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Cecily's Big Drink
Title: Cecily's Big Drink
By: Starlight-Arkaman
Cecily is in the kitchen cooking up something hot and spicy. The food she planned on to cook has something to do with jalapeños and red hot pepper. It would be no other than pork and pepper stew. She grabbed the cook book out of the shelves and flipped the pages until the recipe for the food came up.
"Just I wanted for a quick lunch," Cecily giggled. "Eating some hot and spicy will make me a cute super-hot girl."
She got on with the cooking as the ingredients were gathering according to the cook book and prepared the meal but cutting the jalapeños into curly shapes. The yellow, red and green bell peppers were cut into strips; the onions are thinly sliced as the intense aroma causing her cry with tears to flow down like a waterfall as if the violins were playing a sad tune.
"These raw onions are powerful than a tear-jerking movie," she giggled in a comical way to reli
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The Girl Who Ate South Africa
For as long as Mac could remember, dining at Nando’s was a Kenwood family tradition. Birthdays, get togethers', A Grades, and any other special occasion, this little slice of South African cuisine was their go-to-place.
Which is why it surprised him to find out that the hungrily inclined Christy had never been.
“Seriously? Not once?”
“Is that really so weird?”
“I guess not, but, uh…you know…”
“Hey, I’m fat; I don’t have a food radar. That’d be sweet, though…"
The young boy and his former babysitter arrived at Nando’s’ dark green doors, only a few stores down from Subway. A waiter stepped out with a steamy plate of chicken, giving Christy a good noseful of hot peri-peri spices.
“Peri-peri, huh? Never ate a Perry before. I’d like to fix that.” The waiter awkwardly covered up his nametag.
She pushed on in, Mac trying not to look too excit
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