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Sleepovers: A Style Oneshot
Sleepovers: A Style Oneshot
Saturday nights meant sleepovers for Stan and Kyle. This had been going on every weekend for as long as they could remember, and this particular Saturday they were at Stan’s house. It was well past midnight, and they had already gotten ready for bed, so they turned off the video game system and wandered downstairs for water before calling it a night.
“You boys getting ready for bed?” Stan’s mother asked as they walked down the stairs. She was watching TV on the couch with her husband.
“Yeah Mom. We’re just getting some water,” Stan replied as the two boys went into the kitchen.
After a few moments, Stan and Kyle emerged from the kitchen with cups of water and a box of Cheesy Poofs. Stan wished his parents good night as the boys headed upstairs.
“Hey boys,” Stan’s dad called after them, and they turned to face him. “We were just wondering, how come you two never show any PDA?”
Stan gave his d
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Goin Down to South Park :iconcheese-cake-panda:cheese-cake-panda 211 183
The Passion of the Jew
It was a typical snowy day in South Park, Colorado. The streets were crowded with people going to work and the fresh smell of the mountain air filled the lungs of every resident. Four teenage boys stood at their usual bus stop, ready to get another day of high school over with.
"God, that bitch takes forever!" Stan Marsh, the black-haired boy, commented, rubbing the bridge of his nose.
"Hey at least we get our cars next year." Kyle Broflovski, the red-headed Jewish boy, reassured him.
"Still, I would have preferred this year." Stan replied, kicking some of the snow off his shoe.
"Well my mom already go me a car! She just said I can't use it til next year!" Eric Cartman, the fat racist boy, gloated, crossing his arms and giving a smug grin towards Kyle.
"Shut up, fatass! Your mom didn't get you shit!" He shouted at him. Kyle and Cartman always fought and it was deeply irritating for Stan, since he was usually in the middle of it.
"Hey, guys, not now. It's too early." Stan told them, sho
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Into Your Arms
It was just a typical snowy morning in South Park, Colorado. The sky was a clear blue with minimal clouds and the air smelled sweet. A red-headed boy woke to the sound of his alarm clock going off loudly and obnoxiously. He glared at his clock and slammed it off. He sat up, yawning and stretching, not at all excited about the school day ahead. Ruffling his hair, he got up slowly out of bed and donned his green pants, orange jacket, and green hat, barely attempting to brush his hair.
"Kyle, bubie, you're gonna be late for school!" His mother, Shelia Broflovski, called from downstairs. Kyle Broflovski looked back at his clock and realized his mother was right. The bus came in five minutes! He tied his shoes quickly then grabbed his bag and ran downstairs. He ran into the kitchen where is father, little brother Ike, and mother were eating. He grabbed a piece of toast, gave everyone a kiss then ran out the door.
As he closed the door, the cold wind whipped at his cheeks. He began sprinting
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You're Still Young at Heart
He'd never seen it coming. It all happened so fast. It was like he had gotten slapped in the face with lightning speed. Why did this have to happen? Why did life have to be so cruel? Why did he have to grow up? His best friend Kyle won't hang out with him; his parents got divorced and he's moving away from South Park. He hadn't felt so much pain in his life. He wanted to rip out his heart just to stop the never ending aching in his chest. His eyes stung from crying every night, becoming puffy and red every morning. His whole body was sore like he had gone on a two year hike in the mountains without ceasing.
There was a knock at his bedroom door. With his head previously buried in his hands, he looked up and stared blankly at the door, as if waiting for it to give an explanation on why it had made that noise. The knock came again, but this time with a voice just outside it.
"Stan?" The voice called. Stan's eyes widen with both fear and surprise. The boyish voice on the other side sounde
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Sleepover --- Part 2
Kyle Broflovski blinked, trying to clear up his vision. How long had he been asleep? All he remembered was going over to Stan's last night and...didn't he spend the night there? He was sure he did…right after the fight with his parents, he went over Stan's like he always did…but if that was the case, why was he at home?
Kyle lifted the covers from over him and discovered that he was in his own room. He blinked again and rubbed his eyes, thinking maybe he was just dreaming about last night. Another dream about going to Stan's wouldn't have surprised him really, he dreamed about that a lot lately...but he was almost positive that last night wasn't a dream...
Interrupting Kyle's train of thought, his cell phone buzzed next to him on his bed stand. Kyle reached over and picked it up...2 messages. Both from Stan?
Stan Marsh - 9:07 am
Are you awake?
Stan Marsh - 9:12 am
Obviously not, i guess, I'll stop texting you so you can sleep...once you get this, i need y
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