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Every King Needs His Queen - Yandere!Kyle x Reader
Au!Stick of Truth
You don’t know exactly how you got dragged into this dumb game the boys were playing. One minute you were resting on the couch at your hose the next Craig, Tweek, and Token barge into your home informing you that the ‘Grand Wizard’ wanted to speak with you. Confused you refused only to be met with deaf ears as the boys forcefully dragged you out of your home as you shouted curse words at them. “We’re high school students, not elementary school kids!” You snapped in protest to them dragging you through the snowy ground. Once you were in Eric’s backyard, you had a scowl on your face as you sat on the ground before the fatass that was dressed in robes.
“Cartman, why the fuck am I here?” you asked.
“Ah [Your Name], we’re low on players since Clyde’s been banished to space and time and you’re the only girl in this town that isn’t a complete bitch” Cartman said, as you raised an eyebro
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Princess!Kenny X Reader - You're The Princess's
Princess!Kenny X Reader
-Takes place during Stick of Truth-
When you had heard that the guys were playing an RPG-like game, you had quickly wanted to join in with the guys. Cartman wholeheartedly didn't approve of it while Kyle thought it was a great idea and it would be fun having you in the game.
"No way, Jew boy! We're not letting a girl join the game!" Cartman yelled at the ushanka wearing boy.
"You just don't want her to join the game because you know she'll pick the elves and you'll get your ass kicked by her!" Kyle shouted back at the large boy.
Kyle was partly right though, you had kicked Cartman's ass before and you certainly were not afraid of doing it again. Cartman glared at the Jew, "Fine, she can join the game!" he shouted.
Kyle simply gave a grin and the two looked at you, "So, who's side are you gonna join, (Y/N)?" Kyle asked.
"Uh, I don't really know," you admitted, you were actually close friends with both of them, so you didn't know who exactly to choose.
"You could
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Why I Ship Kyman- A Lengthy Essay by a Bored Fan
Today, my sister asked me why I spent so much of my time caring about the love lives of two
ten-year-old paper cutouts. With this stupid shipping war currently bugging the hell out of me,
with friends in the fandom threatening to drop out altogether, and hateful messages plaguing my
tags on Tumblr, I thought I would release a tiny rebuttal about my personal feelings about
Kyman (Eric Cartman/Kyle Broflovski), why I continue to adamantly ship them five years after
first entering the fandom, and why I continue to stick with my OTP and protect it.
For all its vulgarity, offensiveness and, let's face it, absurdity, South Park has become over time
a slice-of-life comedy detailing the social and emotionally-driven lives of four young boys living
in drastically different dysfunctional lifestyles, and the psychological effects it has on them. No, I'm not joking. While it may very well be unintentional, the ever-going tales of Stan, Kyle,
Cartman and Kenny are very easily compared to the differ
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Pervert - Kenny x Reader
Pervert, that’s the name you used to describe Kenny McCormick. It was the first impression you got from him when you had moved to South Park back in middle school and now you were reaching your junior year of high school. Even though the poor parka wearing boy was a gigantic pervert, you couldn’t help being attracted to him. You denied it of course, knowing exactly how a relationship like that would end. But, that didn’t mean you and the boy weren’t friends. You were both stuck with working on a school project together in your room currently.
You tapped the end of your pencil against your binder while staring down at the blank piece of paper that was labeled ‘Ideas’ at the top. “Come on Kenny, we need ideas for this project” you said, looking into the pale blue eyes that stared from the opening of the parka. You always wondered how the boy never sweated to death under that heavy coat. In return you heard the muffled response of your frien
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Truthfully Drunk!Kenny X Reader - You're Drunk...
Truthfully Drunk!Kenny X Reader
You sighed as the loud music beat around the house. Your four friends Kyle, Stan, Kenny, and Cartman had dragged you to a party that basically everyone in school was at. It was noisy and there were drunk teenagers everywhere. You were currently sitting in a corner with a slightly tipsy Kyle. At least he wasn't full on drunk like everyone else and still had sense left in him.
The two of you made small talk, talking about different things from how funny people looked when they were drunk to things that were happening at school. You sighed once more and took a drank of the (Favourite Soda) you were drinking. Yeah, you weren't drinking any beer or anything like that. Kyle had a cup or two of vodka but he had stopped drinking.
The ginger looked at you, "So, have you told Kenny how you feel yet?" he asked.
"Not yet Kyle," you replied, it was true, you had a crush on the school playboy. You knew that you shouldn't but, he was just so... You can't even think of
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