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KH - Ultimate Sora Partay by rasenth KH - Ultimate Sora Partay :iconrasenth:rasenth 2,158 427 Storm Rider by MrLipschutz Storm Rider :iconmrlipschutz:MrLipschutz 2,648 166 Keep Me In Your Heart by mree Keep Me In Your Heart :iconmree:mree 6,607 651 Sora by PrincessElemmiriel Sora :iconprincesselemmiriel:PrincessElemmiriel 10,215 1,052 Sora - Anti Form by MrLipschutz Sora - Anti Form :iconmrlipschutz:MrLipschutz 4,208 352 Anti-Sora by Uzlo Anti-Sora :iconuzlo:Uzlo 1,808 167 Reconnecting The Sky -Sora- by mazjojo Reconnecting The Sky -Sora- :iconmazjojo:mazjojo 6,195 687 CosPhotography: Sora by Risachantag CosPhotography: Sora :iconrisachantag:Risachantag 3,710 384
Death Battle: Pit vs. Sora

Ray: When darkness’s influence is starting to take over the universe, the forces of light draw on, not a burly, muscular man, but a child of pure heart and untainted by evil.
Steel: Pit, the Champion of Palutena…
Ray: And Sora, the Keyblade’s Chosen Wielder.
Ray: Because of their vast, customizable arsenals, we’re going to limit these two to what they’re most comfortable using in terms of their preferred weapons, spells and equipment for offense and defense. For a fair fight, there will be NO outside help for either of these two.
Steel: “But Steel, they have all these summons, transformations, and all these cool friends and stuff.” SHUT UP! It’s our show and we’ll call the shots here!
-No friends
-No summons
No Items
-Health items and dropped weapons forbidden
-Best Equipment/Accessories for defensive purpose
-Offensive, regenerative, and defensive abilities only
:icondimension-dino:Dimension-Dino 110 157
Kingdom Hearts Untangled by Ardinaryas Kingdom Hearts Untangled :iconardinaryas:Ardinaryas 1,867 334 Sora - Valor Form by MrLipschutz Sora - Valor Form :iconmrlipschutz:MrLipschutz 5,011 214 Kingdom Hearts - Sora Poster by Barlee Kingdom Hearts - Sora Poster :iconbarlee:Barlee 7,388 573 Sora - Wisdom Form by MrLipschutz Sora - Wisdom Form :iconmrlipschutz:MrLipschutz 4,003 176 Santa Form Sora - Inktober 2016 by Laovaan Santa Form Sora - Inktober 2016 :iconlaovaan:Laovaan 1,847 40 Sora by aiki-ame Sora :iconaiki-ame:aiki-ame 2,332 141 Sora - Drive Forms by MrLipschutz Sora - Drive Forms :iconmrlipschutz:MrLipschutz 3,294 233 Kingdom Hearts: Light by Risachantag Kingdom Hearts: Light :iconrisachantag:Risachantag 1,769 56 Halloween Sora - Inktober 2016 by Laovaan Halloween Sora - Inktober 2016 :iconlaovaan:Laovaan 2,667 63 Chibi Sora by ProdigyBombay Chibi Sora :iconprodigybombay:ProdigyBombay 5,170 262 SoraRoxas Bead Sprite Art by SerenaAzureth SoraRoxas Bead Sprite Art :iconserenaazureth:SerenaAzureth 348 25 Kingdom Hearts Chess by Barlee Kingdom Hearts Chess :iconbarlee:Barlee 4,717 283 Flames of DOOM -comic 2- by dragonnova Flames of DOOM -comic 2- :icondragonnova:dragonnova 3,267 290 The light in me by suzuran The light in me :iconsuzuran:suzuran 1,299 112 Fire Storm by pupukachoo Fire Storm :iconpupukachoo:pupukachoo 4,552 809 Happy go lucky by Evil-Uke-Sora Happy go lucky :iconevil-uke-sora:Evil-Uke-Sora 324 82 Final Flight - Sora by suzuran Final Flight - Sora :iconsuzuran:suzuran 1,653 177 KH - Sora Atlantica by Cowslip KH - Sora Atlantica :iconcowslip:Cowslip 1,217 140 light surrounding you by illbewaiting light surrounding you :iconillbewaiting:illbewaiting 5,241 0 KH2- Roxas X Sora by meru-chan KH2- Roxas X Sora :iconmeru-chan:meru-chan 6,641 497 KH2- Other Half- SoraRoku by meru-chan KH2- Other Half- SoraRoku :iconmeru-chan:meru-chan 4,113 258 Sora - Final Form by MrLipschutz Sora - Final Form :iconmrlipschutz:MrLipschutz 4,904 445 Dispose of heartless, plz by Spwinkles Dispose of heartless, plz :iconspwinkles:Spwinkles 329 190 The Heart of Light by AbyssWolf The Heart of Light :iconabysswolf:AbyssWolf 1,908 65 Kingdom Hearts 3 by suzuran Kingdom Hearts 3 :iconsuzuran:suzuran 896 77 CosPhoto: Tidus+Sora: Friends by Risachantag CosPhoto: Tidus+Sora: Friends :iconrisachantag:Risachantag 2,065 145 Monsters University by MrLipschutz Monsters University :iconmrlipschutz:MrLipschutz 3,277 275 Duel Stance by MrLipschutz Duel Stance :iconmrlipschutz:MrLipschutz 3,521 168 Tutorial: How to do a keyblade (Oblivion) by chibinis-chan Tutorial: How to do a keyblade (Oblivion) :iconchibinis-chan:chibinis-chan 339 70 Sora Kingdom Hearts by RerinKin Sora Kingdom Hearts :iconrerinkin:RerinKin 1,506 254 Sora- Wherever you Are by twinfools Sora- Wherever you Are :icontwinfools:twinfools 1,883 178 Sora- A New Day by twinfools Sora- A New Day :icontwinfools:twinfools 1,152 123 Roxas vs Sora by suzuran Roxas vs Sora :iconsuzuran:suzuran 1,559 197 Harmony by awanqi Harmony :iconawanqi:awanqi 881 83 Kingdom hearts by Kamaniki Kingdom hearts :iconkamaniki:Kamaniki 880 31 Kingdom Hearts: Paopu Boy by VandorWolf Kingdom Hearts: Paopu Boy :iconvandorwolf:VandorWolf 1,681 396 Sora by AnaKris Sora :iconanakris:AnaKris 2,683 349 KH- Halloween Sora by meru-chan KH- Halloween Sora :iconmeru-chan:meru-chan 3,013 178 The Keyblade Maker by vvmasterdrfan The Keyblade Maker :iconvvmasterdrfan:vvmasterdrfan 588 132