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Stiles x Beta!Reader: Little Red Riding Hood
I was waiting outside of what seemed to be Beacon Hill's highschool, for Derek Hale. Why I had to wait outside the school was a complete mystery to me, much like all the other things Derek did. I decided to scratch it up to the Law of the Universe. I leaned against a rather bulky jeep, not really considering the fact that the owner might see me and reprimand me for it, consumed in my thoughts. What was the point in making me wait here?
'Hey,' someone called out, sounding slightly disgruntled. I turned my head, only to see a guy with short cropped brown hair and a sickly shade of white skin looking at me. 'Shouldn't you be in class?' I asked, palming through my pockets to find my phone. 'Your academic skills will be steadily dropping if you keep that up.'
The boy gave me a sour look and pointed at the vehicle. 'That's my jeep, don't lean on it.' I smiled at him lazily, bemused with his obvious affection for the jeep that had paint peeling off left, right and centre. 'You ran
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Teen Wolf - Run With The Wolves :iconkumagorochan:Kumagorochan 1,722 51 sterek. morning :iconherbst-regen:Herbst-Regen 1,547 87 teen wolf: mythical creatures :iconkreugan:kreugan 1,305 0 The highlighters :iconitslopez:itslopez 770 51 drama wolf :iconthankyouinternet:thankyouinternet 655 22 Teen Wolf - Bookmarks :icondhauber:dhauber 2,011 67 Book Store :iconlelia:Lelia 1,223 56 Teen Wolf triskelions :icontishaia:tishaia 420 64 It's a Teen Wolf Howl-o-ween :icondauntingfire:dauntingfire 3,511 126 Lick_no_bite :iconakimao:AkiMao 702 17 He's Not Laughing :iconpunch-buggy:punch-buggy 1,046 38 Game of Thrones/Teen Wolf crossover :iconeneada:Eneada 1,036 59 Derek, Stiles, Isaac :iconchouette-e:chouette-e 1,411 106 Sterek - Expecto Patronum :iconmidorieyes:MidoriEyes 1,047 45 teen wolf: little red riding hood :iconkreugan:kreugan 2,504 74 110313 :iconcreature13:Creature13 1,634 41 Listening to heartbeat :iconelruu:Elruu 1,379 27 Sterek - Control Your Temper, Mr. Sourwolf! :iconmidorieyes:MidoriEyes 755 32 red and run :iconshirozora:Shirozora 1,006 18 Teen Wolf - Stiles Nogitsune :iconbisho-s:Bisho-s 934 48 Teen Wolf: Stiles Stilinski -COLLAB- :icondubijanteloca:Dubijanteloca 628 26 3812: wolf :iconcreature13:Creature13 2,640 106 Sterek :iconestriella:Estriella 440 28
Flesh and Bone (Destiel and Sterek)
Dean sat slumped against the hollow of an old redwood, his jagged blade resting lightly on his thigh. The last of the night’s shadows dulled as the sunlight filtered through the trees. Dean rolled his shoulders as he rubbed his eyes. He could feel the grime and dirt on his face and hands, but it wasn’t abnormal, not surprising in the least.
It wasn’t his first week in purgatory. He’d gotten used to the sparse showers and sparser food. He’d been in purgatory for close to four months, though he’d never bothered to count the days. At first, it hadn’t even occurred to him that knowing the length of time passed would be beneficial, by the time it did occur to him, he’d pulled too many all nighters and had passed out too many times to have an accurate gage on what day it was.  
The time didn’t really matter though, not really. It wasn’t like he had any plan on how to get out. He didn't have a countdown clock to tell him when Sam was
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Late-Night Visits (Stiles Stilinski x Reader)
Please come over.”
Stiles’ last words echoed through my memory as I raced over to his house. When I said raced, I meant it literally- my car wouldn’t star so I was forced to go on foot. Luckily, he lived only a few blocks away.
I had just been getting into bed when Stiles had called, sounding like he was close to tears. When he had asked me to come over, I of course had said yes. Ever since the Nogitsune, he had been acting so different. He had been closed off. He was letting the guilt of everything he had done while possessed eat him up. Worst of all, he blamed himself for Alison’s death. He could hide it well enough in front of every one else, but it was clear as day to his close friends.
When I reached the Stilinski house, the first thing I noticed was that the Sheriff’s car was gone. Either he was on the night shift, or something had happened… I pushed the possibilities out of my mind as I stared up at the window with light streaming through it.
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Wake up Dad :iconlelia:Lelia 1,955 71