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It's just a sleepover.
I know this.
Kyle knows this.
So...what the hell?
Stan Marsh couldn't fall asleep...his mind was focused on the mane of red hair before him, fast asleep.
Staring at the boy's unconscious face, Stan decided there was no point in looking away again. He had been staring at his best friend for, easily, an hour or so now. They had had sleepovers in the past -hell-they were super best friends after all, but now was different...
Stan had no idea.
He just knew it was, and for some reason, he couldnt look away. Bringing his hand to the Jewish boy's head, Stan brushed his fingers slowly through his curly hair. Why was he doing this?
He still had no idea.
It was just sort of an urge, an urge he had succumb to about an hour ago and since then couldnt stop just felt good.
Repeating the motion, Stan allowed his mind to wander. He needed to know why he kept feeling this way around Kyle. Why everytime Kyle came over, all he w
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Kyle's Crush
I have these feelings
I keep deep inside
These feelings I cant show
I must save and hide
I don't think he feels
The same way that I do
When i was confused
I usually came to you.
When we are together
I gather my might
When he is around
It just feels oh so right
I dream about what
I could possibly do
Oh, the scenarios
My mind can pursue.
I yearn just to feel
His kind gentle touch
And when he must leave,
I miss it so much
I want to feel his
Soft lips on top mine
And feeling our bodies
Emerge; intertwine
For now I'll just love him
From here, From afar
And one day I'll express this
How special you are
Until then, that day
I'll contain this strong rush
When I'm around you
That thing called a Crush.
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A StYLE Short Story
"Dude, I'm so fucking exhausted!" Stan said, tossing his towel on the bench and opening his locker.
"Ugh…tell me about it!" I huffed, turning towards my locker as well.
Gym was always a drag, first thing in the morning, 7am, and we had to run 4 freaking miles. It wasn't that bad though, it made me happy to know that the first person I would see in the morning is Stan. For some reason, seeing Stan always made me happier no matter where we were or what we were doing.
I opened my locker and sat down, taking off my left shoe. "Then again, no boring lectures from our gay ass teacher!" I pointed out.
"That's true." Stan agreed, lifting off his shirt and revealing his lightly tanned and semi-toned torso.
I stared for a moment, enjoying the sight.
I wouldn't consider myself gay, honest, but for some reason Stan seemed different than other guys. Of course I love him, he is my super best friend after all, and I am his, but he was just different from all the other guys at this school. He was
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StanxKyle Story Chapter 6
I froze. "W-what do you mean? I-I never thought of us like..."
"Kyle." Stan said, holding my shoulders still, keeping me from turning away.
"How long?" He asked sternly.
I sighed. "A-a while...but i wasnt sure of anything...until now." I blushed, struggling to turn away.
"I figured..." Stan said, releasing me and knocking his head against the wall.
"Whats that supposed to mean?" I asked.
"I cant believe i never realized it before tonite..."
"Its not like something like this happens every day Stan, how could you,  why would you, ever think about something like this...when you had someone as beautiful as Wendy?"
"Im so stupid!" He whispered to himself, knocking his head against the wall again.
"Stan!" I yelled, covering my mouth, remembering to keep quiet. "Stan."
I reached over and put my hand on his head, keeping him from hitting himself anymore.
"I just wish i had realized it sooner." He said, sitting up and folding in his knees, wrapping his arms around them. "I really do."
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StanxKyle Story 'Chapter 1'
"What's wrong?"
He didnt looked up at me. It nearly broke my heart to know he was this upset. What really killed me was that he wouldn't talk about it.
He didnt answer me, he wouldn't...I wondered what was so wrong that he couldn't even tell me, his best friend.
"Stan look... I want to help you, but I cant do that If I you wont tell me whats wrong"
He looked up at me with red, tear stained eyes. He was always so strong and fearless, seeing him like this was almost too much for me to bear.
"Kyle..." He began, his voice so soft and quiet I barely heard him.
"Yeah Stan?"
"You remember The Christmas party a few years back?"
I looked at him and smiled, remembering that Christmas of '08...
"I think so..." I said sitting beside him on his bed. "Why?"
He blinked and rubbed his eyes.
"You know...that was the best night of my life..."
He made a facial expression that almost looked like a smile.
"Yeah..." I said trailing off for a moment. "That was an awesome party huh?"
