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All Pokemon Elemental Types!!! :icongymjack:Gymjack 4,937 693 INTERACTIVE ROMANO FLASH GAME :iconnamioki:NamiOki 6,233 2,422 APH - South Meets East 2 :iconr-ninja:R-ninja 1,886 282
LovinoxReader: Morning Distractions
Lovino groaned groggily as he buried his face into the warm and velvety crook of his companion's neck. He could feel the warm golden rays of sunshine hitting his bare torso, signaling it was morning and time to get up, yet he had no desire to do so whatsoever.
His arms tightened their hold on the woman curled up before him, your smaller frame molding perfectly against his. Cracking his eyes open slowly, his gaze roamed over your smooth skin that glowed in the morning light, and he smiled as he felt your deep and rhythmic breathing.
Sitting up slowly, he propped himself up on his elbow, resting the side of his face in his hand as a gentle smile graced his lips as he watched you sleep. His fingers ran lightly against your cheek carefully before he brushed some hair from your face, causing a small crease to form between your brows. He couldn't help but grin at the sight, continuing to stare at your slumbering form as he ran his fingertips over your shoulder and down your arm. When you shi
:iconaplbunny:aplbunny 858 324
Romano x Reader - Jealous Confession
“Feli, don’t these tomatoes belong to Romano? I don’t think we sh–”
“Nonsense, _____! I’m sure fratello won’t mind if we use his tomatoes in the pasta sauce, ve~”
“Are you sure? I mean, Romano really likes tomatoes…”
“I’m more than sure! Now c’mon, we need to go look for a pot to boil our pasta noodles in. I forgot where I left it… I think it’s in the basement, ve…”
“The basement?”
Si! Pasta can be cooked anywhere, _____! Now come with me, our basement is dark and I don’t want to go alone. It’s really scary, ve~”
“Don’t worry Feli, I’ll be right behind you.”
If looks could kill, Antonio was fairly sure that the venomous glare Romano was sending both _____ and
:iconaproudhetalian:AProudHetalian 1,503 244
Romano x Reader - Teddy Bear
“You’re sleeping with that thing again?”
The familiar voice of the Italian carried a disgruntled tone as you clambered onto bed, his words raspy from drowsiness as he cracked one eye open to look at you.
“There’s nothing wrong with it,” you retorted defensively, clutching the soft material of your teddy bear closer to your chest. “It helps me sleep. Really.”
His scoff wasn’t very subtle as Romano propped himself up with his elbows, eyes narrowed at the plush animal that was held in your arms.
You’d recently received the teddy bear from your mother who’d been digging through old belongings she had up in her attic. During her little adventure, your mother managed to recover an old teddy bear that used to belong to you, and without a moment's hesitation she instantly mailed it to you to help ‘keep in touch with your childhood’.
Initially, Romano had used it as a way to tease you, especially when you cuddl
:iconaproudhetalian:AProudHetalian 942 181
South Park Dating Sim :iconchesslechat:ChessLeChat 3,038 2,420
Hetalia x Reader - Accidental Confessions
Confessions are difficult. That’s a universal truth.
Maybe you can argue that you’re courageous or bold, and sure, that can help make confessions easier – but truth be told, there’s always that split second of panic as you anticipate their answer which can either bring you a sense of elation or send you into the comforts of your home, guzzling down your favorite ice cream with your broken heart keeping you company.
And so, confessions are difficult.
But when they’re unintentional
That’s different.
Whispered ‘I love you’s heard by the wrong ears, heartfelt letters that land into the recipient’s hands a bit too early… there are far too many ways for a confession to go wrong when someone does it by accident.
Although, it’s not so bad when you’re receiving a confession – albeit accidentally – from someone who adores you just as much as you adore them.
Especially when the confession is
:iconaproudhetalian:AProudHetalian 743 166
South Park: Beautiful Boys :iconkinky-chichi:Kinky-chichi 5,382 660
Romano x Reader - How to say 'I Love You'
  "GODDAMMIT, DON'T SHOUT IN MY EAR _____!" the fuming Italian shouted as he bolted upright from his siesta. "Ugh, stupid ragazza..."
