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You stand here in
this somber place,
the rain pelting
your sorrowed face
I think about
how you do feign,
as your salty tears
mix with the rain
And as your lips do drip
with bitter sorrow,
I yearn for you
a better tomorrow
:icontangled-tales:Tangled-Tales 166 143
Somber Whimsy XII :iconmegancoffey:MeganCoffey 337 18 Stalker: Northern Passage :iconzen-master:Zen-Master 255 14 Rose of Winter :iconthatcraftychick:thatcraftychick 775 415 Somberness :iconnovamcknight:NovaMcKnight 401 94
The Parable of the Writer
Three writers came to the table, manuscripts in hand.
One writer said,
"I wrote this piece to be edited.  There is plenty to be cut and moved around."
Another writer said,
"I wrote this piece to be published.  Between these pages you'll find everything people want to see."
The last writer said,
"I wrote this to be read."
Then he set his manuscript down, and walked away.
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Kindred Shadows :iconmiguel-santos:Miguel-Santos 295 12 Autumn Haze II :iconphotopathica:Photopathica 1,119 196 King Sombra :iconslifertheskydragon:slifertheskydragon 1,156 57 The Traveler :iconzatransis:Zatransis 1,397 158 End of :iconjaimeibarra:JaimeIbarra 347 10 Carmine Accompaniment For Dancing Somnambulist :iconnataliadrepina:NataliaDrepina 387 11 Hanging Tree :iconhengki24:Hengki24 1,340 71 Olive Nude :iconrobrey:robrey 779 34 The Maiden :iconpiepon:piepon 618 41 The Somber Crusader :iconrain-gear:Rain-Gear 433 42 King Sombra 3D Print :iconclawed-nyasu:Clawed-Nyasu 474 65 Blackjack - Spin :iconfrozenpyro71:frozenpyro71 289 38 I Confess :icongoneloopy:goneloopy 77 12 Ever Somber :icongirltripped:girltripped 1,522 77 Colourless Rainbow :iconatmospark:Atmospark 2,165 109
So let's be honest:
There are moments when your eyes catch mine and your familiar scent fills my mind and for one second, I feel completely drunk on you again.
For one second, everything is entirely you and there's nothing for me but memories and soft skin and the thought of being tangled under the sun again with you.
[I shouldn't be saying this.]
Then you open your mouth and I realize, I don't know you anymore.
I've gotten used to feeling guilty for mistakes that you've made, for letting you lie to me, for letting you fall apart,
But can we please just try to get this history off of my mind? Sometimes it seems like you're only a crumbling reminder of what I gave up on.
[It's not the same, it will never be the same.]
I've begun psycho-analyzing the actions I takes, and it seems that after all this time, everything I do is for you.
You're a hypocrite
And a liar
And I love you.
[I can't have you. I don't need you. God, I want you.]
Then you open your mouth and I real
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Shine :iconoer-wout:Oer-Wout 1,598 88 Post Apocalyptic Kuching (Waterfront) :iconjulian-faylona:Julian-Faylona 159 13 Tyranny :iconwhitestar1802:Whitestar1802 733 193 mist 131 :iconhengki24:Hengki24 431 47
Wilted Rose
She wraps herself in somber lies
Step out of the rain, don't drown my dear.
Consumed by grief and doubt, she cries
She has but nothing left to fear.
She squanders love as it comes her way
Step into the light, don't hide my dear.
With a wistful plea, she begs him to stay
But does her frail heart prove sincere?
She regrets letting him slip though her fingers
Step out of the cold, don't shiver my dear.
On the tip of her tongue, her lost love lingers
The sorrow foretold that they wouldn't cohere.
Streams of scarlet run down her shoulder
Step into the darkness, don't wither my dear.
All she needs is for someone to hold her
Someone to listen as she sheds a tear.
Silence becomes her, as still as the night
Step into the warmth, don't freeze my dear.
To take that plunge off a bridge, she might
Only to bring forth the end that is near.
She carries on her tenuous life
Step away from it all, don't weep my dear.
Cutting her deep like the sharpest knife
This state of apprehension won't disappear.
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