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Cuddles? (LeviXReader)
You sat on the couch, knees tucked up against your chest, your hands hugging underneath your knees, and stared.
What you were staring at was a desk.
On top of that desk were mounds of paper.
And behind that desk was a chair.
In that chair sat a certain Corporal, who also happened to be your boyfriend, with midnight locks and steely blue eyes, attempting to conquer the mountain of paperwork before him, his gaze never leaving from it.
You gave the oblivious man a scowl. He was always working, always doing more paperwork, always never having anytime to do “pointless things”, like the “pointless thing” you wanted to do now.
And boy were you tired of sitting on the couch alone. It was time to take action.
“Oh Leviiiii~,” you sang, getting up and sauntering to the front of his desk. He flicked his gaze up at you, though his pen continued to dance across his paper. He raised an eyebrow, and you decided to be blunt with him. “Stop doing your pa
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Who's Shorter? (Levi X Reader One-Shot)
                                               Who’s Shorter?
                                        (A Levi X Reader One-shot)
You and your friends sat at the table, loudly talking throughout the time allotted for lunch. While you were eating your bread, you heard Jean get a bright idea. “Hey, we should play truth or dare.” He smiled at his idea, like he was some kind of a genius. Eren however, had a different idea, “What’s the point in that Jean?” He question cockily, “We all know that wimps are going to chose truth!” He lowered his voice and mumbled, “Like you…” Jean was offended and stood up, “Watch it Jager! I would have chosen dare and you know it!” Your facial expression twitched as th
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Out of Tea (LeviXReader)
(General warning about language my dears)
You walked quickly down the hall towards the kitchen, desperate for a drink.
A drink of water because H2O YEAH GOTTA STAY HYDRATED.
You were a thirsty little shit (in more ways than one) and constantly went back and forth from the kitchen to get more water.  You were coming close to the kitchen, and your throat parched in anticipation of the icy goodness it was about to receive.  
Around a corner up ahead, coming for the way to the kitchen, came Eren and Hanji at a sprint.  The pair skidded to a stop in front of you, eyes wide with terror.
“Hey guys, what’s u-“You began, only to be cut off by Eren.
“[F/n], whatever you do, stay away from the kitchen,” He said, hands shaking slightly.
“But why no-“
He shoved his index finger against your lips and leaned down so his eyes were at the same level as yours.  “Stay. The. Fuck. Away. From. The. Kitchen.&
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Levi X Titan! Reader
You watched as another titan devoured one of those humans, hearing his agonised screams as he was swallowed whole, you didn't know why, but you never felt the desire to eat or kill humans and sometimes you would kill a few of your own kind yourself to ease boredom.
Even though you were 15 meters tall and easily detectable you didn't want much attention as you knew that some of those humans were quite lethal, some could even turn into titans themselves, you made sure to stay clear of them.
Turning around to walk in the opposite direction, you were just about to walk away when suddenly a black dot zoomed past your view and on to one of the buildings, looking down you noticed who it was.
He had blonde hair styled into a bob and stared directly at you with a hint of fear in his eyes whilst clutching his shoulder which was bleeding.
You were surprised that a human in such a state had survived so long.
One of the other titans had taken notice of the human and walked slowly towards him,
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AoT: Levi's Cute Hiccups [Levi x Reader]
."[f/n]!!!!!!" Hanji yelled across the hallway.
You sighed and turned around, dead panning her as she ran down the hall like a headless chicken. She's been bugging you a lot for the past week telling you all about her little children. Correction, her Titan children.
"What now Hanji, I swear if you're here to tell me one of your titans was being a bad boy again I will slap--" you got cut off by her loud voice.
"HAVE YOU SEEN SHORTY HICCUP BEFORE?" She stopped right in front of your nose and grinned.
"Wait... What." You looked at her and processed what just happened. All you heard was Levi and hiccups. You gave a small smile and said "No."
"OH MY GOD YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS! COME ON" she grabbed your arm and dragged you down the hallway, earning looks of pity from your friends.
For once you didn't regret being dragged with Hanji because you will see an extremely rare sight.
Hanji stopped at a corner and motioned you to look. She covered up her mouth and nose, going all red in
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What Did I Do Wrong, Corporal? (Levi x Reader)
“I’m soooo hungry!” Sasha moaned. I rolled my eyes as we headed off to breakfast. “I haven’t eaten for hours!”
“You were dreaming about food. That made the rest of the people listening to your sleep talking hungry too!” Ymir growled at her, storming to the mess hall. I walked alongside them, silently agreeing with Ymir, and entered the mess hall.
Inside I grabbed my tray of food and we sat down to eat, when Commander Erwin came up to me. I got up and saluted him firmly, saying a powerful, “Commander Erwin sir! Good morning!”
“At ease, Cadet [l/n],” he said, waving me off. I relaxed my arms but remained rigid by his side.
“Cadet [l/n], there’s something I want to ask you help for something. Do you mind meeting me in my office after breakfast so we can discuss it?”
