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Stray Cat!ScotlandxReader - Warmth
"For once in my life..." he mumbled to himself as he slumped in the shadows of the cold alleyway, scraping his fingers along the beer bottles next to him, " could be my family...please..." And with that the red-haired man passed out on the snow-covered asphalt; the fiery glow from his eyes disappearing.
~~To the morning~~
"God dammit, it's freezing!" You say to yourself, clutching at your warm winter coat, "Even in this coat..." You breathe out, fog coming out of your mouth, "I hate winter..."
As you continue to walk through the silent street, you hear a sudden growl from the alleyway. You stop walking to peek at the empty alleyway to only find garbage bins and bags filling it up. Shrugging, you continue to walk one step before hearing another growl from the alleyway. Curiously, you turn to walk through the alleyway; trying to investigate the mystery sound that lurked in the alleyway.
Finally, you move a bin away from its original position to find a stray cat p
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there are stray-cat men who ramble through my bar rooms,
ponytails that drip down their backs
and they wear ink beneath their skin,
blue jeans that are soft and faded, hands
whose callouses rub spots on my tables, and
how many times have i felt the sticky-cold smack of a bandana,
the bristle of an unshaved mouth running rough against my thigh?

there is a certain poetry about the way a hair
sticks to naked skin.
i am weaved between burning legs,
dripping oil and gasoline
we roar like tigers
in a concrete jungle.
the morning after is
heat between my thighs and an empty bed,
shy noseprints on the window and my best friend
poured in a dirty glass,
if you feed them,
stray-cat men have a way of coming back.
on the nights when i forget whose name i need to scream...
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Stray - Part 1
(part one)
A thick fog rolled along the cobblestone streats, making the night twice as treterous. The close-set houses of the city streets were already deadly dangerous at night, but twice so when the visability was so bad. The guttering orange and yellow street lamps fought bravely but foolishly against the cold autumn fog, succeeding only in illuminating a few patchy clouds along the ground for only a few feet before the light was swallowed up in the night and fog.
Inside the fog was eerily quiet. Not even the rats seemed to be stiring. It was either too cold, too dark, or both for any living creature in his right mind to be out. Even the theives and scoungers were taking reffuge in darkened allyway hideouts and empty old houses to avoid the chill and dangers of the dark night.
However, a little ways down the empty street there stood one particular building who's radiating heat dispelled a bit of the fog, at least for a couple of feet outside the door. Light radiated
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2. Youth
i miss our stray cat days
when we'd walk everywhere
and never sleep
yet we always had time to dream
when we remembered to eat
we'd create questionable concoctions
then sprawl in a circle 'round the feast
yet we always had time to laugh
when we remembered to rest
we'd make a nest
of tangled blankets and body heat
yet we always had time to dance
when we remembered to cry
we'd gather and scream
til our souls were no longer empty
yet we always had time to hope
when we remembered to drink
we'd grab all the basics:
chocolate, coffee, juice, milk, and tea
yet we always had time to sing
when we remembered to work
we'd strive and find
a way to make ends meet
yet we always had time to learn
but what i miss most is what we've forgotten:
to Love, and Sing our sorrows free
to Learn and Laugh and Dance and Dream
i hope we find time to live again
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