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Collection: Squirrels

SQUIRRELS: Borderline Dwellers
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Heart Squirrel
Squirrels occupy a perilous space at the borders of human society.
They are rodents, cousins of rats, yet we feel no revulsion as they hop toward us to ask for a cracker or crust of bread. They are cute enough to be pets, though we rarely domesticate them. They are the cutest animals that hunters regularly kill for food. They add that extra touch of life to a city park or a suburban backyard that completes a beautiful tab
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Joseph and Maurice
It started as a marriage of convenience, really.  Maurice was the best nutter in the colony, and Joseph always remembered where he'd put his stash.  They figured that their teamwork would net them not only more nuts personally, but also the opportunity to start a small business storing and locating nuts for the elders.  The King allowed them the union reluctantly.  There was no law against it in the Kingdom, but he detested that type of marriage, personally.  
The ceremony was held atop the gazebo in Pioneer Park.  Maurice and Joseph perched on the spire while the rest of the colony lined the railings and the rooftop.  The King read from the colony's charter, then from its constitution.  He tucked both documents back into their acorn-top binders and gestured to the couple.  Tails intertwined, they fed each other seeds from the white maple tree and rubbed noses.  Paw in paw, they scampere
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