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Substance. by pete-aeiko Substance. :iconpete-aeiko:pete-aeiko 540 256 GR-3 rifle MK II presentation by Avitus12 GR-3 rifle MK II presentation :iconavitus12:Avitus12 350 50 Substance Archon by Davver Substance Archon :icondavver:Davver 491 15 Laboratory Glassware Letters. Realistic glass text by AlexandraF Laboratory Glassware Letters. Realistic glass text :iconalexandraf:AlexandraF 183 22 Space Disease by FlexDreams Space Disease :iconflexdreams:FlexDreams 1,556 83 KARIZMA by Sonicbeanz KARIZMA :iconsonicbeanz:Sonicbeanz 232 82 The Shaman by asage The Shaman :iconasage:asage 576 79 Sci-fi revolver by PowerPointRanger Sci-fi revolver :iconpowerpointranger:PowerPointRanger 230 6 The Crack by Spiritofdarkness The Crack :iconspiritofdarkness:Spiritofdarkness 190 58 Rose's cry by DianaCretu Rose's cry :icondianacretu:DianaCretu 313 84
We Were a Bad Cup of Coffee
We were too impatient to wait
So it was never the right strength—
Too weak to be what you need,
And yet, too strong for me to handle.
It was too light for substance
But dark enough
To leave a bitter taste.
:iconvegetabelle:Vegetabelle 24 29
Substance Splinter by Davver Substance Splinter :icondavver:Davver 206 15 Substance in Silence by shebid Substance in Silence :iconshebid:shebid 119 75 FREE SNAKUU by Scourge-Is-Awesome FREE SNAKUU :iconscourge-is-awesome:Scourge-Is-Awesome 355 76 Raiden Viera by Noiry Raiden Viera :iconnoiry:Noiry 308 7 SUBSTANCE by Sonicbeanz SUBSTANCE :iconsonicbeanz:Sonicbeanz 172 49 From Substance To Silence by LevAni11 From Substance To Silence :iconlevani11:LevAni11 216 11 I THOUGHT this tasted funny by zarla I THOUGHT this tasted funny :iconzarla:zarla 356 130 Raiden - Metal Gear Solid by Noiry Raiden - Metal Gear Solid :iconnoiry:Noiry 836 89 Quit by asunder Quit :iconasunder:asunder 244 85 Substance Ajax by Davver Substance Ajax :icondavver:Davver 85 5 MGS2 in a Nutshell by Jagarnot MGS2 in a Nutshell :iconjagarnot:Jagarnot 410 349 Bender by jackdarton Bender :iconjackdarton:jackdarton 200 18
My Worst Nightmare - MCR
Mikey swung the door shut behind him as he came back from school. Gerard had been send home again, so he'd had to walk home on his own. He had waited for Frank and even Ray saw him and walked with him, but after they'd gone to their respective houses, Mikey was alone. He didn't like it. He'd always been with his big brother, ever since his first day, when the boys in the year above him threatened to beat him up after school. Although Gerard was shorter than them, it was obvious he was older, so they stayed back. Mikey couldn't help but check over his shoulder every few steps just in case they had been waiting all this time to catch him alone. He didn't put his earphones in; they could sneak up behind him and get him and he'd never know. Besides, he always had the left earphone, Gerard the right. It wasn't the same without him.
Dropping his bag in the hallway, he thought about what Ray had said earlier when he asked him about Gerard.
"Got send home again. Our Spanish teacher said he loo
:icongothicaway:GothicaWay 38 70
My Velvet Little Darkness by Ariel87 My Velvet Little Darkness :iconariel87:Ariel87 118 48 1/5 Anthropological Experimentation by surody 1/5 Anthropological Experimentation :iconsurody:surody 346 16 Wings by Davver Wings :icondavver:Davver 126 8 High Farce by jflaxman High Farce :iconjflaxman:jflaxman 236 72 Rainbow tubes by egresh Rainbow tubes :iconegresh:egresh 147 21 Miller by Davver Miller :icondavver:Davver 83 11
So much depends
a single
of the same
equal with the
:icontheophilia:Theophilia 19 35
Big Boss by scruffyronin Big Boss :iconscruffyronin:scruffyronin 228 12 A meia da loba by LostSubstance A meia da loba :iconlostsubstance:LostSubstance 68 2 Groznyj Grad Afternoon by scruffyronin Groznyj Grad Afternoon :iconscruffyronin:scruffyronin 156 35 Deset Eagle by Nikola3D Deset Eagle :iconnikola3d:Nikola3D 53 36 euphoric union by saiaii euphoric union :iconsaiaii:saiaii 164 91 Hummingbird - Fighter by Obey-art Hummingbird - Fighter :iconobey-art:Obey-art 111 8 Neptunian Substance by FurorArt Neptunian Substance :iconfurorart:FurorArt 83 97 narcotic-nyc photography by Sonicbeanz narcotic-nyc photography :iconsonicbeanz:Sonicbeanz 97 24 EJ and BEN // Stay the night by MidnightAxyll EJ and BEN // Stay the night :iconmidnightaxyll:MidnightAxyll 178 67 Look @ dat pear by Edis7771 Look @ dat pear :iconedis7771:Edis7771 152 13 Infected Rake by FearOfTheBlackWolf Infected Rake :iconfearoftheblackwolf:FearOfTheBlackWolf 71 20 Three Heros by Jagarnot Three Heros :iconjagarnot:Jagarnot 200 120
Pulchritudinous linguistics is full of destitution.
:iconchromeantennae:chromeantennae 13 52
EJ and BEN // A lover's warmth by MidnightAxyll EJ and BEN // A lover's warmth :iconmidnightaxyll:MidnightAxyll 228 76 Gasmask by jackdarton Gasmask :iconjackdarton:jackdarton 97 11 The Fall by Leaglem The Fall :iconleaglem:Leaglem 444 70 Cute by sierraomega Cute :iconsierraomega:sierraomega 143 56