“Yes Commander Erwin sir! I’ll be there right away sir!” I replied. He nodded and left. I sat down, wondering what he
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Pouting (LeviXReader)
(Warning for very slight use of language)
Levi reluctantly fluttered open his eyes, bleary from recent sleep.  Lazily, he rolled over and grinned softly at the person curled up next to him.
Your legs were tucked loosely into your chest as you faced on your side towards Levi, looking somewhat like a human ball.  Your [H/c] hair fanned out around you, a startling contrast to the pure white of the pillow beneath.  Your breathing was deep and even, an evident sign you still resided in your peaceful slumber.
Levi sighed, knowing he had to get up and do whatever stupid paperwork he would be given today.  Deciding to let you catch up on sleep, he leaned over and gave a ghost of a kiss on your lips before sliding out of bed to take a shower.
Levi sunk down into a chair in the mess hall, and was only granted a moment of peace before the door slammed open and a group of recruits from the 104th trainees came thundering in.  He grunted i
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The Storm (LeviXReader)
The Strom (LevixReader)
(General warning about small use of language. That is all)
You sat upright in your bed, instantly wide awake as you bore your gaze to the only window in your room. You let out a little shriek, hugging your pillow as a bright flash of lightning darted across the sky, followed immediately by a loud clap of thunder. Eyes wide with fright, you peaked out from your pillow to the once again dark, lonely room.
Originally, as being the 11th place graduate from the 104th trainees, you had chosen to serve in the military police. Only to find that everyone there were lazy, immature ass-hats who had nothing better to do than harass citizens over petty-little things.  Frustrated with the injustice, you quickly transferred to the Scouting Regiment, a place you were terrified of being before, but with a renewed sense of loyalty to humanity, determined to make some sort of a difference.  
So here you were, stuck having a whole room to yourself in the HQ s
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In The Morning (LeviXReader)
(General warning about language because Levi doesn’t give a flying fritter)
You awoke as a shiver ran through your body due to the sudden lack of warmth.  Rolling over, you noticed Levi sitting on the edge of the bed, who had already tugged a shirt over his head and was now lacing up his boots.  You frowned at his back as he finished with one and began working on the other.  
You and Levi were, well, together.  He didn’t like to use the words ‘boyfriend’ and ‘girlfriend’, as he thought of them to be weird possessive pet names, therefore leaving you tongue-tied when describing your relationship.  
Now finished, you noticed his back tense up as he placed his hands on the bed, preparing to push himself to his feet.  With lightning fast reflexes you were next to him on the edge of the bed, placing your hand on his shoulder.
“Hey, what are you doing up so early?” You asked, followed by quickly pecking him on the l
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LevixReader [Type of Girl]
Eren and Jean were fighting...Again.
Levi observed from a good distance without the two noticing he was watching them, a scowl on his face as he continued to watch the fight unfold, he had lost count of how many times he broke the two up from their fights and lost count of how many times he made them do stable duty as punishment, no matter what he did, they would continue their fighting, he didn't know why they would fight, sometimes it was over something so small and stupid.
He ran his fingers through his raven locks and let out a frustrated sigh, his gaze went back to the scene with his fingers still in his fringe before removing them and then crossing his arms.
“Are they still at it?” Hanji asked as she approached the raven haired male.
“What do you think shitty glasses?” He asked her, glaring at the brunette next to him. “Are you fucking blind with those glasses or what?”
“You didn't need to be mean shorty.” She patted him on the head
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Why? [Levi x Shy!Reader]
(A/N: According to Wikia, he is actually older than 30. But for the sake of this story, I'm making him around his late 20's! Really hope you enjoy this one shot. I made it up real fast.) 
It hadn’t been long since you were placed under Levi’s squad. To you, mostly, it was a little strange as you thought you were originally going to be placed under Hanji, whom you were more interested in with her experiments than anything else… However, Levi had volunteered to take you in. And you didn’t know why. You like the idea of being hand-picked by him, to be part of his special operation squad next to Eren, Mikasa, and Armin. But you had a knack of intelligence when science and experiments are involved, so it would make sense if you had joined Hanji’s side.
You also didn’t quite get to interact with the corporal, but judging by his venomous personality and temperament that you witnessed as he presented in in court during Eren's trial, you could say
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Boop You Little Brat (LeviXReader)
(General warning about language because it wouldn’t be Levi without it)
Tugging the blankets fully over your head, you turned your body to the wall, attempting to ignore the voice.
“[F/n], get your ass outta bed!” The voice said, clearly getting pissed off as they were once again ignored.
The voice let out a snort of exasperation.  “Fine.  I tried, Krista.  She’s not moving, so let’s just go, I don’t need to get in trouble with shortstack again.”  The sound of stomping footsteps retreating from your little nest followed, along with the door opening and slamming shut.
Taking in a deep breath, you exhaled slowly.  Finally, now I can sleep… You thought as your body slipped back into slumber, resuming some weird-ass dream that Jean was actually half horse and Sasha had turned into a giant potato. (Im really sorry I just haD TO)
Levi narrowed his eye
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The Art of Seduction - Levi x Reader
Going to Hanji for help was never a good idea, and never had this been more emphasised than at this very moment.
Levi was trying to seduce you.
