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Undercover blin by Sandwich-Anomaly Undercover blin :iconsandwich-anomaly:Sandwich-Anomaly 463 92 Child's Gaze by DawnAllynnStock Child's Gaze :icondawnallynnstock:DawnAllynnStock 267 53 Fate Grand Order- Scathach Render by sharknex Fate Grand Order- Scathach Render :iconsharknex:sharknex 301 5 Male Stock 8 by BirdsistersStock Male Stock 8 :iconbirdsistersstock:BirdsistersStock 649 132 Waiting by PiggyNukka Waiting :iconpiggynukka:PiggyNukka 828 90 Oliver White Wallpaper by Pacthesis Oliver White Wallpaper :iconpacthesis:Pacthesis 359 84
november 2nd
when all the formalities have
finally been packed away
in a box marked p.c.,
when they've been stored
in the attic until some later
season when couth is again
in fashion, we'll use the proper word:
squatting. or perhaps, renting.
sure, there are those who still like
to costume their actions in words
like "dating" or even "talking,"
but it is now much too cold
for such flimsy decorative terms.
bring on the wool sweaters,
the stocking caps, the sweatpants:
the truth.
the truth is an extra-large sweater
that you think you'll never grow into.
it takes courage to try it on, because
you do look foolish at first, with its arms
extending far beyond yours, and its neck
orbiting yours at a very cautious distance.
but if you keep wearing it, you'll find yourself
saying things like "i miss you," and you'll
feel yourself growing, feel your shoulders
wearing the sweater on this early morning
in november, i found myself writing this:
i never thought i was doing such a
:icondreamsnhazel:dreamsnhazel 111 76
Rin Natsume - commission by Ninamo-chan Rin Natsume - commission :iconninamo-chan:Ninamo-chan 484 23 Dailyknight 12 by Rotaken Dailyknight 12 :iconrotaken:Rotaken 137 7 100 No Ref Figure Poses by Tanksi 100 No Ref Figure Poses :icontanksi:Tanksi 366 17 squat by mieille squat :iconmieille:mieille 569 11 Totoro... by Dark-Indigo Totoro... :icondark-indigo:Dark-Indigo 120 37 SV10: Crow by riingo SV10: Crow :iconriingo:riingo 479 124 Male Stock 205 by BirdsistersStock Male Stock 205 :iconbirdsistersstock:BirdsistersStock 82 7 Neko da! by LazyRemnant Neko da! :iconlazyremnant:LazyRemnant 530 48 Heilkraut by KeksWolf Heilkraut :iconkekswolf:KeksWolf 124 17
Rainbow White
ten feet away a bird
hits glass, peacock-sized
but blue-boned and screams rainbows
dampened to the mouthful formant
of suck.
a vhs tape tongue
i turn to, from, to, from
onto a belly with no dumpster lunch.
my displaced slit throat slips
easy underhead in R.E.M.
for want of a violet that never comes,
wanting an indigo long forgot.
:iconmattspire:MattSpire 13 16
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