  "Don't use bad language in front of me, Lovi," you said teasingly. "And hey! I am not a stupid... whatever ragazza is!"
  "I'll use bad language whenever I want! And stop calling me Lovi!" Lovino growled, and then adding, "And ragazza means girl."
  "Fine," you huffed, crossing your arms as you feigned fake anger. As planned, Lovino immediately felt bad and you inwardly chuckled as he struggled with his words.
  "Look, I'm sorry for blowing up on you like that and for calling you a stupid girl," Lovino said with a light blush as he averted his eyes. "You aren't angry, are you?"
  You chuckled, throwing your arms around him. "Apology accepted, Lovi~! And you're so cute when you blush!"
  He groaned," So you were faking... A-And get off o-of me, ragazza! I'm not cute!"
  "Hm, let me t
:iconaproudhetalian:AProudHetalian 1,295 427
Beyond :iconjonasdero:JonasDeRo 6,059 297
Romano X Reader: Learning Italian
Romano X Reader
Learning Italian

"Now, bella, repeat after me; arrivederci~"
"A-arrive… arrive-what?"
The usually bubbly Italian sighed, shaking his head. You'd been sitting at Feliciano and Lovino Vargas' kitchen table as Feli unsuccessfully  tried to teach you his native language. Even though Feli had only tried to teach you the basics so far, you were having a fair bit of trouble.
Lovino, who was torn between being disgusted and amused at your failure, would swear and criticise you whenever he felt he felt it appropriate and FYI, that was a lot.
"C'mon bella, it's arriveder-"
"FRATELLO!" Lovino shouted from across the table, catching both you and Feli of guard. "You can't teach the idiota to say 'arrivederci' if she can't even roll her damned r's!"
You gave a snort of laughter as Feli's expression turned to one of a kicked puppy, but instantly regretted it when Lovino turned to scowl at you.
"And YOU, dumb-arse, LEARN TO ROLL
:iconmai-taniyama-anime:Mai-Taniyama-anime 754 480
Evolution of Vietnamese Clothing (and Ao Dai) :iconlilsuika:lilsuika 11,065 588
Mama!Reader x Chibi Romano
"Hey, Toni!" you called out cheerfully, waving hello to your friend. He grinned back at you as he made his way over, entering through your front gate.
"_______!" he piped in his Spanish accent. "How've you been?" He tipped his wide-brimmed hat, making you giggle.
"Just fine, Toni. Even better now that you're here!" You had moved in a couple years back, and had started gardening as a hobby. Growing tomatoes was hard at first, but Antonio seemed to arrive at just the right moment to lend a hand. Things were much easier now than when you started out. Not to mention the tomatoes added a nice little income in addition to your part-time job, which made it all the easier to get food on the table.
"Ah, bien, bien!" he crowed, smiling cheerfully as always. He got down on one knee. "And how is the little tomate?"
The seven-year-old boy had been clinging to you ever since Antonio arrived, and now his amber eyes glowered at him from behind dark brown bangs. "Get out of my house, you son of a
:iconknknyah-endias:KnKnyah-Endias 769 240
12 Days of Hetalia Christmas :iconbrittlander:Brittlander 3,408 684 A Bird in this World :iconcamelid:Camelid 3,256 225
Because - Romano x Reader
Romano x Reader

Warning! Contains strong language/cursing!

"Hey, I'm home!" you called, pushing open your front door and stepping inside.
"Oi, Ragazza!"  your roommate Romano called back from the kitchen.
The two of you had been friends for a long time, but you had been living with him ever since you had been kicked out of your last place. Which had been, well, a while ago now. His brother, Feli, had actually proposed the idea to the two of you. Romano immediately went on the defensive, cussing out his younger brother, but you thought it was a great idea. So, here you were. It wasn't all that much different from before, though, since you came over a lot.
You enjoyed the brother's company; Feliciano often dropped by as well, much to his older sibling's chagrin. Feli didn't seem to notice his brother's inferiority complex towards him though, but you, on the other hand, picked up on it a while ago. You thought it was stupid, personally. The brother
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APH - Dysfunctional Family :iconsora-ko:sora-ko 5,950 584 The Italy brothers :icondogtree103:dogtree103 925 102 World View :iconhumon:humon 3,837 1,437
2P!HetaliaXAbused!Child!Reader: Prologue
Warning: violence and swearing in this chapter. Can’t handle, don’t read.
