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For the First Time in NinjaGo (Frozen Spinoff)
-A spinoff of Frozen's "For the First Time in Forever"- NinjaGo Rebooted Style.
This is just a little thing I wrote on impulse one Saturday afternoon. It carries you through the many stages of feelz a majority of the fans have experienced. It's not perfect. just something fun I thought I would try. Enjoy~
The Fandom is rising, so's that war
I didn't know we did that anymore!
Who knew we had 90,000 female fans?
For months I've had to watch Chima
You mean they're not Thunder Cats...?
Finally, we're getting Season 3!
They'll be actual hardcore villains
Admit it, you know it's true
But no matter what our ninja will pull through!
Cause for the first time in NinjaGo
There'll be Nindroids and cool fights
For the first time in NinjaGo
They'll be "ready for the Light!"
-After the Backout
Don't know if I'm anxious or angsty
But I think I might explode!
Cause for the first time in NinjaGo 
Zane won't be alone
I can'
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Meet Me At The Park
    Bradley was waiting in the elevator going to the third floor. He was making a visit to his girlfriend Cindy at her apartment. When the elevator reached the floor the doors opened and he stepped out into the hall. On his way to the door Bradley passed by several unfamiliar people but didn’t stop to greet them, he just kept walking. When he arrived at her door he reached out to knock but stopped. There was a note on her door addressed to him:
    Bradley, Meet me at the park. ~Cindy
    It was a little odd, but Bradley shrugged it off and turned to leave. He paused for a moment, he thought he smelled something.  It was a faint sinister smell, like smoke. One of the residents of the apartment building must be a smoker, he thought to himself. He disregarded it and walked back to the elevator.
                        *   *   *
    Bradley arrived at the park. He got
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Spin Off - A Promise Kept
Ginny Weasley and Luna Lovegood sat by the Great Lake at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry letting the wind gently blow against them and the sun shine down on them.
Ginny opened her mouth then closed it, she really wanted to ask Luna something, but she wasn’t sure how the blonde girl would respond. Taking a deep breath, she decided to just get it over with.
“Luna, when you were tied up, how did it feel, did you enjoy it or did you hate it”? She asked curiously.
Luna shrugged, “I enjoyed it, I always do, being restrained like that, it’s exciting, why”?
Ginny sighed, “because when Romilda tied me up in that classroom, I was terrified, but I kind of enjoyed as well”.
“Enjoying being tied up isn’t a bad thing, lots of people enjoy it”, Luna said seriously.
“Well, I also just remembered, you still have to tie me up as payback for the forest, remember”?
Luna shrugged, “I was just waiting for you to mention it
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It's the Women's Heart
"You surely are hard to find, aren't you, Windrider?"
Putting the glass back on the tavern bar, Sywyn glanced at the young man who sat on the wooden stool beside him. Brown curls flickered in the firelight, and clear green eyes returned his gaze, inspecting him and looking for a reaction.  
"I see you do recognize me. I must admit I really wasn't expecting so much," he said smiling, "it saves me the embarrassment of introducing myself again, at least."
The scarred elf looked away without a word, while his new companion kept staring at him with genuine curiosity.
"It's not like I thought you were going to be happy seeing me either, of course..."
No response came, and the young man just  nodded peacefully, his smile still on his lips.
"You're not very talkative, I see... is it just because of me, or shall I assume you have other qualities to make up for it?"
Sywyn clenched the glass in his hand and held his breath in an effort to remain calm, teeth gritted behind pres
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