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Size Comparison - Science Fiction Spaceships by DirkLoechel Size Comparison - Science Fiction Spaceships :icondirkloechel:DirkLoechel 34,916 8,507 triforce by AceroTiburon triforce :iconacerotiburon:AceroTiburon 4,179 768 Homeworld Ordalla by z-design Homeworld Ordalla :iconz-design:z-design 5,112 279 Stargate by wanbao Stargate :iconwanbao:wanbao 3,783 213 Stargate Control by JonHrubesch Stargate Control :iconjonhrubesch:JonHrubesch 553 55 Jason Momoa ~ Wolves by AStoKo Jason Momoa ~ Wolves :iconastoko:AStoKo 1,993 213 Balance by ourlak Balance :iconourlak:ourlak 696 18 The Stargate girl by Nyima-chan The Stargate girl :iconnyima-chan:Nyima-chan 721 235 space ship stargate achilles by qwerty30 space ship stargate achilles :iconqwerty30:qwerty30 1,011 130 Stargate Guardian by telthona Stargate Guardian :icontelthona:telthona 1,293 26 D.S.E. Omega03 - The Starburst by MarkusVogt D.S.E. Omega03 - The Starburst :iconmarkusvogt:MarkusVogt 888 98 Stargate 1 by conqueror1066 Stargate 1 :iconconqueror1066:conqueror1066 762 60 Stargate by Peristrophe Stargate :iconperistrophe:Peristrophe 318 112 The Great Journey by Julian-Faylona The Great Journey :iconjulian-faylona:Julian-Faylona 3,455 951 D.S.E. - Back on Earth by MarkusVogt D.S.E. - Back on Earth :iconmarkusvogt:MarkusVogt 691 109 Proto Pegasus by Diston Proto Pegasus :icondiston:Diston 2,135 229 Sanctuary for All by Iardacil Sanctuary for All :iconiardacil:Iardacil 2,477 610 Anubis by Tyrus88 Anubis :icontyrus88:Tyrus88 1,881 167 Permanently Baffled by ex-astris1701 Permanently Baffled :iconex-astris1701:ex-astris1701 1,706 167 Pillars by merl1ncz Pillars :iconmerl1ncz:merl1ncz 1,954 55 Stargate by ourlak Stargate :iconourlak:ourlak 692 29 A.X.I.O.N. V4 - Through Alien Worlds by MarkusVogt A.X.I.O.N. V4 - Through Alien Worlds :iconmarkusvogt:MarkusVogt 700 45 Stargate tribute by Wen-JR Stargate tribute :iconwen-jr:Wen-JR 2,234 172 Star Gate by LeonovichDmitriy Star Gate :iconleonovichdmitriy:LeonovichDmitriy 363 14 Atlantis City Daytime by Diston Atlantis City Daytime :icondiston:Diston 550 32 Real Air Force by SGA-Maddin Real Air Force :iconsga-maddin:SGA-Maddin 1,134 147 Stargate SG1 by HitoStargate Stargate SG1 :iconhitostargate:HitoStargate 1,565 235 Mothership II by ahermin Mothership II :iconahermin:ahermin 1,317 240
Obsessed with Stargate Sg1
You know your obsessed with Stargate Sg1 when…
1. You are convinced doughnuts with blue jam are just really really small stargates.
2. You try to match Daniel Jackson's coffee drinking habits.
3. You attempt to insert little lights behind your eyeballs to make your eyes glow like a Goa'uld, but fail miserably.
4. All your school assignments have subtle (or not) references to the TV show or the actors that are in it.
5. You run around with an oddly shaped stick pretending it is a staff weapon
6. Whilst high on Danielish amounts of coffee you attempt to divert extra amounts of power to your printer hoping a wormhole would open.
7. You think all the ninjas in the past are Jaff'a
8. You see ninjas all the time.
9. They are often in your bed
10. And in the shower with you.
11.  And popping out of people's shirts.
12. You go to Colorado and carefully observe every single mountain for any military activity, or even a large hole that could possibly lead to a large underground facilit
:iconskadieverwinter:skadieverwinter 329 287
Passage by IgnisFerroque Passage :iconignisferroque:IgnisFerroque 938 261 In the Dark by SGA-Maddin In the Dark :iconsga-maddin:SGA-Maddin 229 19 D.S.E. - Earth Observer by MarkusVogt D.S.E. - Earth Observer :iconmarkusvogt:MarkusVogt 488 95 LEGO Stargate by Binkmeister LEGO Stargate :iconbinkmeister:Binkmeister 2,033 519 Poster: Ships in Space by GAME-OVER-CUSTOM Poster: Ships in Space :icongame-over-custom:GAME-OVER-CUSTOM 324 43 XA-404 Chimaera by Davide-sd XA-404 Chimaera :icondavide-sd:Davide-sd 264 41 D.S.E. Omega02 - The Take Off by MarkusVogt D.S.E. Omega02 - The Take Off :iconmarkusvogt:MarkusVogt 594 90 City of Atlantis by AntikerSG-P City of Atlantis :iconantikersg-p:AntikerSG-P 967 75 Ground Base - Stargate wip 11 by Mallacore Ground Base - Stargate wip 11 :iconmallacore:Mallacore 205 49 Concept - Through The Gate by Andr-Sar Concept - Through The Gate :iconandr-sar:Andr-Sar 838 145 Be All My Sins Remember'd by Diston Be All My Sins Remember'd :icondiston:Diston 639 38 Ptolemy Portals II by GeneRazART Ptolemy Portals II :icongenerazart:GeneRazART 428 100 Anubis by I-A-Grafix Anubis :iconi-a-grafix:I-A-Grafix 822 76 Sy'yed male concept by danyiart Sy'yed male concept :icondanyiart:danyiart 357 13 Daniel Jackson - Baniweeee by jamga Daniel Jackson - Baniweeee :iconjamga:jamga 509 92 Infinity Gate by Julian-Faylona Infinity Gate :iconjulian-faylona:Julian-Faylona 357 29 Gatetrium by AntikerSG-P Gatetrium :iconantikersg-p:AntikerSG-P 412 39 Stargate vs Star Wars by SilentArmageddon Stargate vs Star Wars :iconsilentarmageddon:SilentArmageddon 179 79 Arrival - Stargate Daedalus by Mallacore Arrival - Stargate Daedalus :iconmallacore:Mallacore 260 62 Nemesis 2 - Cloudbreaker by MarkusVogt Nemesis 2 - Cloudbreaker :iconmarkusvogt:MarkusVogt 798 113 The Prometheus by AntikerSG-P The Prometheus :iconantikersg-p:AntikerSG-P 193 14