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Nope. (AvengersxReader)
“Hey, guys. Check out my new pet.” Tony waltzed into the living room with a giant grin on his face.
Steve and Thor were the only ones to acknowledge him, the others being too busy to put up with Tony’s antics.
For example: Natasha had disassembled her gun and was in the middle of cleaning it, Bruce was reading the newspaper, Clint was flipping through the channels on the T.V., and, last but not least, (y/n) was sitting on the couch engulfed in a book.
Okay maybe they weren’t that busy, but they still didn’t want to put up with Tony. They hoped not acknowledging him would deter him from bothering them.
He sat a bag down in front of (y/n), startling her from her trance.
Well that didn’t work.
She looked curiously from the bag to the triumphant billionaire standing over her. At this point in time, the other Avengers took mild, emphasis on mild, interest in the bag.
“What kind of pet is it?” Steve asked curiously eyeing the container.
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Claude x Reader- Spider Casualties
Claude sighed as he prepared his new master's lunch. Chicken salad, as she'd asked. Such a simple master. He smirked, unlike Alois, this one had a soul he craved. A stronger craving than he'd felt over Ciel's soul. He mixed the ingredients, mumbling about cobwebs and whatnot. The only thing about this master was… She was a little… Different.
"DAMMIT CLAUDE!" he groaned, hearing her stomp into the room. He turned to ask what she needed but instead was met with a napkin to the face.
"My la- I mean, (Name)," the butler corrected himself, picking the napkin she'd thrown at him that had fallen on the floor off of the floor. "Why did you throw this a- wait. Is that a- OHMYGOD DID YOU KILL A SPIDER!?" He fell to his knees, weeping over his fallen comrade that was now just a corpse in a napkin. "WHYYYYY!!???"
"Oh, and
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Supernatural Dean x Reader - Spiders
WARNING: Foul language ahead. Don't like? Don't read!
A high pitched scream flooded throughout Bobby's home.
Dean Winchester wasted no time in grabbing his pistol and running up the old creaking stairs. He kicked open the closed door to your room. Since Sam and Bobby were out today finishing up a hunt, Bobby had put him in charge of keeping you safe. Not like he never would, you were his girlfriend after all.
"_______?" he shouted. He didn't notice you until the pale blue covers on your bed shifted and a small whimpered escaped your lips. He carefully lifted the covers to see you. Small tears rolling down your cheeks. You said nothing and pointed to the bathroom. Dean nodded and quietly prowled over to the room. He slipped inside the small bathroom only to find nothing there. No demon, no ghost, no curious Cas.
"________, there's nothing in here babe." Dean said, his tone exasperated.
You looked at him shocked. "Did the fucker disappear already
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Creepypasta: Nest of spiders
A week ago, after several years of staying out of my family home, I came back. What I was doing, who I am, and why I was there is not important now and doesn’t affect THIS event. Anyway, my private life is nothing that would interest someone. I must also say that I never was afraid of spiders before. I didn’t pay close attention to them. No matter if it was those on the walls behind furniture or in nature. I want to say that what happened to me and what I felt wasn't ordinary fear of these creatures. It was something more, incomparable to the usual fear of spiders, like what an arachnophobe feels. Until now, I had no reason to fear them…
That day's morning was so ordinary, routine… Throughout my previous stay at home I quite rarely left the house, I did only short trips to the store or old friends. I live in a small village, and life in it is not very entertaining, but then again, on the other hand, I can finally calm down. It is very good after a long time sp
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