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How To 'Flesh Out' an OC
The aggregate of features and traits that form the
individual nature of some person or thing.

In this tutorial I will guide you through a way to 'flesh out' an Original Character (Also known as an OC). Before we begin, let's go through the basics.
A character is quite simply one who possesses qualities that define them from someone else. Every character is original and unique. A character can not only be human, but an animal, an alien, or anything that the imagination can come up with.
However, characters are often difficult to create, because to put it bluntly, you are in a sense creating a new being. This being needs the same kinds of traits and characteristics you possess, but can't be your own. They have to be original. In this case, many young writers and artists forget how hard it is to make a character and forget the complex details that enhance a character.
Fleshing out is a term used commonly in developing characters. It means to add additional det
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A Black Crystal
Fate changes people lives...
For the good and the bad...
Fate changed mine...for the good and bad... my story...
It all started a month ago. I was browsing know, the art website were I usually put my artworks on. That day, I got commissioned by someone who calls himself Dragonkin696. He asked me to draw his online persona: a black crystal dragon. Nothing to complex I thought, so I accepted.
Three weeks later, I finished the drawing, and I sent that guy a low resolution scan of it. He really liked it, and he told me that he was going to send me my payment right away. Now...I didn't tell him how much I wanted, so when he said that...I told him that we needed to set a price first. He told me that what he was about to send me was more than enough for such a fantastic work.
What he said kind of confused me...but I decided to accept whatever payment he was going to send me anyway. Beside...I didn't usually take a lot money for my artworks...they were j
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