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The Mary Sue Litmus Test
Holepunch's Mary Sue Litmus Test:
Ah, the Mary Sue. We can't cobble together a truly comprehensive description of what they are, exactly, but we can agree on one thing: an annoying, 'perfect' character who, through a general lack of flaws and character development, is excruciating to sit through and often makes us gnash our teeth, tear our hair, and reach for the back button. This nefarious creature can be measured and detected, so let's all grab our magnifying glasses and get classifying.
This is a subjective subject; a trait that drives one person right up the wall might fail to get any reaction from another. As you go through the list, count up the points. Each trait will register from 1-5 points, with 1 being a mild thing and 5 being a serious infraction. If a trait is not addressed at all in the story the character comes from, or is totally unknown, just ignore it. And don't worry about racking up points—the de-Suifier part of the test ought to restore some balance to
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50 Things Sebastian Cannot Do
1. When awakening the young master I cannot greet him by saying, "Good morning sir, I hope I wasn't too rough." He doesn't like it no matter how amusing his reaction.
2. If the young master inquires as to whom is at the door I may not respond 'The black market.' Calming the young master from panic attacks aren't the most enjoyable of things.
3. The household help are to be treated as people, not like the incompetant morons they are.
4. Spitting in earl grey tea is bad, no matter what the young earl himself has thrown at my head that morning.
5. Cats are not permitted to be in the house.
6. Or in my room.
7. Especially not my room or the wardrobe in my room.
8. No cats anywhere except for outside (even still I must hide them!).
9. I may be a demon but that is no exucse for many reasons.
10. One of which being to scare the household help.
11. Offering contracts just to kill Finny is prohibited.
12. If Mey-Rin tries to rape me in my sleep I am permitted to hit her twice but no more.
13. I
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Five Bucks at Freddy's :iconwolfjedisamuel:wolfjedisamuel 2,023 453 Meanwhile at the super awesome WUB base... :icondileak:DILeak 2,873 657 Futurama- South Park Style :iconfemjesse:femjesse 1,055 215 Literal Lion King Series - I'm Stuck :iconnostalgicchills:NostalgicChills 761 105 LOZ: Why Link doesn't talk... :iconyesi-chan:yesi-chan 2,507 600 Pinkie's New Island :icontsitra360:Tsitra360 1,354 108 Abel and Esther :icondaguerreoty-pe:daguerreoty-pe 672 82 Inglourious Robotics :iconwolfjedisamuel:wolfjedisamuel 2,086 431 Foxy's Freedom :iconwolfjedisamuel:wolfjedisamuel 1,922 455 Call Me Maybe :iconwolfjedisamuel:wolfjedisamuel 1,995 546 Giddyup :iconloopydave:Loopydave 3,358 669 Spock in 2016 :iconrabittooth:Rabittooth 256 46 parking ticket :iconloopydave:Loopydave 2,585 599
The Hanging Tree song (Creepypasta version)
Are you, are you...
Fiends with a proxy?
The tall faceless man
Is watching you and me
Soon we'll be facing a
Young boy named Jeffrey
Here comes, my foe...
Will you, will you...
Meet me and Jessie?
After you survive
The Rainbow Factory?
Some guys were the victims
Of Clockwork and Toby
And tonight, we may...
See Masky and Hoody
Did you...did you...
Meet a pink pony?
She's really gone insane
Why did she go crazy?
Ben Drowned and Rap Rat will
Keep haunting the TV
If we keep, fighting...
I'm sure that we'll be free
Were you...were you...
Playing with Sally?
A guy named Eyeless Jack
Is after my kidney
That image of a dog
Was scary and creepy
Like that mouse, who was...
Abandoned by Disney
Would you...would you...
Show brutality...
Against the man who tries
To hold you sexually?
He offered me a rose
And chuckled lustfully
And it won't, be long...
Until we meet Reggie
Could you...could you...
Always protect me...
Like how that lady Jane
Would protect her Mary?
Some black and white cl
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Addiction-Medic X Reader (Blu Version)
Medic X Reader
(Blu Version)
  I sat on my bed, watching the clock tick away as the impending silence of the base sank further into the night. There was a burning hunger deep in my stomach, making me twitch and pray that everyone was deep enough in their dreams to not be up at this hour. My mission was simple in idea, but problematic to actually succeed in. It wasn’t a job I could just do. It needed stealth, efficiency, and calm. Because I was going to break into Medic’s lab.
   As insane as it sounded, the item of choice was even weirder: The jar of cough drops. Yes, I am one of the poor souls  addicted to those things. The cool menthol dripping down my throat and the refreshing flavors soothing the inner hunger, God I love cough drops. The major problem was how hard it is to infiltrate such a part of the base. Medic is very strict about who and what goes in and out of there, and not to mention the fact that he would flip if he found out about me stealing from hi
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GOOD TIME - ANIMETALE Sans - UNDERTALE :iconmairusu-paua:Mairusu-Paua 727 638 Spike the Butler :iconwolfjedisamuel:wolfjedisamuel 2,127 475 GOAT MAMA - ANIMETALE Toriel - Undertale :iconmairusu-paua:Mairusu-Paua 654 418 Hidan's Triumph Flash :iconspades-ryou:spades-ryou 1,945 855 The Bucket Mystery Solved No 3 :iconzephyri:Zephyri 2,485 705 Attack on Hearts :iconshamelessmagic:ShamelessMagic 1,229 152 Cimmerian paint wip :iconloopydave:Loopydave 623 202 Confusing Species :iconwolfjedisamuel:wolfjedisamuel 2,693 894