(F/N) = First Name
(L/N) = Last Name
(Y/n) = Your name
(H/c) = Hair color
(B/n) = Bunny name (You have a stuffed bunny)

(Y/n) woke up from a light slumber. A second was spent questioning why she was awake, and then the jiggling of keys in the door was heard.
Father was home.
(Y/n) jumped out of bed, and pushed a chair against her bedroom door. Sometimes he came into her room…When he came home this late—her clock read two a.m. right now—he was angry. He had been drinking that gross stuff that makes him mean and mad—he called it a lot of different names, like beer or vodka. But it was all the same. It all turned him into a monster that hurt the three-year-old.
She was smart enough to realize when he smelled and came home late, she was usually hurt.
But not always. Sometimes he wouldn’t come into her room, just head straight to bed. Or if he did come into her ro
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Araucaria Vale :iconmiguel-santos:Miguel-Santos 2,323 387 DressUp Game - Create ur Irken :iconinvaderkel:InvaderKel 1,752 928 Flying snakes :iconculpeo-fox:Culpeo-Fox 9,135 904 Boathouse steps :iconjamesrushforth:JamesRushforth 224 12 Compass Brush Pack :iconsilverbeam:silverbeam 1,868 230 Monkey Man :iconhumon:humon 4,751 767 Hats and Hair Fashion History: Vietnam :iconlilsuika:lilsuika 2,603 73 Patagonian Landscape 07 :iconfuguestock:fuguestock 548 77 South Park Interactive :iconfartoons:fartoons 1,697 438 CRAZY BEACH :iconeinlee:einlee 10,133 2,300 ..::South Park Sim Date::.. :iconhaleybopcomet:HaleyBopComet 2,157 1,256 World in Trouble :iconhumon:humon 10,601 3,316 Polar Bear - Animal series :iconhellobaby:Hellobaby 3,283 92 Back Porch Barrage :iconframedbynature:FramedByNature 122 14 YOUR WISH IS MY COMMAND II :iconkuroneko3132:kuroneko3132 2,594 978 Mysterion Rising :icondylancg:dylancg 3,969 559
Hetalia RomanoxReader - Stuck in a Box
“Gil! What the hell are you doing?!”
“You’ll thank me later, Frau!” he said, the smirk on his face evident in his voice, as he carried me over his shoulder up the stairs in his house. He reached the top and went into a room where Antonio and Francis were waiting. The two were sitting on a footlocker, and I could have sworn I heard muffled obscenities come from it.
“Ready?” the albino asked.
The other two nodded, and positioned themselves to get off and open the footlocker. Gilbert took me closer to it and threw me inside the split second they opened the lid. When I was fully inside, they immediately closed the lid and––judging by the clatter following after––locked it.
“What the hell?!” I groaned out, still trying to process everything that had just happened.
I blinked, then peered through the dark to see a familiar face. My eyes widened. “Lovino?!”
“What the hell are
:iconravens-of-rome:Ravens-of-Rome 765 212
Sonic's Green Hill :icondefault-deviant:Default-Deviant 4,820 711
One Feisty Feline [Cat!Romano X Human!Reader]
"I'm home!" you called out as you pushed open your front door. Hands full of grocery bags, you close the door with your foot. Not a minute after announcing your presence in the house, a blur ran out from your room and over to your legs. Standing there, nuzzling your shin was your tabby cat, Romano.
Romano had become extremely protective of you once you had found out that you were pregnant. Your fiancé, whose child you were pregnant with, was currently overseas on military business, so you were left alone with Romano. You had just gotten your cat around the time your fiancé and you had started dating. He had always been rather protective of you, but as of late, he would refuse to leave your side. He would throw fits when you would have guests over, not that he wasn't always getting mad when you had others over, especially males.
But lately, he would hiss and sometimes even bite if you had company. Speaking of company, your friend Alfred was going to come over today.
You attemp
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