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SnapexStudent!Reader - It Starts
ATTENTION: This story is best viewed in a word processing document with the following items replaced with the corresponding words.
After copying and pasting the document into an editable file, use the find and replace tool in these ways:
l/n - Reader's last name.
r/n - Reader's name. Use a nickname or what you would like to be called throughout the story.
r/i/n - Reader's name in italics. Exactly what it sounds like. Ex: Katie.
Or if you really want to have fun with it, go ahead and treat it like madlibs, using the find tool and manually replacing them.
Enjoy ;3
His head bends down to reach my lips, but he lingers, hot breath warming my face from the chill of the night air. Yeah, I bet he would tease. If he ever got the chance...if he were ever even attracted to me. I glance up at the Professor, who takes no notice of my wandering gaze. Of course not. Although, I am supposed to be doing my homework, so I suppose that he's assuming I'm ju
:iconladylaumes:LadyLaumes 387 211
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