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Social Icons Pack + by siannve Social Icons Pack + :iconsiannve:siannve 674 210 Nurse Luna to the Rescue by johnjoseco Nurse Luna to the Rescue :iconjohnjoseco:johnjoseco 9,900 917 Ramen 1 by SmallCreationsByMel Ramen 1 :iconsmallcreationsbymel:SmallCreationsByMel 1,748 223 Souper by Adzze Souper :iconadzze:Adzze 443 94
This Love ~ Sick!Makoto x Reader [Free!]
“Hey [Name], do you love me?” Your boyfriend Makoto unsurely asked.
You looked up from the soup you were making and frowned.
“Makoto, if I didn’t love you would I be here taking care of you..? Would I have even agreed to go out with you?” You sighed.
“I guess you wouldn’t..” He said dreamily.
Makoto was always worried that you’d leave him. You didn’t understand it. You huffed and turned back to your soup. Makoto had caught the flu and since his family was out of town, you had come over to take care of him. You brought a spoon filled with broth up to your lips to taste the soup.
“Hot hot hot HOT!!” You yelled when it burned your tongue.
Makoto chuckled at your actions but soon began to cough. You rushed to his side with a glass of water which he quickly drank.
“Take it easy. Your soup will be done soon.” You said while pressing your hand to his forehead.‘Damn,’ you thought, ‘he still h
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Kawaii Sushi and J Cuisine by KawaiiUniverseStudio Kawaii Sushi and J Cuisine :iconkawaiiuniversestudio:KawaiiUniverseStudio 1,662 179 The nightmare before christmas by Maho-Urei The nightmare before christmas :iconmaho-urei:Maho-Urei 2,027 46 Pucca Comic 1-pg 119 by LittleKidsin Pucca Comic 1-pg 119 :iconlittlekidsin:LittleKidsin 417 72 Dr. Henry Killinger by SpookyChan Dr. Henry Killinger :iconspookychan:SpookyChan 494 111
Nyo!BelarusxSick!Reader: Sick Lover
"A…A…Achoo!" you sneezed for the umpteenth time that day. This was all Belarus's fault. If he wasn't so obsessed with his older brother you wouldn't be in state.
You had decided to visit Russia one day; too bad Belarus decided to visit as well. So you and Ivan hid outside in the snow to avoid Nikolai. Now you were sick, Ivan was too. But he had the three Baltics to help him, you had no one.
Miss Ukraine came over three days ago to help you out, but that was it. You were on your own.
There was a knock at the door, "___________."
"Who is it?"
"It's Belarus…"
You shivered. But still you answered the door. The silver blonde boy stood there, cheeks slightly red, with a pot of something, 'Hey Nik, how are you?" You turned to the side and sneezed.
"Fine," he pushed past you and walk directly towards your kitchen. Shrugging you attempted to follow him. But once his arms were relieved of the pot he scooped you up and dropped you on the couch. "You sleep." He ordered.
He le
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Noodle Soup by pete-aeiko Noodle Soup :iconpete-aeiko:pete-aeiko 502 104 Ramen Avatar by Kezzi-Rose Ramen Avatar :iconkezzi-rose:Kezzi-Rose 1,844 177 Polymer Clay Charms by misoandramen Polymer Clay Charms :iconmisoandramen:misoandramen 830 111 Dollicious: Pho by meago Dollicious: Pho :iconmeago:meago 1,329 35 Tiny Ramen by MissNicka Tiny Ramen :iconmissnicka:MissNicka 151 32
The French
The French, firstly, is arrogant. He is ignorant enough to think that the French revolution brought A LOT to all of Europe. Yeah, right. UK: still have a queen. Germany: Used to have a king until the World War One. Do I continue? But surely, the French does not know that Jean-Jacques Rousseau, who contributed a lot to the famous French "Droits de l'Homme et du Citoyen" was living in Geneva, Switzerland. Great! But let us not forget that it is partially because of Lafayette that you Americans eat awful pies on July 4th, and he was French. About the revolution, I want you all to remember that, OK, we killed the king, but what came then, huh? Napoleon, an EMPEROR who is compared in certain countries to Hitler. Yes. Actually, this is a bit unfair because he did good things such as, permit the girls to NOT get married before the age of sixteen.