"It was the night
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South Park - Stan x Kyle - Discovered
"What the fuck?!" Cartman's eyes were almost bulging right out of his skull. Both of the young men in the double bed froze, heads snapping to the side in shock. Without hesitating, Stan rolled off of his redheaded lover and situated himself on his side, successfully blocking the view of Kyle's body behind his own. Luckily, the covers didn't drop too far from around Stan's hips and Cartman's eyes were free from having to witness another traumatising sight.
"Fuck." Came a quiet hiss from behind Stan. The sheets were rustling and Kyle's bright hair could be seen disappearing entirely as he burrowed down to hide the rest of himself. Cartman barely noticed. He was too busy staring at Stan, his mouth still hanging open in disgusted horror. The air was thick with tension, when Stan finally managed to figure out how to make his mouth work.
"Wait, dude. This isn't how it looks--"
"This isn't--?! Ugh! You guys are fags! Like, real, literal fags!"
"Cartman! Let us fucking explain!"
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StanxKyle Story 'Chapter 2'
I opened the back door of Stan's house, which led to the Kitchen, and walked inside.
It was dark in the kitchen, no lights were on in the room aside from the small orange and green lights that occasionally flickered on the stove.
I sighed and moved towards the light in the living room.
"Come on, I have to go now!" I heard a her say.
He laughed and I heard more giggling as I leaned my ear closer to the wall, keeping unheard and unseen.
"Come on, you dont wanna go back out there." He pushed on.
I gasped
I peeked my head in just enough to see what was going on.
"Wendy?!" I whispered in shock, remembering to stay quiet.
Where is Stan? I wondered.
"Come on...your not still thinking about that white boy are you?" Token said pulling Wendy closer to him on the couch.
"That white boy...was my boyfriend!"
was?  I asked myself, confused.
"Well he isn't anymore." Token said, sounding frustrated.
"Your with me now, so...try to forget about him, Okay?"
Wendy sighed and held the cove
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StanxKyle Story Chapter 4
"Its not fair..." I muttered, taking another step closer.
"It none of your business!" she shouted back, also taking another step.
"He is my best friend!"
"He is my boyfriend!"
"He deserves better than you!"
"You need to back off!"
"You need to stop lying to everyone!"
Before we knew it we were starring each other down, head to head...literally.
"Guys!!" Stan shouted, so loud that the Band must have heard him shout and stopped playing...
Noticing the sudden silence, and everyone turning to face us, Wendy and I turned to face Stan.
"What, Is Going, On?" He asked again, this time putting emphasis on every single word.
He motioned to the band to start playing again and turned back to face us, mainly me.
"What's wrong with you two?"
"I'm trying to save our relationship!" Wendy said innocently.
I scoffed.
"You are so far beyond 'saving' your relationship that its not even fu…"
"What are you guys talking about?" Stan interrupted.
"I can't even begin to explain it to you dude." I said.
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StanxKyle Story Chapter 8
"T-Token?" Stan muttered. "What do you want?"
Token turned to face his crowd, nodded, and turned back. "I, well, we all want you two to know something..."
Stan glanced at me, softening a bit before returning his focus to Token. "What is it?"
"We just wanted you guys to know that...we don't care about you guys...being together."
Stan took in a quick breath, ready to combat the insults he was expecting, but stopped. "Wha-really?"
Token nodded, motioning to his crowd who was also nodding.
Practically everyone was there; Token, Red, Craig, Tweek, Clyde, Jimmy, even Bebe was there near the back.
"We all had a talk about it...and we all decided that if anyone has a problem with you two, then they have to make it through us first."
Stan smiled and looked back at me, giving me his 'I told you everything would be okay' look.
I smirked and looked up at the crowd, namely Bebe, who was smiling back at me. I couldn't help but notice she was about to cry.
"Well, we just wanted you all to know that."
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StanxKyle Story Chapter 3
I groaned and slowly turned to see her standing in front of me, wearing nothing but a black T-shirt that was 3 times her size.
"Kinda cold isn't it?" I said with a hint of sarcasm.
"Listen Kyle, what you saw earlier...with was was only that I..." she paused, thinking over her choice of words carefully.
"Im not really interested in your excuses Wendy."
"I know." she replied. "Just...Tell Stan that...I'm sorry. Okay."
"Are you Wendy?" I spat back. "Are you really?"
She stared at me with a blank expression on her face.
"Well yeah, of course I am.."
"No Wendy, I dont think you understand." I said, looking up at the sky. "You have no idea."
She looked up too. "Your probably right."
"I am." I replied. "Bye Wendy...Have fun with Token."
I looked her in the eyes, turned, and walked away.