Foolishly, he approached the only one he thought was wild enough to actually know anything about courting. And, to be quite honest, their interaction went exactly as expected – poorly. She kept talking nonsense about buying flowers and chocolates and every other clichéd move in the big book of clichéd moves. He also couldn’t help but notice that she’d completely dusted over the fact that he wanted to fuck you, not propose to you.
Levi had always had a thing for you; ever since you started working with him there was just something that caused him to eye you endlessly. You were just so alluringly attractive to him, and once he got an eyeful of you no one else seemed to cut it anymore.
Maybe it was your [H/C] hair? He always liked that colour on women. Maybe it was the perfect way it collided with the shade of your skin
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What are you doing? | Erwin x Reader
You were just laying in bed, reading a book you found on the floor of Commander Erwin's office. It really seemed to catch your attention for you to borrow it without permission.
"...he then kissed me in the neck, and I could feel his seductive hot breathing against my skin, making me shiver in delight..."
Your checks flared up to a shade of red. And the room was sort of hot, so it got worse. Heck, today was an extremely hot day.
'Oh Renald...' I sighed"
"Oh Erwin..." You closed your eyes and for a second you imagined you and Erwin together in his office, doing the same things as the characters in the novel.
You really liked books, especially romantic ones. Ever since you found out Erwin was a bookworm himself with lots of romance novels, He'd lend you one once in a while, but he started getting reluctant to let you borrow them for some reason. It was then when you fell for the handsome commander, admiring his intelligence and personality.
Just as when your imagination was about to get
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Cheater!Levi x Reader Say My Name {Song Fic}
*Warning Strong Language and slight sexual themes
Say My Name ~ Destiny's Child
Any other day
I would call, you would say,
"Baby, how's your day?"
But today, it ain't the same
Every other word is "Uh huh", "Yeah, okay"
Could it be that you are at the crib with another lady
If you took it there
First of all let me say
I am not the one to sit around and be played
So prove yourself to me
I'm the girl that you claim
Why don't you say the things
That you said to me yesterday
       Nervous digits shook. (H/c) tresses were tugged in frustration. (E/c) orbs were glossy with liquid. Suspicion and assumptions have taken over every fiber of her being. She didn't want to believe her own assumptions were accurate. The delicate muscle in her wretched at the possibility. Sweat ac
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Stay With Me (Cheater!Levi X Reader) AU
~A/N: Listen As You Read! You May Need To Replay Once Or Twice!
This Is The Next Part To This Fic! ~

A long drag of smoke billowed from the soft glowing embers of the cigarette, undulating into the already misty midnight air grown heavy with the gentle breeze. Running a chilled and slightly pale hand through his onyx-raven locks, he attempted to tame the slightly tousled locks from his previous encounter with the woman he had spent quite a few hours with. He had already ridden himself of the overcoat laced with the overpowering scent of her disgusting perfume that she seemed to drench herself in, and had wiped away most of the ruby red lipstick stains sprawled over his neck, leaving him in his casual obsidian button-down shirt tucked into his charcoal-tinted pants. Besides his daily rendezvous with the ravenous women, he always felt calmed and
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AoT: Sleep talking [Levi x Reader]
Inspired by
You took a seat in your desk and sighed. The sun was setting and everyone was just about to go to eat dinner. As for you, well, you didn't even have the energy to eat. You were just damn tired after a day of training new recruits. Since they were all new to the scouting legion, you had to teach them literally everything from zero to a hundred. They were a bunch of curious kids that asked way too many questions as well.
You decided it was best to take a shower and relieve your aching body, and have some time to relax. You let the warm water sprinkle over yourself and smiled. Just feeling the warm water against your skin made your stress evaporate away like the steam.
After you had finished taking your very long bath, it was almost time to sleep, not for you, but for the cadets. You still had a bunch of paperwork waiting for you, sitting on the side of your table like good children waiting for t
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{Levi x Mute!Reader} Meow! Meow!
“[Name], can you keep a secret?” your friend asked you in a hushed whisper; though you had glared at her with the utmost distaste, she released a carefree laugh at your silent anger. “I knew you could!”
A soft mewling erupted from your friend's bag, and she pulled it open, lifting up a ball of matted raven-black fur. “I found this little guy wandering the headquarters in the rain, and I just couldn't leave him out there!”
You stared at her with your classic 'are you an idiot' look. The consequences of your punishment if someone was to catch you two in the hall with this feline was staggering, but being the caring person you were, you couldn't completely reject those wide, gray eyes blinking back at you helplessly, no matter how much trouble there would be to pay if caught.
“I know how much you like animals," she cooed and practically shoved the little black fluff ball in your face. His thin whiskers tickled your skin, and he gently placed his s
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A Bad Case of Jealousy {Levi x Reader} COMM
Levi couldn't help but feel absolutely consumed with jealousy. His pedantically clean teeth gritted as he saw his (y/n), his lover, his everything doting over someone who was not him. Was (y/n) cheating? No. Would (y/n) ever hurt him on purpose? No. Was Levi's raging jealousy unnecessary and unfounded? Yes. Did he care? Not at all.
