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My Little Girl (Peter Parker X Stark!Reader)
You hefted your bag higher on your shoulder, leaving school for the weekend.
You had a terrible day, it seemed like Stacy Evans was born to make your life miserable.
You had stacks of homework that had to be done before Monday, plus, the Stark Industries ball was tonight.
You were pulled from your thoughts by the song Back In Black playing loudly throughout the parking lot.
He wouldn't.
Oh, but he would.
You groaned and walked up to the crowd. Just as you had feared, your father was giving his trademark flirty smile to the teenage girls gushing over him.
“That's disgusting.” You thought.
You took a deep breath and ran through the crowd, grabbing your dad's hand in the process, dragging him to the car.
“I cannot believe you just did that.” You complained. He just laughed, “You're going to be popular now.”
“That's the problem.” You mumbled too low for him to hear.
This was most likely th
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I'm Spiderman *Part 3* (Final Chapter)
I'm Spiderman *Part 3* (Final Chapter)
"Peter!" You yelled quickly while you were shooting closer to the ground.
"I got you!" He yelled, swinging down and grabbing you, making sure he had a strong grip on the side of a building before he climbed up and went on the roof.
Once you both safely landed, him taking off his mask to look at you. "Are you alright (Y/n?)" He asked you, tears in his own eyes.
You nodded, drying your eyes. "I-I'm okay." You choaked out, gripping onto him. "Don't let that happen again. Please.."
Peter gave a dry laugh, looking you in the eyes. "Do you think I would try?" He asked, holding you tightly.
"I'm going to trust you on that." You told him, kissing his cheek. "Because if you don't, I'm going to be sad."
"I'll make sure you're never sad. But right now, lets get you home."
"Are you sure you can't stay for a bit Peter?" Your mother asked him while he fixed his hair.
He shook his head, smiling at her. "No thank you Miss. I should get home." He told her, givin
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