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Turn the light on by SteveGriffith Turn the light on :iconstevegriffith:SteveGriffith 1,543 162 Exotic Stock by KahinaSpirit Exotic Stock :iconkahinaspirit:KahinaSpirit 458 93 Sri Yantra Healing Mandala by Lilyas Sri Yantra Healing Mandala :iconlilyas:Lilyas 451 63
you were right
to teach me to
tuck trust behind
my teeth.
to offer it
only when they
learned to pull
the honey from
my lips.
and mother,
you were right
to teach me that
sometimes, a boy
is just a boy.
that his hands
are just hands.
not rescue boats.
not answers.
not home.
now mother,
don't be mad,
but you never told
me what to do
with the girl who
smiled a sunrise
hello and kissed
my cheek, tugged
the honey from
my lips.
see mother,
it goes like this;
she could hold my
heart between her
and i wouldn't
even flinch.
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Waiting for Santa TG
Waiting for Santa
Tessie Pardel looked out the window at the powdered sugar sheen of refrozen snow in the front yard and remarked, "No sign of Santa…"
Cleaning the table in front of the couch, Tessie's older brother, Simon Pardel, glanced up and asked, "What about mom?"
"No sign of her either", was all Tessie had to say about that. She shut the drapes and pulled on her Santa cap a little tighter. Her long, black hair spilled out of the cap and flowed over onto each shoulder. She still had her holly-adorned red apron tied around her from supper and later baking.
Despite her promise before leaving to go to the party, neither Tessie nor Simon expected their mother back home before sometime in the late afternoon on Christmas Day and probably with a hangover.
In her absence, as always, Tessie took charge. She hung blinking lights in the hallway while Simon hung them over the archway in the living room. The tree had been put up by mom's Boyfriend 3. He was the one who they both l
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Tree of Life by mandiemanzano Tree of Life :iconmandiemanzano:mandiemanzano 510 120
The Last Day :iconaart-ish:Aart-ish 183 98
White Imagination by Gewalgon White Imagination :icongewalgon:Gewalgon 358 114 Purity Stock XI by KahinaSpirit Purity Stock XI :iconkahinaspirit:KahinaSpirit 254 76
Lord, I Am Ashamed.
Sleep and I
Have grown distant lately.
Back when the air I drank
Was more naïve,
We were friends sometimes
And sometimes enemies.
We bickered and loved
Like children.
The taste of the wind,
The song of the chickadee,
The color of dreams—
Patchwork pieces
Stitched together
To warm my life.
The acres of that country
Are now reduced
To a single small lot
Encircled by a
Gray cyclone fence
That holds bitterness
Rather than keeping out
The worries of the world.
But I suppose
I don't really notice it,
Not anymore.
Trees used to whisper to me
Of an earnest jay
Building her nest
Or of two squirrels
Caught up in the heat
Of spring—
But who really detects
A silence
Over so many
Droning things
Buzzing things
Rattling things?
My own skull throbs
As if I'm diving
Down, down, deep
Into a scummy lake.
What breaks my heart
More than anything else
Is that I don't recall
My familiarity with the sky.
I'm simply
Too occupied
With silly and necessary things
To realize I've forgotten
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