This was the fifth time that Levi had caught (y/n) adjusting Commander Erwin’s shirt collar. The close proximity that the two were in made Levi’s stomach turn, the way Erwin’s cheeks reddened slightly at (y/n)’s nearness also made Levi want to be sick, but Levi’s top reason for his vehement annoyance was that his (y/n) wasn’t paying attention to him. Levi clenched his pale palm into a tight fist when (y/n) began tidying Erwin’s hair.
“Erwin, surely a grown man of your reputation doesn’t need a nanny to tidy you up! … Or maybe you’re a baby in a commander costume!” Levi’s dark thou
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LevixReader [Strawberries]
Strawberries, oh how you love strawberries, with their juicy yet sweet taste, you loved them and you remembered your grandmother used to pick strawberries when you were younger, you used to go with her as she went to a man she knew who grew the strawberries and you would stare at the red berry in amazement.
But unfortunately Strawberries were rare ever since land was lost after the fall of wall Maria. You smiled, you were thankful your grandmother died naturally and peacefully before the wall fell, you were happy she didn't die a painful death, but your older siblings weren't so lucky.
You sighed and continued to walk the street, since the cadets had a day off, most went off to town while others were visiting family.
You looked around as people were walking the streets, you were currently wearing your civilian clothing since well, you got a day off. A smile was on your lips as you kept on walking. You rubbed the back of your neck and kept on going forward as a yawn escaped your lips.
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Honesty Day (LeviXReader)
(General warning of language you mother fuDGERS AHAHA YOU THOUGHT I WAS GONNA SAY SOMETHING ELSE okay sorry I’m done on to the story)
“Is everybody here?” Hanji asked, clapping her hands together while bouncing excitedly up and down on the balls of her feet.  Her glasses sat askew on the bridge of her nose, and it seemed that if she smiled any more her face might rip open.
Glancing around, you took note of the other unfortunate souls in the room.  Jean, Eren, Armin, Sasha, Mikasa, Connie, Krista, Ymir, Reiner, Berthold, Mike, and even Erwin and Levi.  Wow, you thought, though not really surprised.  What were all of you doing, sitting in a circle of chairs in the middle of the mess hall?  
You had no clue, only that Hanji had set this up, which meant things would either becoming horribly awkward or embarrassing for everyone.
“Okay, this looks like everyone!  Let’s get started!” The titan-lover adjusted her glasses
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Levi Army - Levi x Reader
"Dada, I'm hungry!" Yells a toddler.
"What are you drinking, daddy?" Questions another.
"Where's Mama?"
"I can't find my teddy bear, dada!"
"Dada, I'm still hungry..."
"Me too!" 
"What are all these big words, dada?" A third child pulls down a few of Levi's paperwork, causing half a stack to fall to the floor.
"Don't touch that."
"Is this daddy's coloring paper?" The second child picks up some of the paper and studies it.
"Can i color it?"
"Daddy! I'm dying!" The third, and youngest, begins wailing.
"It's just a paper cut." Levi turns his head to the others. "You two, stop running around before you break someth-"
Crash! There went the vase.

"Uh oh."
"You broke it!"
"No I didn't!"
"Yes you did!"
"No I didn't!"
"Be quiet, you two." Levi walks over to them.
The third child, currently unattended, tries reaching for the tea cup.
"Are you two okay?"
"Yep!" The middle child responds happily.
"Sorry, Papa." The eldest confesses. "We didn't mean to."
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Gotta make 'em grow {Various Snk x Drunk!reader}
"Hanji" you giggled laying your pounding head against the table "If I  feed the Lance corporal mushrooms...will he grow?" Hanji smirked in amusement, taking you out for drinks was by far the best thing she had ever done. You drunk too much and now you were a defenseless girl whom Hanji can use for her evil entertainment.  
"You know, (y/n). I definitely think that will work" she nodded seriously, biting her lips so she didn't die of laughter."I think you should go try it"
"kk~" you smiled innocently and stumbled off to go find your loving, understanding and patient Lance corporal. You stopped past the kitchen and snuck in.
"Foood~" you giggled "Where areee youuu~" suddenly you tripped and landed on something small and warm...
"(y/n?)" a voice snapped in a harsh whisper.
"Connie!" you squealed happily hugging his small chest "I missed you!" he blushed and put a hand over your mouth "God keep it down (y/n), do you want us to get caught stealing food?"
you pout "I only wanted th
:iconthe-banshee-queen:The-Banshee-Queen 809 116
Sub Ad Mare - AU!{Pirate!Levi x Mermaid!Reader}
this is for my darling :iconparfaitchu:!! so sorry that this took long. //sobs
The man stared at the creature in disgust with a sneer. Dark eyes squinted at the bluish, damp skin and the webbed hands that clung onto the ropes, in which concealed you. Your body flailed, panicking and thrashing against the cordage. Levi clicked his tongue at you, eyes never daring to leave your pitch black orbs. "This is exactly what we need..." he announced, straightening his legs and stepping back up. You battered your arms, webbed palms tugging at the thick ropes. Your tail convulsed - in which it somewhat hung through the opening of the ropes - and you let out a harsh screech. Levi crinkled his nose at the noise.
