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Tension, Part 1
     Then the world exploded.
     It was huge. Everywhere. Sometimes, when the horror comes, you can't stop to think - all you know is run - duck - run - slash - dodge, and you go until it's over, either way.
Further back.
     Street was empty, when we showed up. One of those bad feelings where you look over and everybody else is uncomfortable too. Everybody normal - Scarlet was nearly shaking, lighting up her fifth cigarette. All I know is, when it comes, it's going to be bad. Fringe, obviously, from Scarlet's reaction, but we can't know what...
I just pull myself tighter. Don't let it in.
     The sky shifts. Ground feels like it's plummeting below. We're all moving, now, I'm off to the side, there's a alleyway, and I try to see where the others are. Scarlet, I can see, shifting towards another alley. Scope I look for, but remember he'll be several stories up, followin
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Tension, Part 2
     Dark. Float. Feel.... cloudy. Softness. Thoughts slow, too slow, I should be thinking, I should be-
dodging - running - slashing
     I wake. I try to leap back into tiger stance, I need to keep going, it's coming! But a weight I'd almost felt when I was down is too much for me, standing, and I crash back to the ground. The world is fuzzy, and pain is scraping through my body. I push myself against the nearest surface, and try to will the world clear again.
     All remains fuzzy, but other things become clear. I am not outside. My glasses are missing. (The cause of the blur? I am not this short-sighted...) There is a dead weight pressing in my head.
I take stock.
     My head- throbbing, and sight is still blurry. There's a terrible lump and a break in the skin at the base of my skull. I can feel it, but I'm glad I can't see it. My clothes seem functional, though there are
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Tarot Alignments- Axe-Man :iconthephoenixweeps:thephoenixweeps 0 2 It Keeps Me Warm :iconthephoenixweeps:thephoenixweeps 0 2 OOTS-style Cowboy :iconthephoenixweeps:thephoenixweeps 0 0 Villain Chibis 1 :iconthephoenixweeps:thephoenixweeps 1 0 Tarot Alignments- Scarlet :iconthephoenixweeps:thephoenixweeps 0 0 Tarot Alignments- Julia :iconthephoenixweeps:thephoenixweeps 0 0 Russian Cross :iconteasealot:Teasealot 1 0 Winds of Apocalypse Flag :iconteasealot:Teasealot 0 0 Tarot Alignment- Predator :iconthephoenixweeps:thephoenixweeps 0 0
Tension, Part 3
     It's another day, I think, and my door is locked.
     I'm trying to restrain the desire to scream. Johnny! I don't know what you're planning, but I want no part of it! Let me out! I worry, though, about thinking so violently- this place is no doubt full of Fringe-types. Can they use my thoughts against me? Keep guarded, I think.
     I've paced this cage too many times already, and I know there's few tools I can use. My metal claws are missing and Clean's shoe-knife is taken (Scarlet's doing, no doubt, she knows his tricks too). I know I can get those replaced, but getting out of here will be the more difficult for the lack of them.
     Too much pacing. My head still aches and I think I may have some sort of concussion. All the minor cuts will heal soon, but the headache keeps pulling me down. I don't have time to heal, I need to be out there. My team is-
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Spycraft: Alison Acton :iconthephoenixweeps:thephoenixweeps 0 0 SpyCraft SB Grace :iconmulakaybitoy:mulakaybitoy 0 1 Shining Path flag :iconteasealot:Teasealot 1 0 Tarot Alignments- Julia colour :iconthephoenixweeps:thephoenixweeps 0 0 Agent Hazmat :iconthephoenixweeps:thephoenixweeps 0 0 Masque 2004 1024x768 Wallpaper :icontorakhan:Torakhan 0 0 Hungarr's Emblem :iconteasealot:Teasealot 0 0 Waiting-At-the-Bigtop-Cafe :iconwpmorse:wpmorse 0 0 Pred's Thoughts :iconthephoenixweeps:thephoenixweeps 0 0 Predator Profile :iconthephoenixweeps:thephoenixweeps 0 0 Soren Tyrson :iconepzilon:epzilon 0 1 Sikret Ikant Elyu :iconmystuffedpanda:mystuffedpanda 2 0 Plague's Emblem :iconteasealot:Teasealot 1 0 Ryan Stone :iconceiric:Ceiric 0 1 Escher Is Fine :iconshiftingpath:shiftingpath 1 9 Scarlet's Lie :iconthephoenixweeps:thephoenixweeps 0 0 Adelina white flame Ignazio :iconwishfulhamadryad:WishfulHamadryad 1 0 AWG the team :iconwishfulhamadryad:WishfulHamadryad 7 4 Sable's calling card :iconteasealot:Teasealot 0 0 Pred and Scarlet :iconshiftingpath:shiftingpath 1 1 Predator's Notes :iconthephoenixweeps:thephoenixweeps 0 0