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Taking Scarlet Strides Part 1 (Humanstuck Davekat)
Dave Strider was definitely not friendly. It was an obvious fact that just about all of his classmates understood about immediately. Despite having transferred to his school three weeks into junior year, he quickly settled into a standard routine of going through his monotonous day with little more than a few seconds worth of speech. But that all changed when he happened to bump into somebody, quite literally in fact, on his second week there.
An alarm rang, the digitally blinking face reading 5:15. A hand wormed its way out of the nest of blankets it’d been in, smacking blindly at the clock until it fell off of the nightstand.
“Fuck....” mumbled a bleary voice. The teenager sat up in his bed, rubbing at his eyes and leaning down, cracking open one ruby eye to search for the blaring electronic clock. His thin fingers brushed its wire, and he grabbed it quickly, yanking it up by the cord. He mashe
:iconcallithepegasister:CalliThePegasister 21 3
Firecracker DF,F+3+4 :iconben187:ben187 91 12 The Runner :iconcabbion:Cabbion 152 5 Sprites vol.3 :iconben187:ben187 33 10 MITSU BFG SUPER ART start :iconben187:ben187 77 20 Kakashi Walking - Free Icon :icongalaxianista:Galaxianista 34 43 one stride at a time... :iconforgotten-mysteries:forgotten-mysteries 36 5
Taeyeon Mirror Match :iconben187:ben187 26 15
Day by Day
Day by Day:
I dread the night
As each day ticks by
Ever so slowly.
My time,
My space,
My wicked little lie…
All hold trapped stasis.
I'm in a never-ending dream,
A nightmare.
The pain of rot.
The slow death of each second to pass,
Never gaining back that misused moment
As I slowly die.
The trickle of time
As it flows,
Like an ever flowing river
After the monsoon.
All are caught in its path…
And none can escape from its grasp.
No one lives forever.
Including the real and unreal,
Animate and inanimate.
And I except to meet death with open and welcoming arms…
But not now,
I'm just closer by a day.
:iconaaron-jay:Aaron-Jay 7 3
Strides :iconphangman:PHangman 24 20
Major Damage + Mitsuko costume + super art update :iconben187:ben187 19 22
Carlie UPDATED :iconben187:ben187 49 62 Sasuke Walking - Free Icon :icongalaxianista:Galaxianista 21 12 Captain CHEAP-O updated :iconben187:ben187 71 17
Mitsuko Vs Sub-boss test match :iconben187:ben187 22 10
Sakura Walking - Free Icon :icongalaxianista:Galaxianista 19 26 Azumi F+1,2,DB+1,1+2 :iconben187:ben187 40 14 Lite's Contest :iconleadmare:Leadmare 81 57 New Fight Portraits :iconben187:ben187 31 18 Strides :iconcedrus:cedrus 30 7 switch kicks 4,3 :iconben187:ben187 48 3 Carlie Portrait ver1 :iconben187:ben187 44 15 VULCAN ARROW F,F+2 :iconben187:ben187 41 4 MIKAZUKI Cutter F, D, DF, 3+4 :iconben187:ben187 34 13
KHUTULUN Combos preview :iconben187:ben187 16 7
MITSUKO LVL3 SUPER ART :iconben187:ben187 16 15
No Face :iconben187:ben187 33 9 Azumi S2GVS :iconben187:ben187 15 9
S.2.G VS Alpha interface :iconben187:ben187 10 6
Equal Strides :iconframedbynature:FramedByNature 19 9 Pretty Little Maid :iconlord-rav3n:lord-rav3n 58 4 Calyptra WS1, 2 :iconben187:ben187 22 4 [MMD][HS] Daev streider Turntable Animation :iconricc-chan:Ricc-Chan 20 4 Dusty But Still Beautiful :iconraijinsenshi:RaijinSenshi 41 323 Ostrich - African Wildlife - Road Runner :iconlivingwild:LivingWild 20 5
JOU random Test Play :iconben187:ben187 12 2
Iruka Walking - Free Icon :icongalaxianista:Galaxianista 9 12 Ripper Chan Sprite :iconben187:ben187 12 6 Ms Fukasawa Palettes :iconben187:ben187 14 14 The Red Coat :iconben187:ben187 22 5
Azumi vs Taeyeon battle test :iconben187:ben187 10 9
Neo Force :iconflashshadow:Flashshadow 15 13 Heinoustuck.:. Dave Strider :iconyouwillneverknowwho:YouWillNeverKnowWho 12 4 OST - FORSAKEN - Cathedral Damnation :iconben187:ben187 9 7 Darth tsumiko + imperial march :iconben187:ben187 8 12 One time I forgot to turn my Gravity off... :iconfamilywing:FamilyWing 12 7 Neostar Preview: Hero Heading Home :iconflashshadow:Flashshadow 9 24