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Edge of Tomorrow Review
So, let me pitch this to you, pretend you're a studio executive. Yes, I'm doing this again. This film is about a guy whose in a war fighting against an alien race that's smarter and tougher than the human race but this one soldier wakes up everytime he dies and he meets other people who were like him.
Easy sell? Good, I'm glad we agreed on something.
So here's a fun little factoid about myself and the film; all I knew about it was that it was originally called All You Need is Kill... a title I thought was the stupidest I had ever heard. Well, that and a friend of mine who runs the website Cartoon Corner actually had read the script before last year. No, it wasn't leaked. He actually read the script that was shown at a writing class of his much to my surprise and he liked what he read.
I should note though that I never read the novel the film is based on so, I can't really say if it was anywhere faithful but if I were to guess, maybe it was? After seeing the film, maybe I should. Becaus
:iconmovie-man:Movie-Man 6 3
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