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Death Battle: Cervantes De Leon vs. Spinal

Madness Abe: Alright, the votes are in and the combatants are set. Let's end this battle once and for all.

Shipwreck Shore
Waves crashed at the rocks and shipwrecks that were spread around this abadonded cove, the sounds resonating for miles. Apart from the ancient shipwrecks, other things were scattered on the shore, like skeletons, barrels, cannons, and other such old objects of the past. It was even rumored that this place was home to supernatural entities like the ghosts of sailors and even sea monsters, but no one ever had the heart to set foot to see if it was true or not. The moon shined above the shore in a brightly lit crescent.
The mood was perfect for a fight.
Thick footsteps came out of the shadows as a figure appeared. The figure was a man, dressed
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Love is only neurobiological
You're accusing me of breaking your heart,
But honey, don't you realize
That something only consisting of muscles
Can't exactly be broken
Your heart is nothing but a
Hollow organ providing your body
With blood
Through pulsative contractions
You're talking about love
But sweetheart, don't you know
That love is nothing but a chemical reaction
Elicited by your brain
A collection of messengers send out
By the same area that controls
Your drive
And now manages your emotions with dopamine
You're complaining about your shattered dreams
Well darling, let me enlighten you
Those dreams of yours are nothing but
Information travelling the way from your
Brain stem to your frontal lobe
Chemical signals activating
Influencing your preseted decisions
You're implying that I don't have a spinal column
Well dear, I assure you I have
Because how would I be able to stand here upright
If  I was lacking vertebrae to carry my weight
And a vertebral canal to pro
:iconblindxminds:BlindxMinds 27 85
Her body broke; her spirit shattered.
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cracked ribs and severed skin
im making paper charts of your plastic bones
to show me where to glide my fingers
whilst we dance under the streetlights
in the pouring winters rain.
im pulling your heart strings like
a harp that screams a melody like no other.
you let your larynx do the talking
and it turned out to be more beautiful than expected.
im wrapping lies around your chest
that are made from spider silk
and they’ll give you heart disease in
your left and right ventricles.
[at least we’re talking]
im filling drink bottles with cheap
wine and mixing marrow with
melanomas. its going to be a poison
you cant live without.
hipbones like spiked drinks
just another just another
you’ve won me over with your
spinal cord regrets and
your broken back.
staples in ivory skin,
you be the anchor
and ill be the wings.
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