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Enlightened by Miguel-Santos Enlightened :iconmiguel-santos:Miguel-Santos 3,006 192 Landscapes Wallpaper-Pack by Miguel-Santos Landscapes Wallpaper-Pack :iconmiguel-santos:Miguel-Santos 2,568 257 Draw with Me: Prints by Mikeinel Draw with Me: Prints :iconmikeinel:Mikeinel 4,777 86 Morninglow by Miguel-Santos Morninglow :iconmiguel-santos:Miguel-Santos 5,329 1,084 Tears of October by Miguel-Santos Tears of October :iconmiguel-santos:Miguel-Santos 1,344 139 The Kirin O Ka Fee by RubisFirenos The Kirin O Ka Fee :iconrubisfirenos:RubisFirenos 1,092 51 Broccoli Planet in Winter by Dr-Pen Broccoli Planet in Winter :icondr-pen:Dr-Pen 1,338 113 Crab Cribrarius by Miguel-Santos Crab Cribrarius :iconmiguel-santos:Miguel-Santos 3,340 401 Japanese Painting - Aurora Chinese Dragon by RubisFirenos Japanese Painting - Aurora Chinese Dragon :iconrubisfirenos:RubisFirenos 1,169 30 Aqua Spaceshipyard by Dr-Pen Aqua Spaceshipyard :icondr-pen:Dr-Pen 1,062 46 Under a Dim Grey Sky by Miguel-Santos Under a Dim Grey Sky :iconmiguel-santos:Miguel-Santos 1,693 536 Sunrise Flow by Miguel-Santos Sunrise Flow :iconmiguel-santos:Miguel-Santos 2,371 118 Into the Past by Miguel-Santos Into the Past :iconmiguel-santos:Miguel-Santos 1,999 168 Lagoon Memories by Miguel-Santos Lagoon Memories :iconmiguel-santos:Miguel-Santos 2,195 323 Galaxy Wolf by RubisFirenos Galaxy Wolf :iconrubisfirenos:RubisFirenos 873 47 Pena Forest by Miguel-Santos Pena Forest :iconmiguel-santos:Miguel-Santos 1,346 79 Golden Wolf by RubisFirenos Golden Wolf :iconrubisfirenos:RubisFirenos 738 21 Araucaria sunset by Miguel-Santos Araucaria sunset :iconmiguel-santos:Miguel-Santos 2,414 615 Flower Guy by qissus Flower Guy :iconqissus:qissus 730 36 SHIRT - Soul Trio by TastesLikeAnya SHIRT - Soul Trio :icontasteslikeanya:TastesLikeAnya 1,364 60 Beneath the Shades by Miguel-Santos Beneath the Shades :iconmiguel-santos:Miguel-Santos 588 21 throw pillows by Apofiss throw pillows :iconapofiss:Apofiss 2,556 158
PE: Presentation matters
Presentation matters
It's not just the artwork that tells you something about it's creator - on the internet, the way you present it is at least equally as important. Your painting can be a masterpiece, hanged in a local gallery, but as long as you post a blurry, badly cropped picture named "1564873" along with "..." in an artist's description, nobody will ever bother visiting your gallery. Creating a nice, representative profile page and setting a certain visual quality standard takes extra time and effort, but if you really care for your work (even if it's just a hobby), you should treat it with some respect.
I've already written a related article called The power of context that tried to explain how to place your work in a context in order to better connect with your audience, this one is focused
:iconjane-beata:jane-beata 264 69
Surfers bond by Miguel-Santos Surfers bond :iconmiguel-santos:Miguel-Santos 1,043 130 Barn Owl O Ka Fee by RubisFirenos Barn Owl O Ka Fee :iconrubisfirenos:RubisFirenos 991 43 Song of Dragons by berinne Song of Dragons :iconberinne:berinne 986 29 Midnight Queen by Derek-Castro Midnight Queen :iconderek-castro:Derek-Castro 212 25 Jack Skellington. by xAteyox Jack Skellington. :iconxateyox:xAteyox 699 31 Dragon's Waves by RubisFirenos Dragon's Waves :iconrubisfirenos:RubisFirenos 1,058 31 Permian Sunrise by Miguel-Santos Permian Sunrise :iconmiguel-santos:Miguel-Santos 1,691 94 Giving Up My Echoes by weroni Giving Up My Echoes :iconweroni:weroni 194 24 Rainbow Sublime by Miguel-Santos Rainbow Sublime :iconmiguel-santos:Miguel-Santos 1,088 136 Melodies of a Season's change by Miguel-Santos Melodies of a Season's change :iconmiguel-santos:Miguel-Santos 968 115 Goku Redes shirts by kasai Goku Redes shirts :iconkasai:kasai 410 18 White Fox RIBBONS by RubisFirenos White Fox RIBBONS :iconrubisfirenos:RubisFirenos 1,087 7 The Flying Fox O Ka Fee by RubisFirenos The Flying Fox O Ka Fee :iconrubisfirenos:RubisFirenos 668 34 The Tomb Raider by spicyroll The Tomb Raider :iconspicyroll:spicyroll 394 25 Drake by RubisFirenos Drake :iconrubisfirenos:RubisFirenos 814 26 Solar Stags by Sutexii Solar Stags :iconsutexii:Sutexii 1,268 42 Beyond the Wall of Thorns by spicyroll Beyond the Wall of Thorns :iconspicyroll:spicyroll 400 28 Low Poly Landscape by error-23 Low Poly Landscape :iconerror-23:error-23 162 34 The Shepherd by spicyroll The Shepherd :iconspicyroll:spicyroll 337 48 Foxglove Home by Miguel-Santos Foxglove Home :iconmiguel-santos:Miguel-Santos 425 50 Demon Babe by CamiFortuna Demon Babe :iconcamifortuna:CamiFortuna 417 8 Cubones and Marowak Shirt, Mugs, etc. by francis-john Cubones and Marowak Shirt, Mugs, etc. :iconfrancis-john:francis-john 274 7 Lady GaGa - Mother Monster by DeniseEsposito Lady GaGa - Mother Monster :icondeniseesposito:DeniseEsposito 521 150 Shaman by MarjorieDavis Shaman :iconmarjoriedavis:MarjorieDavis 221 19 Blinded by Light by spicyroll Blinded by Light :iconspicyroll:spicyroll 438 63 Come at me Bro by e-pona Come at me Bro :icone-pona:e-pona 147 48