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super computer by mad-jojo super computer :iconmad-jojo:mad-jojo 130 5 Joel and Unit 728 by turbofanatic Joel and Unit 728 :iconturbofanatic:turbofanatic 141 40 Sonic the Hedgehog - Nicole by LCibos Sonic the Hedgehog - Nicole :iconlcibos:LCibos 429 48 Whats another blow to the head by Son-Neko Whats another blow to the head :iconson-neko:Son-Neko 429 193 The Orkolon Starfield by xzendor7 The Orkolon Starfield :iconxzendor7:xzendor7 89 48 Accident by NaruSasuKawaii Accident :iconnarusasukawaii:NaruSasuKawaii 86 53 Metroid Turns 20 by LauraBelmont Metroid Turns 20 :iconlaurabelmont:LauraBelmont 164 39 The Nintendo DS insperation by MyMeloGal2 The Nintendo DS insperation :iconmymelogal2:MyMeloGal2 92 24 Curiosity by goeliath Curiosity :icongoeliath:goeliath 52 21 PA-Morality Core by Sexual-Yeti PA-Morality Core :iconsexual-yeti:Sexual-Yeti 43 13 Sailor Mercury Supercomputer by aeiny Sailor Mercury Supercomputer :iconaeiny:aeiny 74 13 Code Lyoko Super Computer Skin by Lyoko32 Code Lyoko Super Computer Skin :iconlyoko32:Lyoko32 86 84 A Formal Alliance by Athalai-Haust A Formal Alliance :iconathalai-haust:Athalai-Haust 37 51 Discovering by NaruSasuKawaii Discovering :iconnarusasukawaii:NaruSasuKawaii 69 104 Blank Lyoko Cards by 10Networks Blank Lyoko Cards :icon10networks:10Networks 40 25
Spoken Word- Nameless
In my dreams its black and white
no one moves
the TV shows static
minds meld into one
and there they freeze
Drip back to color
yellow, black, green, orange, red
divided on the page
then I wake up
nothing has changed
the colors can't meld
they have lost that ablility
as they dance around each other
flitting through the flames
created by mind that are
wired through the super computer we call
but some are disconnected
watching through the flames
you look at me with contempt
I look at you with sorrow
you are programed
I am free
and as you sit down to another night
just like the last
just like last year
I'm out of that familiarity with the world
The time is right
stars have aligned
and we are being called to a different universe
a different time, space, and reality
but you missed the train
everyone has left
you were stuck in that virtual reality
that the super computer is feeding through your veins
but you can not cancel
there is no control alt delete
just a wire that tells you
what mor
:icondemonickarebear:DemonicKareBear 11 15
What a fact... by Retromissile What a fact... :iconretromissile:Retromissile 65 61 Skynet Core Interface by alphaoperator Skynet Core Interface :iconalphaoperator:alphaoperator 25 6 100 Character Challenge Entry #15 by Garth2The2ndPower 100 Character Challenge Entry #15 :icongarth2the2ndpower:Garth2The2ndPower 60 6 GLaDOS Plushie by muffin-wrangler GLaDOS Plushie :iconmuffin-wrangler:muffin-wrangler 70 39 Mr Supercomputer by captainalec Mr Supercomputer :iconcaptainalec:captainalec 37 8 'I've got paws!' by raichu288 'I've got paws!' :iconraichu288:raichu288 124 30 Nicole by Evan Stanley by 371312 Nicole by Evan Stanley :icon371312:371312 106 13 Mountain Sector by Arti-sto Mountain Sector :iconarti-sto:Arti-sto 28 19 Hypercomputer 1962 by SquidEmpire Hypercomputer 1962 :iconsquidempire:SquidEmpire 22 1 TBLT doodles by Retromissile TBLT doodles :iconretromissile:Retromissile 24 16 Mother Brain by Tufsing Mother Brain :icontufsing:Tufsing 88 12 Happy Fathers Day Waluigi by Rotommowtom Happy Fathers Day Waluigi :iconrotommowtom:Rotommowtom 32 28 The Observation machine WIP by Athalai-Haust The Observation machine WIP :iconathalai-haust:Athalai-Haust 25 5 KIRBY PLANET ROBOBOT ~ WIP by Limbo-Studios KIRBY PLANET ROBOBOT ~ WIP :iconlimbo-studios:Limbo-Studios 70 11 Code Lyoko Evolution - Ep.1 Metal Mayhem by hummerh14 Code Lyoko Evolution - Ep.1 Metal Mayhem :iconhummerh14:hummerh14 42 70 It's been a long time... by XIn-My-Darkest-HourX It's been a long time... :iconxin-my-darkest-hourx:XIn-My-Darkest-HourX 91 21 Chibi IBM Watson-tan by BellaCielo Chibi IBM Watson-tan :iconbellacielo:BellaCielo 29 36 ATHENA by ejaylee ATHENA :iconejaylee:ejaylee 29 14 Small thought regarding modern computer by HowXu Small thought regarding modern computer :iconhowxu:HowXu 205 69 Combat Evolved!: Engineer by Sketch-BGI Combat Evolved!: Engineer :iconsketch-bgi:Sketch-BGI 125 2 Zuri by CrutonArt Zuri :iconcrutonart:CrutonArt 143 6 Aelita - New Light Test by Arti-sto Aelita - New Light Test :iconarti-sto:Arti-sto 58 22 a machine and his man by Voxsound a machine and his man :iconvoxsound:Voxsound 128 69 Code Lyoko desktop theme by BoDuke2009 Code Lyoko desktop theme :iconboduke2009:BoDuke2009 37 131 Code Lyoko: Supercomputer BG by Sk-101 Code Lyoko: Supercomputer BG :iconsk-101:Sk-101 34 9 Sailor Mercury Inventory by Moon-Shadow-1985 Sailor Mercury Inventory :iconmoon-shadow-1985:Moon-Shadow-1985 50 13 The battle of wits by ejaylee The battle of wits :iconejaylee:ejaylee 26 35
Code lyoko Fanfic The Cost of Redemption Chapter 1
Chapter 1 - A Life Rewritten
In the lifeless depths of the world's most advance super computer, something stirred. The tyrant that inhabited the core programmed its next move. A new development had arisen, a new strength for its enemies. Strength, it believed, that could become something to exploit. It had delayed its last attack to observe, to calculate. Its foes had been distracted; it was this distraction that intrigued it. Unstable, alone; it would be possible. A rising hero, all it had to do was clip its wings. With a new tower chosen to command, X.A.N.A was unleashed.
"So, how many shots do you reckon?"
"One each if we're quick."
"Willing to bet on that?"
"Definitely, but don't miss on purpose."
The Ice sector of the Virtual world of Lyoko was swarming with Kankrelats. The red glow of the tower ahead marked X.A.N.A's presence, this was his kingdom and no intruder would stay for long.
"Time for 'Operation soaring bolt!'" Odd Della Robbia gave a thumbs up to his new battle brot
:icontoa-andrew:Toa-Andrew 14 11
INFERNUS P.M.A.C. GEN.1 by Athalai-Haust INFERNUS P.M.A.C. GEN.1 :iconathalai-haust:Athalai-Haust 37 20 Tubes and Vintage Pride by d-wittgenstein Tubes and Vintage Pride :icond-wittgenstein:d-wittgenstein 16 2 William Dunbar by hummerh14 William Dunbar :iconhummerh14:hummerh14 22 9