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Skypenotized Chapter 1
Be sure to read the description after finishing the story.
Of all the technological marvels we humans have produced in our thousands of years on this planet, by far the most under-appreciated is the vast worldwide connectivity network known as the internet. Just think, a mere ten years ago, our primary method of long distance communication was the telephone. And even then, cellular phones were just barely moving out of their massive brick style and internet and contract options were limited.
Ten years before that, cellular phones were practically a pipe dream. Phones were the thing attached to the wall that you couldn't use alongside your internet, which itself took up to five minutes just to start up.
Nowadays we have small, sleek phones smaller than a notepad with gigabytes of space, highspeed internet available on said devices and even, most wonderful of all, the ability to chat with others around the world via text, voice and even video feed.
Why the random and likely inaccu
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Skype - Brother!Sam!Dean x Sibling!Reader
It had taken me at least two weeks to settle into the dorm area. I wasn't sure if I should be thankful or terrified of the prospect that I haven't received a room mate since my arrival. I think I'll go with thankful. I wasn't entirely skilled at assimilating with other people, it wasn't a gift that I had been born with.
The wifi is free - which I shall be eternally grateful for - making it a lot easier to set up the laptop that Sam had given me for my birthday.
It felt strange not having them with me. I was so accustom to having them around all the time that being on my own was just, well, deviant. Now I can no longer rush down the stairs to request that they quiz me for a class before a pop quiz the next day. I don't think I can get used to this..
I pull my laptop out of the leather satchel that was originally a going away present - but Dean had accidentally let it slip; resulting in me earning a present..three weeks before I left. I set it down onto the table and switch it on. I slit
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Hussie the Troll God, A Xmas Carol
[5:26:37 PM] LadyNight95: *to the tune of frosty the snowman*
[5:26:44 PM] LadyNight95: HUSSIE, THE TROLL GOD
[5:26:58 PM] LadyNight95: WAS A JOLLY JACKASS SOUL
[5:27:28 PM] ѕтαяѕ мιχ: WITH A STOLEN BROOM
[5:28:15 PM] LadyNight95: AND SOME FAKE-ASS HORNS
[5:28:26 PM] LadyNight95: AND A BEAR HUNG ON HIS WALLLLL
[5:28:34 PM] ѕтαяѕ мιχ: HUSSIE, THE TROLL GOD
[5:30:22 PM] LadyNight95: IS A FAIRYTALE THEY SAY
[5:32:13 PM] LadyNight95: HOW HE CAME TO LIFE ONE DAY
[5:33:23 PM] LadyNight95: HE BEGAN TO DANCE AROUND
[5:34:11 PM] ѕтαяѕ мιχ: OH, HUSSIE THE TROLL GOD
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Skype Conversation: He Was Not Up to Get Lucky
[4:35:06 PM] GingaAkam: does anyone know a joseph.df2?
[4:35:12 PM] GummyDragon: I don't
[4:35:15 PM] Killer Smiledog: No.
[4:35:19 PM] Zacharie: I don't either
[4:35:20 PM] Firehunt: Uh..No.
[4:35:29 PM] GingaAkam: okay then I am officially freaked out
[4:35:34 PM] Firehunt: :(
[4:35:38 PM] Killer Smiledog: Where you find him/her
[4:35:42 PM] GingaAkam: 'cause I thought it might be a joke at first or something
[4:35:47 PM] GingaAkam: -hides in corner-
[4:35:49 PM] GummyDragon: whaaaaat happened
[4:35:50 PM] GummyDragon: oh god
[4:35:51 PM] GingaAkam: got this contact request
[4:35:59 PM] GingaAkam: by this dude here whom I don't know
[4:35:59 PM] Killer Smiledog: *hugs* it's pk... decline...
[4:36:03 PM] GingaAkam: with the message:
[4:36:04 PM] Killer Smiledog: ok*
[4:36:43 PM] GingaAkam: "Hello pretty . . . i know you don't know me but with time i believe we can know each other more better if you don't mind"
[4:36:49 PM] GummyDragon: GINGA
[4:36:51 PM] GummyDragon: YOU DID NOT
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