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Eye of the Earth :iconsmilemore:SmileMore 298 38 Axel and Roxas Cosplay Kingdom Hearts 2 Leon Chiro :iconleonchirocosplayart:LeonChiroCosplayArt 80 5
i need a map for your body.
your hipbones:
my hands fit perfectly
on each side of you,
and i feel as though
if i just keepholdingon;
then maybe i'll never have to let go.
because love, i want you
to be right in front of me
for as long as breath is still
seeping from your lips to mine.
your eyes:
the gold has disappeared;
but love, they still shine sometimes.
they still shine for me.
and i think you'll be happy to know
that when they find their way to mine,
i feel like i'm here for a reason.
and maybe - just maybe -
that reason is for us to be together.
your spine:
it's like a creek,
but polluted with nothing but love.
never-ending, just like we could be.
if only i could find out
just how you became so beautiful.
baby, can you save our lives?
baby, i can help you.
your smile:
not the one that comes
when you're trying to be funny.
no, i love the one that's there
the moment before you tell me
that you love me more than anything.
that's the smile that makes me
:iconnightlylies:NightlyLies 50 49
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You can always make me smile.
You can always make me laugh.
I thought this was meant to be,
This was how things should be.
Smiles, laughter, nothing else
Except maybe love.
When I finally realize,
No matter how fast I run
Why does it have to be too late?
I can't reach you
And you can't come back.
Your laugh is so much brighter with me,
Why are you standing so far away?
You smile so much more with me,
Why are you smiling to her?
The past can't be changed
And these memories can't be erased.
But I hope I can just move on
Because when I look at you...
My heart's breaking.
:iconari-gozen:Ari-Gozen 4 1
Welcome Fellow Hooman! :iconwolfie-dah-butt:Wolfie-Dah-Butt 7 5 Do You Have Trouble With Bubbles? :iconrealsmilingbear:RealSmilingBear 7 2 Talk Less, Smile More :iconhanta-and-saimon:Hanta-and-Saimon 5 8 Inside the circle :iconsmilemore:SmileMore 4 1 See you later :iconsmilemore:SmileMore 4 4 'You should smile more.' :iconxchudaichi:xChudaichi 3 5