"I'm not the only one with problems Kyle!" She shouted to me.
I stopped walking and froze where I stood.
"What about Bebe, Kyle? You have ignored her this whole night and y..."
"We broke u
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"Stan! Get your ass out here, we're going to be late!"
Kyle waited impatiently in Stan's doorway as his best friend got himself ready. Said Jewish boy heard his mom honking outside, which only made him even more eager to get going. His mom could be so god-damned annoying sometimes.
"Just my ass?" Stan smirked back, appearing at the bottom of the staircase. The raven was carrying a suitcase in one hand, a backpack slung over his shoulder, and a pair of black and white converse.
"Shut up smart ass." Kyle joked back, rolling his eyes and holding out a hand to help with his friends bags. "I'll take these to mom's car, get your shoes on already. I cant believe you just woke up!"
"Yeah, yeah." Stan waved, as if he was shoeing Kyle away. He handed his bags over to his friend, knowing that insisting he do it would only result in Kyle insisting right back that he do it. "Thanks dude."
Kyle always won their arguments, so Stan just figured he would give up before they even started.
"No problem."
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Butters and Tweek :iconvanoty:vanoty 922 80
StanxKyle Story Chapter 7
Stepping out of Stan's house that night was probably the most embarrassing moment of my life. All of the faces starring at me, the sudden hush that flocked the whole backyard, the snickers coming from behind the punch bowl, the look on Cartman's face...
Just that alone makes me want to crawl deeper into Stan's arms and never, ever come out.
"Kyle? Kyle come on, it really wasn't all that bad."
Yet this might have just been the best night of my life at the same time.
"Mmphmmphmhm" I replied into Stan's shirt, not exactly sure what I had said.
"Kyle, we can't hide in my shed forever…What if my parents come in? You know I don't have a lock on this door."
I sighed and drug my face away from Stan's chest, my left hand still resting there below where my head had been.
"I guess…it wasn't that bad." I admitted. "But Cartman…"
Stan quickly placed his finger over my lips and kissed me. "Who cares about Cartman? We're happy now right? That's all that matters."
My eyes widened in ref
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StanxKyle Story Chapter 5
Stan opened the back door and we walked inside.
The house was still very dark, i couldnt see anything besides Stan as he grabbed my hand.
He pulled me down the hallway and stopped behind the staircase.
"Stan...what is going on?"
"Quiet Kyle! I don't want anyone else to know you're here."
I did as he ordered.
We halted to another stop and i heard a door open, the slam shut.
"My parents." He whispered. "They just went to bed, here's our chance."
"But Stan wha..." He tugged on my arm and pulled me up the stairs. He opened a door and quickly pushed me inside. I immediantly knew this was Stan's room, we spent so much time in here when my parents were on my ass about my grades and i needed to get away.
"Ready Kyle?" Stan said, holding me against the wall with one arm and touching my cheek with the other.
Suddenly it hit me, Stan wanted to figure out...if there really was a reason why he never kept any of his girlfriends...he wanted to see...if he was gay.
"Stan...I dunno if we should really
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StanxKyle Story Chapter 9
Quickly gathering my thoughts, I sat up and scanned my surroundings. Why were we at Stan's? Where are Kenny and Butters?
"Um, Where did Kenny and Butters go?" I asked, leaning against the hood of Stan's truck that, apparently, I was sitting on.
"They went to" Stan decided, smirking slightly at his choice of words.
"Yeah I know, but I thought we were going with them." I explained as he let out a laugh.
"I really don't think we would be doing very much eating where they were going. So I suggested we go to my house instead. You just nodded when I asked..."
"Where did they go?" I asked curiously.
"A gay bar." Stan stated bluntly. "The idea didnt really appeal to me, so I asked you but you seemed to be in really deep thought about something."
Oh, so thats what he and Kenny were talking about.
"Oh, okay then." I replied, leaning back against the car and, with an epic display of ninja skills, managed to land on my feet beside Stan. "So, what do you wanna do?"
Stan shrugged and smile
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StanxKyle Story Chapter 10
The rest of the car ride was spent in silence. Occasionally Stan would shift in his seat, but aside from that we were both completely still and silent in our own thoughts.
Soon enough, we approached the theater. Stan parked the car in the nearly empty lot and practically threw himself out of the car. Before I could react, or even open my own door, Stan was on my side and opened the door for me, smiling happily up at me, he held out his hand. "Hello there."