Sure, the French likes to riot. Everything is good to create your own revolution. "Excuse me, Sir, but there is a fly in my soup! I protest! Ple
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Sally. by Maho-Urei Sally. :iconmaho-urei:Maho-Urei 2,444 108 Human Mane 6: Rainbow Dash by NetaMenta Human Mane 6: Rainbow Dash :iconnetamenta:NetaMenta 1,765 93 Flying noodles by TaniDaReal Flying noodles :icontanidareal:TaniDaReal 1,836 145 Ordon Pumpkins -tloz- by xue-az Ordon Pumpkins -tloz- :iconxue-az:xue-az 2,676 501 Czech potato soup by PaSt1978 Czech potato soup :iconpast1978:PaSt1978 383 270 Ramen by Shattered-Earth Ramen :iconshattered-earth:Shattered-Earth 772 50 1:12 Chicken Noodle Soup and Salad by Bon-AppetEats 1:12 Chicken Noodle Soup and Salad :iconbon-appeteats:Bon-AppetEats 682 52 Shanghai Soup Dumplings by theresahelmer Shanghai Soup Dumplings :icontheresahelmer:theresahelmer 957 88 Tsuna Sushi by kimchii Tsuna Sushi :iconkimchii:kimchii 2,796 244 Primordial Soup by gyaban Primordial Soup :icongyaban:gyaban 2,319 250 Since I am dead by Maho-Urei Since I am dead :iconmaho-urei:Maho-Urei 601 24 The Start of Autumn by e-Sidera The Start of Autumn :icone-sidera:e-Sidera 495 107 1:12 Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese by Bon-AppetEats 1:12 Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese :iconbon-appeteats:Bon-AppetEats 1,019 128 Quick food: Dahl soup by Majnouna Quick food: Dahl soup :iconmajnouna:Majnouna 297 52 Weekend prototype by RichardLems Weekend prototype :iconrichardlems:RichardLems 284 46 Bubble Trouble by shirotsuki Bubble Trouble :iconshirotsuki:shirotsuki 2,064 240 The nightmare before christmas by Maho-Urei The nightmare before christmas :iconmaho-urei:Maho-Urei 1,465 50 Quick food: Sweet and sour soup by Majnouna Quick food: Sweet and sour soup :iconmajnouna:Majnouna 296 26 Jack's Lament by Maho-Urei Jack's Lament :iconmaho-urei:Maho-Urei 236 8 Questionnaire by Maho-Urei Questionnaire :iconmaho-urei:Maho-Urei 229 30 Din Farting Comic by lolotron5 Din Farting Comic :iconlolotron5:lolotron5 224 9 32 cans of soup on the wall... by thePicSees 32 cans of soup on the wall... :iconthepicsees:thePicSees 467 31 Burst by pete-aeiko Burst :iconpete-aeiko:pete-aeiko 1,396 117 dinner for everyone by nnoik dinner for everyone :iconnnoik:nnoik 2,472 290 Bunny chef! by Diives Bunny chef! :icondiives:Diives 440 26 Hide your face by humon Hide your face :iconhumon:humon 1,054 137 Sushi by Pajunen Sushi :iconpajunen:Pajunen 537 180 Miso Mermaid by AnnekaTran Miso Mermaid :iconannekatran:AnnekaTran 629 50 Mushroomer by barnaulsky-zeek Mushroomer :iconbarnaulsky-zeek:barnaulsky-zeek 699 72 Beginning of Winter by shawli2007 Beginning of Winter :iconshawli2007:shawli2007 405 41
Feeding the Hungry... Kinda
 "Alright, sweetie, it's closing time!" old Ms. Wells politely told her young assistant, Courtney, as she placed the last large pot of tomato soup on the back counter. The two had just spent the majority of their Saturday serving soup to the homeless of Springfield, Illinois, one of the few things the aging woman still had left to enjoy ever since her husband had died of heart strain a few years back.
 Courtney dusted off her hands and smiled. "You got it, boss!" she replied, adjusting her loose brown apron as she made her way to the front windows of the service center. Originally, the idea of volunteering at a grubby old soup kitchen just for college credit didn't appeal to her, but she had rather liked the last few weekends with Ms. Wells, especially how naïve and friendly the senior worker acted.
 Despite their love for helping the community, the two differed in nearly every category. Ms. Wells was a short, stout old woman with a cloud of grayish-white
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Super Tomato Soup by okayokayokok Super Tomato Soup :iconokayokayokok:okayokayokok 516 12 Merry Christmas! by Maho-Urei Merry Christmas! :iconmaho-urei:Maho-Urei 397 8