"Bind it," he ordered. Two men, Gunther and Erd, immediately go by your side to tie your wrists together. You squirmed and grunted, pitch black hues staring at the short man in front of you. He crooned and tore his gaze away from you. "Put it in the tank."
You scrutinized the man with croppe
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Full - Levi x Reader
You shivered and wrapped your Scouting Legion cloak more tightly around your shoulders. You weren't sure what was more the cause of your sudden discomfort - the cold November air that inevitably seeped its way into the HQ, or the echo caused by your footfalls in the stone dormitory hallway. Normally, you wouldn't mind the quiet. Between the new recruits you train daily and the seemingly endless stream of tasks you receive from Irvin, you would relish the few moments of peace you could manage to find. Tonight, though, the quiet only served as a painful reminder to the many previously-occupied dorm rooms that now were empty.
You passed one of these rooms, and stopped short, your eyes glued to the wooden door. You recognized this one as belonging to Erd Gin. He was one of four members of Squad Levi, and one of the most capable scouts in the Legion. He was an amazing fighter and had a titan kill record to rival your own, and was growing to be an excellent leader. He seemed like a genuinely
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RqAoT:Is that a rash? [posessive!LevixReaderxEren]
Levi was known to be a cruel, somewhat sadistic person with almost no humane feelings.
But that was not the case.
He was jealous.
Jealous of seeing you and Eren together.
Only recently he started to notice how much he wanted you.  
Well naturally, since you and Eren were both childhood friends, you two would talk to each other, hang out and help comfort each other when they are in stress. Though you were unaware of it, Eren has a very big crush on you.
But, you admired Levi Heichou since he was humanity's strongest soldier, a hope for everyone in the survey corps. He was handsome and you just loved everything about him.
~A certain night~
Eren had been dismissed from Hanji's experiments and he felt awful. You were there to accompany him back to his room but he couldn't stand or walk straight.
Leaning against your shoulder, he collapsed to the ground.
"Eren! Are you okay?!" You moved his body so it was leaning against the wall.
"[f/n]... I d-don't think I can do this anymore.
:iconcellesticca:cellesticca 751 210
Feelings (LeviXReader)
(General warning about language, as always.  I mean, it’s Levi, what’d you expect?)
You cringed as the sound of oversized nails scraping along tree bark echoed in your ears.  Scooting your back further into the trunk of the tree, you pulled your knees in and glanced below the high, thick branch you were currently perched upon.  A small horde of titans that had been growing in size for the past few hours were gathered around your tree, making feeble attempts to reach you.
Well, you and the other person stuck here as well.  And it just had to be him.
Pulling your scouting cloak closer to your body, you nervously asked your annoyed looking corporal a question that had been nagging at you.
“The titans can’t climb, right Levi?”  He shot a glare at your sitting form at the use of his name instead of ‘sir’, but answered nonetheless.
“Tch.  Considering the fact that they’re dumb as fuck, I’d say we
:iconkokohanek:kokohanek 545 100
Perception - Levi x Reader
This was absolute torture.
It was yet another cleaning day around the HQ, and if you were being entirely honest you would rather saw your own arms off than clean the castle another damn time. All that scrubbing and bending over was hell on your hands and knees, you swore that one day you were going to collapse and die in the middle of the job and all Levi would say is “clean it again”.
But thankfully, as if you had the god’s own luck, Hanji pulled you away from your duties to instead ask a favour from you.
“[First], I need you to take this file to Levi,” she said before handing you a neatly sealed manila envelope.
“Not to look a gift horse in the mouth,” you started, “but why me?”
“Well, he’s angry with me! I accidentally left a cup of Titan saliva in the kitchen and Levi found out and… uh, he hasn’t spoken to me for three days.”
“Eww, why did you leave Titan spit in the kitchen?”
:iconwhat-the-honk:what-the-honk 642 177
Insomnia: Rivaille x Reader
The room was dark and quiet as you lay on your stomach, head turned so you were looking at the wall. The last few weeks you have been having nightmares that would keep you awake most of the night.
It seemed every time you closed your eyes, you would relive the death of your team. The nightmares were ever present on this night as well. Sighing, you pull yourself into a sitting position and stare at the door. Looking around you made sure the other cadets in the room were all still asleep, and then you push your blankets back and get out of bed and quickly make your way out the door. Once in the hallway you scurry to the kitchen in hopes of left over tea from dinner.
Once in the kitchen you were delighted to see there was still tea in the kettle. Pouring the tea into a glass you leaned against the counter and sipped the cooled tea. Closing your eyes you tried to relax, to forget the horrific sights you had seen in your dreams once again tonight.
Hearing the kitchen door open suddenly, you
:iconroxiepoxii:RoxiePoxii 756 140
I am a Man [Drunk Levi x Reader]
    You wormed your way through the sweaty crowd of barely dressed and, more often than not, drunk people. You had gone to the restroom and lost track of Levi's location and that was dangerous since he was above drinking age and there was a bar. He wasn't an alcoholic by any means but it was hard to stop once he started.
