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Russia x Reader - Russia's Illness
You entered the meeting room, where the Allies were having a get-together. You were hoping to see Ivan, whom you had grown very close to over a short period of time. But, to your horror, he wasn't there ... and the other Allies seemed to be rather happy
"Dude, I am so glad he's not here ..." Alfred sighed
"He is rather ungentlemanly at times, America" Arthur said, taking a sip of tea
"He scares me ..." Yao mumbled, full of anxiety
"Well Russia isn't here ... so stop worrying" Francis growled, folding his arms
"What's going on?" You asked, a little worried
"Russia's not here. His sister called saying he was sick, or dying ... or whatever" Alfred said, smirking
"Wh-what?! Russia is sick?" You asked, horrified
"Yeah, he must have caught something" He said, shrugging
"H-haven't you checked on him at all?" You asked, a little appalled
"No we haven't, why?" Arthur asked, eyebrows raised
"Ivan!" You breathed, running out of the room
The other Allies called after you as you ran off, but you ig
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Russia x Reader : How to Get a Girl to Like You
"U-uh ... Become one, da?" Ivan said nervously
The girl he was talking to walked away, looking agitated. He went back to his friends, who were leaning against the wall and had seen what had happened
"You botched it again?!" Arthur said, folding his arms
"At this rate, you'll become the guy in the school with the most rejections" America said
"Oui, even more than that loser from Canada" Francis laughed
"Francis, that's our friend Matthew, aru" Yao sighed
"He's still a loser" Francis muttered
"Alright, let's get back to the job in hand ... getting Ivan a girl so his crazy sister will leave him be" Arthur said
"Sh-she's not crazy. She's just ... eccentric" Ivan said, a little embarrassed
He was always a little defensive when it came to his family, but he couldn't deny that his younger sister Natalia was a little messed up in the head. He had gone to his friends for help, hoping they could teach him how to get a girl to like him ... one that wasn't his crazy sister. But he always ended up
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I Swear I'm Up to No Good (England X Reader)
I Swear I’m Up to No Good (England X Reader) [One-Shot]
    A/N: Hey guys!! Yeah, I know its been over 3 weeks and I'm terribly sorry TT^TT The reason why was becuase it took a week for my computer to get fixed, then mid-terms came along and slammed me into no return (I'm still alive though XD) and then I got writer's block DX It's like the world doesn't want me to write or something because I literally started at least seven new reader-chan inserts (one of them being the third Act to Everlasting Mission) and I COULDN"T FINISH THEM!! My brain was like Nope! you can't write or come up with any ideas what so ever... -__- that was my life until now that is. :3 ANY-way, here's a funny reader-chan insert after all most of my have been nothing but feelz lately so I thought why not have something happy for once! ^w^
    So please do enjoy and don't be afraid to comment and/or fav!! Thank you!! :tighthug:

    Knocking on a c
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Russia x Reader : Parachute
Why Did Russia Jump?
Ivan Braginsky (Russia) broke his back yesterday because he jumped out of a plane without a parachute. The big question is : "Why did he jump?" According to Yao Wang (China), Mr Braginsky said the snow would break his fall because it was soft. Aparently, when Mr Wang advised against jumping, Mr Braginsky said "I'm Russian, I know everything about snow!". At this moment in time, Mr Braginsky is currently unconscious in hospital, and we are awaiting his comment on this bizarre event

You put the newspaper down, sighing sadly as you looked at Ivan. He looked so peaceful as he slept in the hospital bed. The doctor said he was lucky to be alive ... his sisters were both very upset and the Baltic States both looked very concerned. Besides them and yourself, there were no other visitors
"Oh, my poor little Brother ..." Katyusha wailed, crying heavily
"Why would he jump out of a plane without a parachute?" Eduard asked, scratching his head
"Beats me" Toris mum
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