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Pet Project - I was waiting for you :icondeviltrish:DevilTrish 153 55 HAPPY VALENTINES DAY x3 :iconmysterynobodie:mysteryNobodie 38 8 Y U NO NOTICE ME SENPAI?!? :iconmysterynobodie:mysteryNobodie 27 11 Oops :iconmysterynobodie:mysteryNobodie 26 11 Sevmione :iconsnapebook:SnapeBook 22 5 Let go, Granger - HP: Garden of Secrets :iconmysterynobodie:mysteryNobodie 22 7 Dont stand so close to me! :iconmysterynobodie:mysteryNobodie 15 13 Magnum Verbum Honoris :icondena-gray:dena-gray 16 8 A curious book-worm and a grumpy potions master :iconmysterynobodie:mysteryNobodie 12 7 Bonding with the Enemy - Cover :iconmysterynobodie:mysteryNobodie 12 8 BwtE - pg 6 :iconmysterynobodie:mysteryNobodie 12 4 You are not alone, Severus :iconmysterynobodie:mysteryNobodie 12 10
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Caramelldansen - SSHG :iconmysterynobodie:mysteryNobodie 11 2
BwtE - pg 2 :iconmysterynobodie:mysteryNobodie 11 9 BwtE - pg 10 :iconmysterynobodie:mysteryNobodie 10 8
SSxHG Part 1 ..::Hermione::..
                                             Part 1: Hermione
    I don’t know when it started, only that it was during the summer after 6th year sometime. We were at one of the Order’s meeting’s, when he showed up. He said he hated being here, but the Dark Lord had plans to get into Hogwarts. With the protection of the Order present, we were able to fend him off. I realized that day, that he wasn’t the horrible wizard everyone thought he was. He couldn’t see Hogwarts be destroyed like that.
     But throughout the entire summer, I didn’t see him anymore. When we got our letters for our 7th year, I was ecstatic. Me, Harry, and Ron went to Diagon Alley that weekend to pick up our books.
:iconxpeskyxpenguinx:xPeskyxPenguinx 12 10
BwtE - pg 3 :iconmysterynobodie:mysteryNobodie 10 12 BwtE - pg 15 :iconmysterynobodie:mysteryNobodie 10 10 BwtE - pg 5 :iconmysterynobodie:mysteryNobodie 11 8 Smile, Severus :iconmysterynobodie:mysteryNobodie 13 6 BwtE - pg 4 :iconmysterynobodie:mysteryNobodie 9 10 Snapedorable2 :icondena-gray:dena-gray 10 9 Back to Back (Severus Snape/Hermione Granger) :iconnothingsoul:NothingSoul 8 0 BwtE - pg 7 :iconmysterynobodie:mysteryNobodie 9 9 BwtE - pg 12 :iconmysterynobodie:mysteryNobodie 10 6
SSxHG ...:::Prologue:::...
     “Umm…Professor?” a quiet voice asked from the doorway. The man at the desk sighed and responded in his dark voice.
     “Yes, Miss Granger? What is it?” he spoke to her without lifting his face from the papers he was grading. Hermione stepped softly into his classroom with her hands locked behind her back. She walked over to his desk, pondering what to say. “Miss Granger, please get on with it. As you see, I’m very busy.” Professor Snape said sharply, his black eyes darting up for a quick second, then back to the papers. Hermione cleared her throat, to hide her embarrassment, and went on.
:iconxpeskyxpenguinx:xPeskyxPenguinx 10 5
BwtE - pg 1 :iconmysterynobodie:mysteryNobodie 9 10 Teachers Pet? :iconmysterynobodie:mysteryNobodie 9 2 BwtE - pg 8 :iconmysterynobodie:mysteryNobodie 8 10 BwtE - pg 13 :iconmysterynobodie:mysteryNobodie 7 3 BwtE - pg 9 :iconmysterynobodie:mysteryNobodie 7 6 BwtE - pg 11 :iconmysterynobodie:mysteryNobodie 7 9 BwtE - pg 14 :iconmysterynobodie:mysteryNobodie 7 4
SSxHG Part 2 ..::Severus::..
Part 2: Severus
     I'm just finishing up a potion, when a large white owl flies in. It drops a letter on my desk, turns, and flies out the window again. I pick up the folded note and read my name on the front in her curly handwriting. Without opening it, I know whom it's from. But, I open it, and read the contents. As I read, a smirk grows across my face. I know I won't have Potter or Weasley in my 7th year class this year, so I don't need to worry about them. But I have Granger in my Advanced Potions class this year, with only a handful of others. But they should be no problem. I fold the note and slip it into my top drawer and head to the Great Hall.
     As I'm sitting in my seat at the teacher's table, when I spot her frizzy brown hair between Potter and Weasley. She's laughing with them, but I see her glance up at me a few times. I caught her eyes once, and held them there for a few seconds, until she blushed and went back to eat
:iconxpeskyxpenguinx:xPeskyxPenguinx 10 21
Severus and Hermione upside-down kiss :iconnothingsoul:NothingSoul 5 5 Lionized SSHG :iconmysterynobodie:mysteryNobodie 5 1 In this snowy night.. :icondarklordluzifer:DarkLordLuzifer 6 0 Merry Christmas :iconnothingsoul:NothingSoul 3 0 Wedding Presents (HP Fanart) :iconnothingsoul:NothingSoul 3 1 Severus and Hermione back-to-back WIP :iconnothingsoul:NothingSoul 3 0 Researching - Severus Snape and Hermione Granger :iconnothingsoul:NothingSoul 2 3 Severus and Hermione hug sketch :iconnothingsoul:NothingSoul 2 4 Cranberry Sweater :iconroodlz:roodlz 1 0 Hermione and Her Prince :iconmomerath74:momerath74 4 7 Screenshot :iconpaperbackbook385:paperbackbook385 14 0 Researching - SSHG sketch WIP :iconnothingsoul:NothingSoul 1 0 Severus and Hermione bench cuddle WIP :iconnothingsoul:NothingSoul 2 2
Out of Practice
Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or the world or characters, and am making no money from this fanwork.
Summary: Severus Snape is not one for Christmas...or rather, he hadn't been until now. (SSxHG)
Out of Practice
It was common knowledge in the halls of the school – and in fact, the entire wizarding world – that Severus Snape Did Not Do Christmas. He did not like the music, the decor or holiday delicacies, nor the festive atmosphere. He did not embrace good will towards his fellow witches and wizards, nor did he tolerate pathetic seasonal gestures. The staff had long given up attempting to give him anything – there were not enough Galleons in Gringotts to make them even try to do so. Even saying “Happy Christmas” in passing to Severus Snape was enough to cause one fall under his Rather Terrifying Scowl. And if one was a student, well, at best your House lost a mere five points. (Not that that stopped him from attempting to take points fr
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Snape and Hermione Doodles :iconspensyl:Spensyl 10 7 Your Professor is a vampire, Granger :iconmysterynobodie:mysteryNobodie 11 5