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The Peanuts Revolution


The Peanuts Revolution

By techgnotic
Snoopy by fubango
Charles M. SCHULZ & Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown and Snoopy
by Chris-Tirri
Peanuts was the King of the Newspaper Comic Strips, its 17,879 4-panel strips running from 1950 until the death of the author/illustrator/creator Charles M. Schulz in 2000. Along the
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Just One Loud Person
(Lincoln is sitting on the street alone, being sad. His Sisters and Clyde walk up to him.)
Clyde: What’s wrong, Lincoln?
Lynn: Yeah, why the long face?
Lucy: You look more depressed than a character in a Gothic novel.
Lisa: And you sheem shadder than a Shaliksh Babylonica…
Lincoln: A what?
Lisa: A weeping willow.
Lincoln: Well, guys, it’s just that… sometimes I feel like such a failure… Like I’m a total trainwreck…
Leni: That’s not true, Linky, you’re not a train. (Others look at her) What?
Clyde: Anyway, don’t beat yourself up, Lincoln. I’m your best friend.
Lucy: And we’re your Sisters. We’re all here for you.
Lynn: Yeah, I may use you as my sparring partner,
Luan: I may play pranks on you,
Lori: And I may literally call you a twerp sometimes,
Lana: But you’re our brother, and we love you.
Luna: Yeah, Bro, and what’s more important: we believe in you. (Takes her guitar and starts playing it and
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