    You found him at the bright blue bar and made your way towards him.
    "Levi!" you called as you squeezed out of the crowd and stumbled into his back. He was spinning a bottle of beer and his usually pale face was completely flushed. Your eyebrows furrowed.
    "How much had you had?" you asked taking the bottle he had in his hand from him. His face scrunched up like a child and he made a feeble attempt at grabbing the bottle.
    "Oh, you know," he said, "Two, three. Maybe ten."
    "Ten?" You remembered he had three before you went to the restroom. Thinking back, it was probably a bad idea to fix your m
:iconlancecorporalbadass:lancecorporalbadass 763 156
Baby And Me - Levi x Reader
Your eyes snap wide open. You quickly sit up and turn your head to the clock: 3:52 AM.  Not wanting to wake your husband, you slide out of bed and tip-toe out the bedroom. After you shut the door, you begin to run down the hall, your feet echoing loudly on the floor. You almost knock down the door as you enter, responding to the faint fussing noises you heard. You run to the bassinet, and peer over. You sigh, partially because you’re cold, hungry, and insanely tired; the other half being that your worst nightmares were wrong.
Slowly, you pick up the swaddled infant, and start singing a few remembered lullabies, hoping the baby will calm down. Almost immediately, the child stops it’s fussing and looks at you with azure eyes, an annoyed expression of “Where were you? I’m hungry!” still etched on his face. You lower the right side of your nightgown, and you bring the newborn closer so you can breastfeed.  You felt the bags under your eyes. Your eyel
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Seven Minutes in Heaven - AU!Levi x Reader
You heard some arguing going on in the main room – clearly whoever you were paired with was getting cold feet. But nonetheless you made yourself as small as you could before they arrived. You weren’t sure if you were doing it out of embarrassment or anxiousness – either way it did make you feel a little better.
The sudden bright light flooded the room too fast for your eyes to adjust to, and before you could properly see who had just entered everything had gone dark again.
The person that entered the closet didn’t say anything, but rather just grunted trying to get himself comfortable.
“God damn you’re living in a fucking palace and you can’t afford a bigger broom closet?”
Your heart started to race at the sound of his voice, but nevertheless you kept your cool and simply answered, “Why would you need a big broom closet? The cleaners usually have their own.”
He didn’t respond for a moment, which made you slightly n
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Bath (Reader x Rivaille)
It was almost a fairy tale for you to get handpicked by no other than the humanity's strongest soldier, Rivaille. You weren't the brightest soldier in there but you got skills when it comes to killing titans. Just one order from your squad leader, you can finish it without any casualties. Let's just say, to that corporal, there is something in you that sparked his interest.
In your first day, you thought it would be different but you were once again assigned to clean the stables and every fireplace on the west wing of the HQ. No. You are wrong. There is a change. You got more chores than ever.
You've entered the nth room that day to clean the fireplace. Your body was almost covered in soot and you caught the smell of the stable but paid no attention to them. You just want to finish this God damned chore and take a warm bath.
You wiped a sweat trickling down your forehead with your soot covered arms.
"I wonder what would the corporal say when he sees me like this! Wait. Would he even re
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Doctor's Orders - A Levi x Reader Story!
You lent back against your chair and sighed, it had been a long night completing paperwork. You glanced at the window and saw the sun slowly snaking up into the sky, you groaned and lay you head down onto the desk,   You're (h/l)(h/c) fell  forward across your face as you softly closed your eyes. You had done all our work so you could meet Levi and the other squads when they arrived... You had a few hours... It would be fine.... Right?
Wrong... "Medical chef (l/n)!" Your office door was thrown open and a young cadet stood in the doorway.
You shoot up and put your hands against your desk to brace yourself, your legs shaking from their sudden and unexpected use. "What is it cadet?" You asked.
The expedition team just got back... They need your help in the infirmary." Levi. You grabbed your jacket from the back of your chair and swept past the terrified looking cadet and out the door.
"With me cadet." You called over your shoulder; the frozen cadet broke his trance and hurried after you.
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Someone Just LIke You. Levi x Titanshifter!reader
      “You can do this, (Y/n).” Eren said, “Just breathe.”
      You stood in the center of a field, only a few miles from the Recon Corps Headquarters. Eren stood in front of you, with Hanji and Levi a fair distance away on horseback. You took a deep breath, shuddering slightly on the exhale. Slowly, you lifted your hand to your mouth, letting it rest on your lips for a moment.
      “Remember,” Hanji called from her horse, “You’ll need a clear goal before transforming, so focus on the idea of picking him up.”
      You glanced up at Eren, who stood calmly in front of you, as if you weren’t about to turn into a giant Titan. Though, he would be more used to it than most. And of course if anything went wrong he could transform. Gathering your resolve, you opened your mouth, closing your teeth around your hand in one quick motion. You waited for the spark that signa
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Actor!Levi x Reader - Distance - [AU]
 It had been a long day, memorizing new lines added at the last minutes and repeating that fight scene over and over for the camera. Being an actor wasn't exactly what he though he'd be doing with his life three years ago, but after auditioning for a movie on a whim and landing the role, his career skyrocketed at the speed of light. He was big now, everyone in Hollywood knew his name and adored him. His unusual personality on top of his strange charm earned him the hearts of millions everywhere around the world. Nowadays, he was so consumed in his job he was lucky to have 2 minutes to take a shit. This new lifestyle was straining on everyone in his old life, and sadly, that included you.