I smiled down at him and undid my seat-belt, accepting his outstretched hand and jumping down beside him. He kind of reminded me of a cliche prince charming from some Disney movie, reaching his hand out to the lovely princess and they would gallop off into the sunset on his white horse and live happily ever after...wait.
Does that mean I'm a princess?
Stan didnt let go of my hand until we reached the ticket station. Automatically I reached for my wallet in my pocket, only to be stopped immediately by Stan's hand grabbing mine.
"Two t
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Good Riddance
I felt my shoulder's slump a bit at her repeated statement. "What?" I murmured once more, that one word seeming to be the only thing I could say. The dark-haired girl in front of me's eyebrows met.
"Damn it Stan," Wendy frowned, "Can't you listen the first time?" her expression softened from that of an angry girlfriend, to one of a caring sister. "I can't do this anymore."
I lifted my eyes to hers, knowing the emotion displayed in them broke her heart. "Stan…" she sighed and cast her eyes sideways. "I'm sorry. I love you, but not like that."
"Then why did you go out with me?" my lips spoke, although I hadn't made them. I felt nothing but my own sadness. It consumed me, I was frozen in that one time, or at least, my heart and mind were. My instincts were taking over, and pretty soon I would be on my knees crying.
"Because…" Wendy faltered, "Because I thought I could love you like that." I felt my heart break even more. "It wasn't some kind of pity acceptance, far from it. I kn
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kenny stamp :iconillustratedbyzara:illustratedbyzara 432 23 Kyle Avatar :icondemachic:Demachic 214 88 Pip and Damien :iconvanoty:vanoty 615 50 SP: Punk love XD :iconnennisita1234:nennisita1234 202 87 Craig and Clyde :iconvanoty:vanoty 609 49 Kyle X...? :iconkuramafangirl:Kuramafangirl 261 31 Nohomo :iconzukich:zukich 336 20 Stan x Kyle - Chocolatine :iconjunpun:junpun 319 104 StanxKyle Forced Fanart :iconmaufii:maufii 434 57 South Park: Stan and Kyle :iconpatsukun:patsukun 586 30 Butters and Marjorine :iconvanoty:vanoty 607 61 Style gif c: :iconmoeharu:Moeharu 159 27 Stylish.. :iconliche1004:Liche1004 221 24 Dramarama :iconimaginaaation:imaginaaation 223 120 Stan and Kyle doodles :iconpyangpyang:pyangpyang 249 28 DUCK DUCK GOOSE :iconimaginaaation:imaginaaation 141 51
Abused High-school part4
I turned slowly to face my father,
with his fist clenched so tight his knuckles were turning
white. "I was, just with a friend."
His eyes cut through like razors.
"You were there one day and youv'e already made friends?"
he spat. "sounds kinda fishy."
I stood there. Unmoving, to afraid
to shudder. "well who is...this friend?" he asked intensly.
i didnt answer...I couldnt. I was frozen.
And just then.
His fist came in contact with my face and i fell to my knees...
as he stomped the living hell out of me.
The next morning I awoke, with the same seering pain,
that happened last night. Maybe not as bad, but enoough to
make me graon. I pulled on my clothes and slowly made my way
downstairs. I could see my father asleep on the couch.
I knew he could be knocked out for hours so it was
safe to leave the house.
As i strolled out the house the first thing i hear is.
"FAT-ASS-HOLE!" and then a snowball  collides with my face.
As I look up I see and apologetic Kyle covering his mout
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Only You ::Stan x Kyle:: :iconlombnut:lombnut 504 202 Stan's gettin' an idea... :iconkayjaypea:KayJayPea 260 151 Stop :iconmoeharu:Moeharu 100 24
Note: This Story is Yaoi based and will contain mature content later on, chapters with mature content will have a  warning.
Chapter 1: Framed (Kyle's pov)
it was an calm and easy night, I was on my way home from stark's pond, walking trough the park when I heard something.
''any last words?'' I heard someone shout, I heard a woman reply, ''Please dont! no!''
I went over there and heard the Icey scream of a woman dying, I froze as I saw a man in a Ski mask duck out of the bushes.
The man walked towards me, I was frozen in fear, the man looked me straight in the eyes and pushed something into my hand.
I had a weak terrorized moment and took a hold of the object, the man smirked and took of.
I turned around to see him run of into the dark cold night.
I ran over to the woman to see if the woman I heard screaming could be helped.
unfortunately, I was too late, I stared down at the object I had now clenched in my fist, I dropped it as I saw it, the bloody knife that had robb
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