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Leonard Nimoy: Millennial Renaissance Man

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SPOCK by Henry Fong
In a business of massive ego and terrible behavior directed at slicing and dicing their competition, Leonard Nimoy was known as a total gentleman, a class act all the way and a consummate professional at every turn.
For several generations around the globe he will be forever “Mr. Spock,” the half-human, half-Vulcan first office
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Disney Buys Star Trek

Disney Buys
Star Trek

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Spock at Disneyland
DeviantArt Today’s Page News Desk
“Gary Seven” (Reporter Without Portfolio)
I just received a call from “Gary Seven.”
DeviantArt has many surprisingly well-connected members and one of them, a top Paramount executive, contacted us two days ago with a rumor so powerful that we wanted to be 100% certain before publishing it. We now know: Di
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Alien Species Template
Species Name
Planet and Society:
Where do they live?
-on a planet?
-if not, where do they live?
  -is it a moon?
  -an asteroid?
  -a nebula?
  -just space in general?
-if they live in space, how do they survive?
  -how do they take in nutrients?
  -what is their method of propulsion?
What planet does the species live on?
-what is the planet's name?
-what about its sun's name?
-how far away is the planet from its sun?
-how long does it take for the planet to revolve around its sun?
-how many moons does the planet have?
Are there any crises that have occurred that changed the planet's climate?
-what were they/ was it?
-what did it affect?
What is a typical day on this planet like?
-how many Earth hours in one day there?
-how many seasons does the planet have?
-how many months in one of their years?
  -how long are their months?
When did life on this planet begin?
-how many billion/ million/ thousand year
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