    Being in graduate school, it's not like you could just drop out to move with him when he first started filming. So, he left, and you stayed. Your little long distance relationship was hard to deal with at first, but Levi always put an effort in to call or video chat
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Friendship - Child!Levi x Child!Reader
Levi pulled the tattered excuse for clothing closer to his body as the merciless wind engulfed his body in coldness. He shivered as he dug his fingers into his clothes as a way to warm himself up. This life that he lived was one no child should ever have to endure.
He couldn’t remember the last time he ate food that hadn’t been rotted or previously feasted on by someone else. He wanted his own meal, his own home, his own bed. But life in the slums worked against him. There was nothing he could do other than fight for his own survival.
You were holding tightly onto your father’s hand as the two of you ventured into the under city. He had come here on business with a merchant that was willing to buy something valuable of his. It was obvious this merchant was a type of black marketer. He was probably going to sell it to some shady friends for even more than he got it – but money was money, and your father didn’t care much where he got it as long as it was the
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[Chapter 1] No Regrets [Levi x Fem!Reader]
“Hey! You! Get back here!” a plump, middle-aged man wearing an apron yells as you sprint down the street. His words only make you run faster, but as you speed up, you can hear his steps starting to slow until finally, he comes to a complete stop. A string of curses race after you, but his vulgar language doesn’t faze you. All you care about is not getting caught, so when your eye catches an indent in the wall of buildings, and after one final glance back to make sure the man isn’t following you, you slink from the desolate streets into an abandoned alleyway. Sliding your back against the wall, you gulp in some much needed air before you set the stolen bag down, sifting hastily through its contents.
Much to your disappointment, all you pull out are two loaves of bread. You’d been hoping to get your hands on some meat; it’s been a while since you had any, and besides, bread was easy to get - it was meat that people guarded with their lives. Sighing, yo
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Oreos [Levi x Reader]
You snuggled closer to Levi as Simba walked dramatically in the rain to the top of Pride Rock. He reached for another Oreo from the box only to find that you had taken the last one and was about to eat it.
He looked at you before saying, "Hey give me that."
You blinked at him, "Why?" you asked a slight whine in your voice.
"You ate pretty much the entire box," he replied.
You waved the sugary cookie in his face, "You want it? Come and get it," you said before putting it in your mouth, a small bit still sticking out. He raised an eyebrow before leaning forward and brushing his lips against yours. Surprised your lips parted a bit and let out a light gasp and Levi took this chance to gently grip the treat with his teeth successfully stealing it away.
Your mouth hung open at the wizardry he just performed. He smirked at you as he ate the cookie, pretending to pay attention to Simba and Nala's new baby.
"You look rather smug," you said, pouting.
"Tch," was his only response. You decided to
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Je t'aime (Levi x F!Reader)
Je t’aime
You were sitting with your friends Sasha, Mikasa and Krista in the cafeteria during dinner time but were hardly paying attention to the food in front of you as you were too busy thinking about Captain Levi Ackerman, your strikingly good looking superior, with your head in your hand as you sighed in weariness. You were upbeat by nature and were capable of cheering up your squad mates even during the dullest of times, which was why your friends were shocked to see you looking so unusually glum that evening.
“(First name), what’s the matter? You haven’t been eating and you’ve been twirling those noodles around in your plate for the last ten minutes.” Mikasa observed as she took in your distracted appearance.
“Oh, it’s nothing, Mikasa.” you said reassuringly as you turned back to your food. “I’m not feeling too hungry coz I’m feeling a little sick.”
“You mean you’re feelin
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My Type of Brat (Levi x Child!Reader)
                                                                   My Type of Brat (Levi x Child!Reader)
                                                                                      Warning: Might contain swearing
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Levi's POV~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Alright, what is with all the fucking commotion?! I thought as I exited my office. It was all so quiet and peaceful, when a sudden commotion started! I got outside my office and saw cadets start running outside to the courtyard. What the fuck happened? I also got
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Are you Jealous? Levi x Reader Story
You and Eren circled each other, you crossed your feet and kept your breaths even. You were giving Eren a hand to hand combat assessment, you were good, just less than Levi good, but Eren was bigger than you and stronger than you and of course younger than you. Your (h/l) (h/c) hair fluttered in front of your face as the wind caught it. (E/c) eye met turquoise and you saw his thoughts fluttering in his eyes moments before he suddenly lunged forward.
With a light laugh you stepped back with his punch, keeping his fist in front on you, before ducking under his arm and  bringing your fist to meet his stomach. It should have connected but at the last second Eren twisted away, out of reach of your fist... He was grinning... However that grin disappeared when you pivoted on one foot and swung the other to sweep under his feet and knock him over.
