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Gotham Girls Dress Up Game by evilfuzzle2 Gotham Girls Dress Up Game :iconevilfuzzle2:evilfuzzle2 498 122 Twilight ep.02: Harry Potter by daekazu Twilight ep.02: Harry Potter :icondaekazu:daekazu 9,501 1,428 BatBrats by gabzillaz BatBrats :icongabzillaz:gabzillaz 4,391 326 Beauty and the Beast: Twilight by daekazu Beauty and the Beast: Twilight :icondaekazu:daekazu 9,725 1,511 Twilight ep.13: Hunger Games by daekazu Twilight ep.13: Hunger Games :icondaekazu:daekazu 14,479 1,934 Bat doodles by gabzillaz Bat doodles :icongabzillaz:gabzillaz 4,133 266 Enchanted forest by ellfi Enchanted forest :iconellfi:ellfi 700 125 Twilight ep.07: Pocahontas by daekazu Twilight ep.07: Pocahontas :icondaekazu:daekazu 7,878 774 Dick Grayson wants a hug by gabzillaz Dick Grayson wants a hug :icongabzillaz:gabzillaz 4,830 369 Hop Around by Colours07 Hop Around :iconcolours07:Colours07 1,208 121 Job Application by Colours07 Job Application :iconcolours07:Colours07 2,202 304 Twilight ep.12: Hunger Games by daekazu Twilight ep.12: Hunger Games :icondaekazu:daekazu 8,523 746 Batnopoly by gabzillaz Batnopoly :icongabzillaz:gabzillaz 4,581 522 Twilight ep.06: Beauty + Beast by daekazu Twilight ep.06: Beauty + Beast :icondaekazu:daekazu 8,446 774 Batwoman x Batgirl - Commish by Autumn-Sacura Batwoman x Batgirl - Commish :iconautumn-sacura:Autumn-Sacura 1,546 133 Twilight ep.09: Seasons by daekazu Twilight ep.09: Seasons :icondaekazu:daekazu 3,160 269 Twilight ep.10: Vampires Diaries by daekazu Twilight ep.10: Vampires Diaries :icondaekazu:daekazu 4,807 704 Twilight ep.01 by daekazu Twilight ep.01 :icondaekazu:daekazu 5,059 531 Hanging by a Kryptonian by DaPandaBanda Hanging by a Kryptonian :icondapandabanda:DaPandaBanda 1,227 108 Rotten Papyrus [Lazy Town + Undertale] by fluffySlipper Rotten Papyrus [Lazy Town + Undertale] :iconfluffyslipper:fluffySlipper 1,126 173 Tradition by gabzillaz Tradition :icongabzillaz:gabzillaz 2,849 274 Tim Drake is a stud by gabzillaz Tim Drake is a stud :icongabzillaz:gabzillaz 2,808 261 Twilight ep.16: Eve, SnowWhite and Bella by daekazu Twilight ep.16: Eve, SnowWhite and Bella :icondaekazu:daekazu 3,228 273 Robin Evolution by scarlet-xx Robin Evolution :iconscarlet-xx:scarlet-xx 3,684 283 THE BATGIRL JUMP by dangerousladies THE BATGIRL JUMP :icondangerousladies:dangerousladies 458 45 Harry Potter vs Twilight by extraordinaryrebel Harry Potter vs Twilight :iconextraordinaryrebel:extraordinaryrebel 10,516 2,244 Tree of Life by ellfi Tree of Life :iconellfi:ellfi 1,607 408 Batman and Robin by scarlet-xx Batman and Robin :iconscarlet-xx:scarlet-xx 3,324 89 Bat Family by Maggotx9 Bat Family :iconmaggotx9:Maggotx9 2,200 200 Daddybats' Day by Colours07 Daddybats' Day :iconcolours07:Colours07 2,038 197 Batgirl, Robin and the Kitty by gabzillaz Batgirl, Robin and the Kitty :icongabzillaz:gabzillaz 2,250 120 Batman and the Robins by hackbenjaminontumblr Batman and the Robins :iconhackbenjaminontumblr:hackbenjaminontumblr 1,594 76 Everybody loves Alfred by gabzillaz Everybody loves Alfred :icongabzillaz:gabzillaz 4,550 337
Bat Family X Reader: We'll Never Leave You
Life just wasn’t going your way right now. You’d tried and tried but all you seemed to do recently is fail. You didn’t understand the algebra homework, the wrong words slipped out around your parents, and your friend won’t talk to you and you don’t even know why!
“At least I have you guys.” You muttered to yourself as you pulled out an old cardboard box that was one tear away from falling apart. Glancing inside, you smiled, seeing that your comic books were still there. With a grunt, you lifted the heavy box onto your bed and pulled out the top three books; ‘Catwoman: When in Rome’, ‘Batman: Hush’, and ‘Batgirl: Batgirl Rises’. They were the first few graphic novels that you had gotten and they were the start of your Bat Family addiction, “You guys won’t leave me right?” You muttered, almost inaudible, as you leafed through ‘Hush.’
After curling up with the book, you stopped at t
:iconclarisawill:ClarisaWill 447 65
Edward Cullen by alicexz Edward Cullen :iconalicexz:alicexz 2,867 270 Dark Knight Trilogy Epilogue: A Life In The Family by kinjamin Dark Knight Trilogy Epilogue: A Life In The Family :iconkinjamin:kinjamin 860 164 5 Robins and a Batgirl by gabzillaz 5 Robins and a Batgirl :icongabzillaz:gabzillaz 2,165 92 Bat doodles 2 by gabzillaz Bat doodles 2 :icongabzillaz:gabzillaz 2,189 140 GIRL FRIENDS by 89g GIRL FRIENDS :icon89g:89g 3,743 291 Twilight ep.11: Adventure Time by daekazu Twilight ep.11: Adventure Time :icondaekazu:daekazu 6,202 489 .: Twilight: Bella Dress-up :. by tanya1 .: Twilight: Bella Dress-up :. :icontanya1:tanya1 2,267 598 Twilight ep.17: Halloween by daekazu Twilight ep.17: Halloween :icondaekazu:daekazu 3,889 206 Retconned Robin - Stephanie Brown by Courtoon Retconned Robin - Stephanie Brown :iconcourtoon:Courtoon 969 100 Oracle Steph by gabzillaz Oracle Steph :icongabzillaz:gabzillaz 1,720 208 Steph Banging Head by Magical-Icon Steph Banging Head :iconmagical-icon:Magical-Icon 451 91 Batgirls! by JenZee Batgirls! :iconjenzee:JenZee 1,231 35 The Reveal : Black Canary by Lossien The Reveal : Black Canary :iconlossien:Lossien 464 75
Essay: Accidental Predator
Accidental Predator
"Real vampires don't sparkle," is the uniting battle-cry of the anti-Twilight series movement. Long-time fans of the vampire fantasy genre all tend to agree that vampires are blood-sucking, night-stalking, sun-fearing, semi-immortal fiends of incalculable strength and power. The drop-dead-sexy definition isn't a foreign idea either. Yet when these defining items come together in the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer, vampire lovers all over the world have risen up in protest. The mere mention of the series seems an affront to the vampire subject in question. After over a century's worth of exposure to Dracula-stylized vampires, the introduction of this new, different vampire has divided the literary culture.  1
In an attempt to pacify those masses that harbor distaste for Twilight and the subsequent series, here is presented a solution to the controversial issue at hand: the "vampires" in Meyer's Twilight are not vampire
:iconslayer-of-blood:Slayer-of-Blood 552 596