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Sufism - Istanbul by alijabbar Sufism - Istanbul :iconalijabbar:alijabbar 656 72 Tales Along the Nile 02 by MahmoudYakut Tales Along the Nile 02 :iconmahmoudyakut:MahmoudYakut 413 35 bogazici by mahlukat bogazici :iconmahlukat:mahlukat 373 97 A RUINED MOSQUE IN SHEYHKOY by Badusev A RUINED MOSQUE IN SHEYHKOY :iconbadusev:Badusev 136 38 ridjalal-ghayb 'ricalu'l gayb' by mahlukat ridjalal-ghayb 'ricalu'l gayb' :iconmahlukat:mahlukat 47 29 Dhikr II by Teakster Dhikr II :iconteakster:Teakster 56 37 CRIMEA OF THE GOLDEN HORDE... by Badusev CRIMEA OF THE GOLDEN HORDE... :iconbadusev:Badusev 59 17 Teakster vs LifeOfMyHeart by Teakster Teakster vs LifeOfMyHeart :iconteakster:Teakster 16 3 Dhikr III by Teakster Dhikr III :iconteakster:Teakster 46 12 THE MIHRAB OF THE CUMA CAMI MOSQUE IN SHEYHKOY by Badusev THE MIHRAB OF THE CUMA CAMI MOSQUE IN SHEYHKOY :iconbadusev:Badusev 52 11 huu by mahlukat huu :iconmahlukat:mahlukat 39 16 Hali Tefekkur Hali tezekkur by kavsikuzah Hali Tefekkur Hali tezekkur :iconkavsikuzah:kavsikuzah 99 39 Attraction by Majnouna Attraction :iconmajnouna:Majnouna 89 7 Seeker by Majnouna Seeker :iconmajnouna:Majnouna 112 14 Before Alif by Majnouna Before Alif :iconmajnouna:Majnouna 129 28 Art into Jewelry by Majnouna Art into Jewelry :iconmajnouna:Majnouna 42 11 Dhikr by Teakster Dhikr :iconteakster:Teakster 31 12 Spiritual Aspiration by Majnouna Spiritual Aspiration :iconmajnouna:Majnouna 74 9 Heavenly Spheres by Majnouna Heavenly Spheres :iconmajnouna:Majnouna 76 6 Majnoun Layla by Majnouna Majnoun Layla :iconmajnouna:Majnouna 92 27
You are always begging for one more moment. Hunger is never sated, thirst never quenched, and always you plead me to leave you with one last drop to wet your eager lips. What more may I offer to you, treasure, than that which has always been yours? How many more minutes like hours, my body like bread and wine? I am oceans but you will not drown. I am gales but your lungs will not be filled. Moon and Sun and stars in your eyes, and I all the darkness which binds them together. Devourer and devoured, annihilation in exhalation. One more taste, yes, then be off.
:icondarkelvenmage:darkelvenmage 11 13
bogazici_linework by mahlukat bogazici_linework :iconmahlukat:mahlukat 39 25 Heart in Dream by khallas Heart in Dream :iconkhallas:khallas 14 16 Hoca Ahmed Yesevi by mahlukat Hoca Ahmed Yesevi :iconmahlukat:mahlukat 17 4 Silkscreen Dhikr by Majnouna Silkscreen Dhikr :iconmajnouna:Majnouna 33 12 deli gucuk by mahlukat deli gucuk :iconmahlukat:mahlukat 23 2 TREES ON THE RUINS by Badusev TREES ON THE RUINS :iconbadusev:Badusev 50 7 unity by zilm unity :iconzilm:zilm 16 0 Takbir by Majnouna Takbir :iconmajnouna:Majnouna 43 23 Pure by sufined Pure :iconsufined:sufined 29 47
I dance before you;
you watch the circles of my hips
and remember nights
I look into your dark eyes,
and remember only fire
:iconindiana-w:indiana-w 8 10
i am not known -3 by UsmanBaloch i am not known -3 :iconusmanbaloch:UsmanBaloch 9 4 Path of the Heart calendar by Majnouna Path of the Heart calendar :iconmajnouna:Majnouna 36 21 Darawish icon set by Majnouna Darawish icon set :iconmajnouna:Majnouna 30 44 Tales Along the Nile 01 by MahmoudYakut Tales Along the Nile 01 :iconmahmoudyakut:MahmoudYakut 44 11 Tales Along the Nile 10 by MahmoudYakut Tales Along the Nile 10 :iconmahmoudyakut:MahmoudYakut 29 9 Sufi by onur9k Sufi :icononur9k:onur9k 10 6 The Merciful by kachicache The Merciful :iconkachicache:kachicache 14 8 mevlana Mawlana Sufi whirling by fusunyeremyan mevlana Mawlana Sufi whirling :iconfusunyeremyan:fusunyeremyan 32 7 The Beetle by squonkhunter The Beetle :iconsquonkhunter:squonkhunter 14 78 ruyalarimdaki isaretler by ecnkr ruyalarimdaki isaretler :iconecnkr:ecnkr 9 4 Mystical Lines by shirly90 Mystical Lines :iconshirly90:shirly90 25 18
Nightingale's Song for the Rose
(based on an Old Persian folklore-story)
Do you
not fear
that i might
fall in love
with you the beautiful stranger
You the
you the
who wondrously
are posed
in front
of me
on your bed
fragile and naked
bare and blossoming full of desire need and wanting
do you not fear that i might want to touch you in this enchanted night
with moonlight like this when your petals are dropping damp and dreams
or are you maybe just passing by
Y o u
look only one look with smiles of beauty and then you continue
your journey and leave for me only thorns
Y o u
who silently shed
the twinkling of the stars to my wings
Y o u
who drop your tears
of solitude in this broken night
Y o u
who secretly slip
your silky beauty into my heart
Y o u
who softly touch
my heart like a blow of wind
Y o u
who full of glow
of desire press close against my heart
:iconprayerwings:PrayerWings 7 0
A Silhouette's Story by rabiya-aysu A Silhouette's Story :iconrabiya-aysu:rabiya-aysu 24 29 Peacock Jackal by Samishii-Kami Peacock Jackal :iconsamishii-kami:Samishii-Kami 25 3 Sufi Hues by shirly90 Sufi Hues :iconshirly90:shirly90 19 21 Sufi by vakatanka Sufi :iconvakatanka:vakatanka 15 2 Hu der Mor by illiyun Hu der Mor :iconilliyun:illiyun 18 14