tables, skittles littered the floor. Your jaw dropped when your eyes met his.
He was sitting in his armchair, hair ruffled, and a very provocative dressed woman pouring whipped cream in his mouth. You watched as chocolate syrup dripped down his bare chest. You were suddenly very interested with the skittled floor. Your cheeks flushed red, "u-umm," you stuttered, but your couldn't form any words.   
Gabriel quickly snapped, and everything was gone. "You can look no
:iconemmisue:Emmisue 490 45
It's fine Cas, It's fine :iconnile-kun:Nile-kun 1,211 121 Doctor Who :iconjoe-roberts:Joe-Roberts 19,157 1,552
Dean Winchester x Reader: Just Kiss Already!
"No, (y/n). You can't love both Pop music and Classic Rock," Dean emphasized as he walked beside her down the side walk. They, along with Sam and Cas, had just finished eating dinner at a diner and were on their way back to the hotel they checked into for the night. The city they were at currently had some incidences that pointed towards the supernatural. (y/n) knew something was wrong, and somehow managed to convince stubborn Dean to investigate. Castiel and Sam knew better than to think twice about the woman's intuitions. She was almost right every time. It baffled them that Dean didn't have complete trust in her yet, considering she started helping them a year ago. Something was off, and it bothered Sam. 
After some snooping around, he figured out why Dean acted so macho around (y/n). His brother liked her. A lot. Sam didn't bring it up to Dean, letting things run their course between the two. Castiel knew (y/n) had feelings for Dean, too, noticing how she
:iconautumn-maple:Autumn-Maple 401 59
Smoke Stock XI :iconmelyssah6-stock:Melyssah6-Stock 1,346 524 Day 18: Doing something together (Destiel) :iconnile-kun:Nile-kun 1,650 169
SupernaturalCastxShort!Reader - Damn You...!
Supernatural!CastxShort!Reader - Damn you...! (One-shot)
Setting: Before Season 9's finale! And in real life
Contains: Violence and cussing. 
Important!!: You're actual name is the "actresses's" name and Amethyst (heheh) is the character you play. You are also 4'11 because that's my damn height so sucks to suck [I know it sucks doesn't it, shorty?] Oh shut it. 

-----[Fail #1]-----
"Amethyst, I know you're in there. Please, snap out of it," Sammy pleaded. Currently, Amethyst was tied to a chair in the middle of a devil's trap. If you were too look on her chest (the same area as Sam and Dean with the anti-possession circle) you could notice that it wasn't fully made. Meaning, Amethyst was possessed by a demon. Dean stood behind Sam, letting him do the work.
"Oh, Sammy boy. She isn't strong enough you know," The demon in her laughed. She blinked showing her demon eyes and blinked again. Dean quickly walked over to Amethyst and grabbed her shou
:iconfinitedreams:FiniteDreams 195 101
SPN - On The Open Road :iconrenny08:Renny08 2,931 740
Supernatural x Reader - Subordinates
Warnings: Sexual reference at the end
Dean pulled the impala up to the police station where Cas was being held, both boys straightening their ties. You got out of the back, conspicuous in your jeans and leather jacket rather than a monkey suit like Sam and Dean were wearing. You watched Dean pop the trunk, tossing Sam a fake federal id and taking one himself.
“Give us ten minutes, (yn), and we’ll be back out with Cas.” Dean told you, heading inside. You rolled your eyes, leaning against the impala as both guys went in.
A few minutes later, Sam and Dean came back out, cursing. “What’s wrong?” You asked.
“They won’t release Cas to us.” Sam explained. “The officer asked what federal agents would want with a guy who stole a bottle of water.”
You smirked, going to the trunk and pulling out a fake id of your own. “You probably just didn’t ask the right way. Wat
:iconeverytimechelle:everytimechelle 382 33
Castiel X Reader (Suicidal)
"I'll miss you, and I'm sorry" you whispered quietly in Dean's ear when he finally fell asleep, you got out of the motel room quietly and went outside, you knew every nice spot around that place, so you chose one, your favorite, in the middle of the field a few miles away, just when the sky became a bit lighter and the fog didn't fade away yet, you took a deep breath and pulled out a gun.
You thought about it for a long time and you decided you just couldn't do it anymore, it's not a life, it's hell, and you knew there was nothing else left for you as every day seemed to get darker in you felt closed inside your own mind, and all the things you hanged on to seemed to fade away slowly, you put the gun against your temple.
You started thinking, you shifted from sitting to lying on the slightly wet grass and stared at the grey sky above you,
Sam and Dean, they would probably be sad at first, just a little, you felt like nothing but extra weight to them, always having to protect you and ta
:iconpotato317:potato317 278 30
Hypothermia (Dean x Reader)
Hypothermia (Dean x Reader)
"(Name) look out!"
You spun around at the sound of Dean's voice, just in time to get punched in the stomach with enough force to send you flying. Your back slammed into a tree, sending snow and pine needles tumbling down onto you. You landed in a heap in a snowdrift, gasping for air.
"(Name)!" You heard Sam yell from somewhere in front of you, followed by the sound of a gunshot.
You groaned, pushing yourself to your feet just as Dean slid to a stop beside you.
"Are you okay?" He asked, grabbing your arms.
You shrugged him off, nodding. "I'm fine. What are you doing kneeling in the snow? You're going to freeze."
He laughed, helping you to your feet. "I'm too hot to freeze." He smirked, brushing snow off his jeans.
You smacked the back of his head, grabbing Ruby's knife from the back of your pants and throwing it to your right without taking your eyes off him. "You say that now, but you've never felt a Canadian winter before."
The demon Sam was wrestling with
:iconmazzafeme147:mazzafeme147 428 67
Bond :iconnasyu:NaSyu 2,376 166 destiel kisses :iconlife-writer:Life-Writer 3,168 106
SPN angels x Reader 'Squishy'
"Awwww," you carefully picked up the little furball; also known as a kitten. You ran your hand through its fur, earning a quiet purr from him.
"No," Balthazar commanded, "put it down."
"But Balty," you whined, "he's soooo adorable," talking more to the cat than the angel. "I said no," he reached out to grab him, but pulled back when the cat swiped at him. 
"See he's a lethal killing machine." You weren't listening though; you were too busy scratching it's "beautiful, squishy, amazingly soft wittle tummy. 
"What is she doing?" Lucifer asked, walking up to Balthazar. "Becoming overly attached to a rude, satanic creature." Lucifer cocked an eyebrow, "seriously?" "What," Balty shrugged, "'s what it is."
"Oh my gosh you are so fluffy I'm gunna die!"
Both angels rolled their eyes, and groaned when Gabriel appeared. "He-....ommygosh!" Gabriel threw himself down next to you, completely ignoring everything else, "does he have a name?"
"No," Balthazar answered, "because we are NOT keep
:iconemmisue:Emmisue 540 75
Supernatural+The Reason :iconxanseviera:xanseviera 2,424 338 Castiel :iconamandatolleson:AmandaTolleson 6,531 612