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The Revenge of Pluto Ch3
"Pluto...." I growled. I clung onto the bars even more tightly wanting to like rip Pluto's head off and feed it to the freaking Pidgey's. Which I'm sure he already knows. "Do you find this entertaining?"
Pluto smiled and paced in front of the cell keeping a close eye on me. Then he walked right up in front of me. I growled at him to show him how much I hated him. Suudenly he pushed me over and I lost my grip on the bars and fell to the ground. SOmething suddenly skittered into the darkness.
I groaned in pain then sat up. "So this is funny hmm?" I asked.
"Pretty much." Pluto smiled.
I growled at him again and suddenly shot up and kicked the bar in pure frustrastion. "So you and your ugly little face got me locked in fricking jail and you just sit there and be all Mr. Girly Happy Fruitcake about it?" I yelled.
"Mr. Girly Happy Fruitcake?" he asked.
"Yeah you heard me moron. Your a freaking fruitcake." I growled.
Pluto smiled again. But it was a I just found out a way to make you twice as
:iconshadow-cipher:Shadow-Cipher 4 49
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