You quickly leapt on top of him, seated on his broad chest, his arms pinned under your knees. He wiggled under you and you just grinned down at
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This Makes You Mine: RivaillexReader
You peer around the corner of some lockers scanning the hall. You spot the person you had been looking for and blush. What did you do? Do you talk to him? NO! You couldn’t possible talk to him. He was a senior and way out of your league. You were a junior, and not, in anyway allowed to talk to him. At least that’s how you saw it.
You didn’t really want to walk down this particular hallway because of the said feelings you have, but your locker was down there and you needed your math book. Sighing you push off the lockers and walk around the corner, dashing to your locker trying to blind into the wall as much as humanly possible.
Pulling your books closer to your chest, you started putting the combination into the lock turning the knob as quickly as you could without missing the numbers. The lock clicked and you pulled locker door open, placing your books on to the upper shelf, you grab the math books and close the door.
You jump almost out of your skin when you see Riv
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Better Than Me - Levi x Reader
It was always the same. Every night. Every damn night Levi would have nightmares about the soldiers he’d lost in battle, about the comrades he had to sacrifice for a better chance. They haunted him, seeing their blood stained faces calling and crying for him to save them in their final moments left him more damaged than he’d ever reveal.
He’d toss and turn, desperately searching for comfort in his sheets, wishing deeply that maybe tonight would be the night that the gods would bless him with a blank mind as he slept. But no, the load that weighed down the shoulders of Humanity’s Strongest Soldier was too heavy for even him to lift.
Beads of sweat gathered at his brow as he heard the blood curdling screams of the scouts dying around him, of all the people he couldn’t save because he was too weak.
God, he was weak.
But in the distance of the battlefield he heard a voice calling out to him, beckoning him to leave the bloody fight.
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Obviously (Rivaille x Reader)
It was the middle of the night and you find yourself walking towards the courtyard. As soon as you stepped outside, the cool breeze gently crawls on your skin. You blamed yourself for clothing lightly and for not bringing a jacket. You went towards your favorite spot under the tree and leaned against it and admired how beautiful the starry night was. A few moments later you felt a presence behind you, making your heart beat fast.
'Who could it be,' you thought.
Suddenly you spun around and you were greeted by a pair of steel blue eyes that was staring blankly at you. It was Lance Corporal Rivaille, your superior.
Your immediate reaction was to salute him.
His countenance remained stoic as he spoke, "It's already past curfew cadet, may I ask what your business is?"
The wind gently blew making you unconsciously shiver and before you could answer your superior noticed this and took of his jacket and threw it to you.
You almost missed it and sighed in relief when you didn
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Apologize (Cheater!Levi X Reader) AU
~A/N: This Is A Part Four To My Cheater!Levi Series, Parts 1-3 Are Listed In The Description Below.
Listen As You Read! ~

I'd take another chance,
Take a fall, take a shot for you, oh, oh.
I need you like a heart needs a beat,
But it's nothin' new,

If time could change, he'd do it all over again.
If life would let him, he'd do it differently.
But he can't, and he never will.
He missed you oh so dearly. His only wish was to turn back the clock and erase all of his thoughtless, idiotic and foolish crimes against such a pure and innocent soul like yours. What had you ever done to not deserve his undivided attention and devoted adoration, and instead be lied to without any pity? He now understood he that loved you. That he needed you. You were his only last hold onto life itself, keeping him from staggering into insanity, and he did nothing but take you for granted and abuse your kindness and generosity. What kind of a man wa
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Breakup (Levi X Reader)
“You,” your hands shook and your arms trembled as you looked up, venomously, towards the one man you had ever loved. Tears were stinging at the corners of your eyes and you were trying your best to hold them back, but the widespread feeling of pain was too strong and your heart couldn’t handle it anymore, “You jerk!”
He stood there, staring directly at you with an expressionless face. This just fueled your anger. How could he not express himself, now of all times? Here you were, near to a breakdown, crying, and he had the same expression he always wore. You banged your delicate hands against his chiseled chest. He had just taken off his shirt, coming home from a long day at work, when he confronted you out of nowhere.
“Why?” your voice, feigning strength, cracked, “Why, why, why? Why, after all this time…?”
You finally broke, looking up to your boyfriend. That was your mistake. Seeing his face, the face you loved so much, forc
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Awkward (Eren x Reader) Attack on Titan
You stood in the training field with Sasha, the sun beating down on you and the other trainees. You were idly listening to Sasha talk about food, vaguely processing the words coming from her. Your current attention was focused on someone a distance away from you.
Eren looked at you for a brief moment, jaw tight as he stared at you with unreadable eyes. Your gaze lingered on him a second too long and you felt a sudden pain in your abdominal region, causing you to double over and kneel to the ground.
Sasha wiped her hands together and looked down at you, a look of satisfaction apparent on her face. "Caught you off guard, [first]!" She teased, offering a hand to help you up. You grabbed onto her offered hand, hunched over slightly as you wrapped an arm around your abdomen.
"What's up with you today?" She asked, hands on her hips as she looked at you with a raised eyebrow. "Usually you just go ahead and beat the hell out of me, but you're dazing into space, today! What gives?"
You shrugged
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